Top 8 Best Car Cradles 2017

Car cradles make the best device when you want to your use your phones while driving. You can clip the cradles in different places in the car, and place your phone easily. That way, you can press your phone with one hand while focusing on the road without a problem. Also, you can easily record your road trip, or do carpool singing with your friends with great fun. Car cradles give great support to the phone, and stick firmly to the car which is simply great. If you are looking for one, this review here brings you 8 choices of it that you can choose.

1. TaoTronics Car Phone Mount Holder

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With its extra strong suction cup, this phone mount holder simply adheres to windshield, dashboard, and other smooth surfaces. It has the padded back and easy adjust lever that protect your phone from scratches as you use it. This cradle delivers full 360 degree of rotation that you can easily rotate to angle angle with ease. The grip is adjustable with its simple release button that you can use with most smartphones. Its universal design allows you to use with any iOS, Android, and any other smartphones easily.

2. AVANTEK Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Car Mount Holder

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If you want to attach your phone by the height of your air vent, this is the cradle for you. With it, you can easily attach to any vertical or horizontal air vent blades in cars easily. This car mount holder is equipped with a spring-loaded arm that firmly holds various devices up to 8.5cm. That means it can hold most smartphones on its cradle effortlessly. The sturdy clamp and two secure clips are included to provide a tightly enhanced grip onto your car’s air vent. No matter if you look at the map, talk on the phone, or play music, your phone will always be safe.

3. Ipow One Touch Smarphone Car Mount Holder

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Another cool design of phone cradle is this phone holder that fit the car’s CD slot. You don’t need any tools at all since you can simply mount this cradle to the CD slot. It offers 360 degrees of rotation with two ball joints that allow you to tilt for multiple angles. You can easily find the right angle of either horizontally or vertically with just one hand. The mount of the cradle will securely keep your smartphone in place without a scratch. It is easy to use, and simply great to have in car.

4. Koomus Pro Magnetic Cradle

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And here is another phone cradle that you can fit in your CD slot of your cars or vehicles. It is cradle-less and hassle free which provides quick and easy snap-in one hand mounting system. The cradle allows for full 360 degree rotatable that you can mount even with protective case. It comes with the universal compatibility that you can use with all iPhone and Android devices easily. This cradle is easy to use with simply installation which is convenient to have.

5. Z-Edge 3-in-1 Phone Car Mount Cradle

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By 3-in-1, you can use this phone cradle in 3 different ways to attach your phone. It comes in a pack that includes 3 mounts and 3 holders for you to use. It is the universal car dashboard, windshield, and air vent phone mount that serves multiple devices and vehicles. This cradle is made of high quality ABS plastic that ensures durability and strengths. No complicated installation is needed since it has strong suction cup that secure firmly to your vehicle with pre-applied sticky gel. It grips your phone firmly yet leave no scratches. Simply the nice cradle to have.

6. M-Better Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder

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This is a simple phone mount cradle that you can attach to your air vent of the car. It has quick release button that allows you to take your phone out with a simple press on the button. The cradle offers 360 degree of rotation that gives you the best viewing angle while the holder ensures safe driving. With it, you can easily talk, navigate, listen to music, or charge without a tiny problem. And this mount holder has broad compatibility that fits most smartphones from Apple to Android.

7. iOttie Mini CD Slot Car Mount Holder

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Comes with easy on touch mounting system, you can lock and release your device with just one simple touch. Its CD slot connection can be installed easily onto vehicle’s CD slot with secure fit. This cradle rotates at the swivel ball of 360 degree that you can easily adjust for optimal viewing angles. It fits all smartphones even with the protective cases are on as long as the phone is 2.3 to 3.5 inches wide. This phone holder is easy to install, and it works great on the car for multiple uses.

8. Budget & Good Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder

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Here is the cradle that delivers double security with 2 support feet to stabilize your device. This mount holder offers three direction to clamp the mobile phone along with 360 degree rotation. It has soft rubber layer that protects your phones from scratches no many how long you attach. The cradle has quick release button that you can easily release the phone with a simple press on the button. With its stretchable clamp, this cradle can hold devices in sizes from 2.3 to 7 inches wide easily.

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