Top 7 Bluetooth Speaker with Radios Reviews

Everyone wants something special and useful to their daily lifestyle. Mostly, modern electronic devices which consumed are all made with many functions. For instance, we want a mobile phone that can be music player, game machine, e-book, camera, phone call, researcher, etc. Thinking of this concept, scientists have transformed a common radio into a portable multi-usages radio. In this article you will get to know about Bluetooth radio. Just like its name, this type of radio can connect to your smartphone and laptop through Bluetooth. So you are able to synchronize these two devices. Plus, the radio can provide clear channels which are AM and FM. You can enjoy the music or news and pack this device with you to everywhere.

In short, you have beneficial reasons to have this product. Life will get better and entertaining if you have this kind of technology. You are surely lucky to have many choices to choose because you will be presented the top 7 best Bluetooth radios in the text. Each of them contains various functions and shapes. You can learn about their brief details below in order to make a quick and precise decision.

1. iFox Creations IFD8 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Stereo Sound-Wireless

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This is a portable Bluetooth radio. This device is designed handsomely like diamond dimensions. On the top of it, there are 3 buttons to control previous, next, and pause and play. When you play songs, you are able to limit volume and as well as select song you favor. Moreover, the radio has very long time battery life. You can operate it continuously for 8 hours.

2. Soundance Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio, Alarm Clock

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This is a black rectangular multi-tasks Bluetooth radio. It contains a lot of potentials to make you satisfied. For instance, it works as an alarm clock since there is a tiny display showing time. It also is built-in microphone so when you connect it to phone via Bluetooth, you can answer phone call then it will absorb your voice. To add, the Bluetooth of this radio can get connected within 35 feet distance.

3. Bluetooth Speakers Portable, UZOPI 5W Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker with FM Radio

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This is a transportable outdoor Bluetooth radio. This device is specially designed for outside-home usage. Because of the carrying strap, you can easily bring it out. Talking about its figure, it has size of 6.8 x 4.3 x 3.3 inch. There are 4 buttons and one large turning wheel under a LED display. You can connect Bluetooth in a distance up to 33 feet. When the radio is far to reach, you are provided a remote controller.

4. Boytone BT-3107F, Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Multimedia Powerful Bass System with FM Radio

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This is a super power wireless Bluetooth radio. This product is more like a set of speaker. There are one main monitor and other 2 sound devices. And you will get a remote controller. For more information, this radio speaker has a LED display which shows you which radio channel you are on. It supports external cards such as USB, SD, and AUX so that you can play music as you love.

5. Portable Bass Dual Stereo Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Support Handsfree FM Radio

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This is a fancy portable black and blue Bluetooth radio. This device is way so technological. It is made with 3D sound effect which brings clear like crystal sound to your sensitive ears. You will feel as if you are listening to the live records. In addition, during the wireless Bluetooth connection, if there is phone call, you can just press button on the radio to answer. For radio station, it supports only FM.

6. Captain Bluetooth Speakers Portable

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This is a built-in microphone Bluetooth radio. It is portable since it is only 1.4 pounds with dimensions of 9.1 x 4.9 x 3.6 inches. Although it is small, it can work for a long time, 5 hours. You can use card or micro SD with this device. In case there is no other external source, you can just operate radio function to have fun all the time. Besides connecting wirelessly, you can use audio cable as well.

7. ION Audio Job Rocker Plus

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This is the last best portable Bluetooth radio. It has black color and quite big size which is 15.5” x 12.25” x 10”. However, it can be moved around because of the wheels and the handling bar. Packing it along with you is like having personal karaoke. You can listen to broadcastings. Furthermore, you are able to plug external microphone to sing along the music that you connect from smartphone.

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