Top 7 Best Tub Drain Protectors Reviews

You know you need the best tub hair catcher when you use your bathtub a lot and hair stuck there. When you shave, your hair falls, or wash your pets which hair is everywhere, you always need tub hair catcher. These protectors will help the hair from falling or stuck in the drain no matter how much it is. You might have long hair, short hair, thick hair, or thin hair, but they all fall. That is why tub hair catcher are what you need to keep your tub clean and safe with ease. This is the review of 7 best tub drain protectors that you can choose for your bathtub.

1. TubShroom The Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector

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 Say goodbye to hair that stuck or stick in your tub drain now with this TubShroom tub drain protector. It is the unique protector that does not go over the drain like the others as it fits perfectly inside. This tub drain protector will neatly collect the hair the flows into the drain without missing one. It fits any standard tub drain and works perfectly when it comes to hair catching. You can easily clean it by a simply wipe without using any of the energy to pull at all.

2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Protector

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 No matter if it is the pop up or regular drains, this drain protector can always work best. This drain protector is designed to catch hair without blocking water drainage from flowing at all. Besides catching hair, it also works great to prevent toys from escaping down the drain as well. It has the tall and dome shape that accommodates both flat and pop-up drains with ease. With stainless steel and silicone construction, it is weighted to stay in place to catch and prevent the hair.

3. SlipX Solutions Stop-A-Clog Drain Protector

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 This drain protector is made to trap hair in order to prevent drain clogs. Its size will perfectly fit over standard shower and tub drains with a simple placement. It is the ultimate hair catcher that keeps your bath and shower drains clean with smooth flow. There is the design of six convenience suction cups that hold it firmly in place. After use, you can easily clean this drain protector by just rinsing and air dry or toss it in dishwasher.

4. Good Living Self-Sealing Hair Catcher

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 There will be no more clogged drain as long as you use this awesome self-sealing hair catcher. It is designed to catch hair and other items from flowing and caught up in the drain. This hair catcher also has the function of finger lift that you can lift it up for easy cleaning with ease. You can use this drain protector is most drains such as sinks, showers, or tubs. Forget about slow running water as this nifty device will catch hair and debris before your drains clog.

5. OXO Good Grips Drain Protector

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 This is the stainless steel and silicone drain protector that you can use with any drain. It fits over shower stall drains without getting in way which allows water to flow as normal while catching hair. You can trust that this drain protector can effectively catch the hair without blocking your water drainage. The design of silicone rim will keep this drain protector in place without moving or floating. The rust-proof stainless steel construction is built to keep the protector new and rust-free for long term use.

6. Umbra Starfish Drain Cover

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 It is the starfish that catches your hair from blocking the tub drainage! This starfish is made to catch hair in order to help preventing clogs in tub and shower. It has the flexible silicone construction that is safe and easy to use with its lightweight weight. There are suction cups that hold the starfish to cover the drain in place without swimming away. There are 4 colors that you can choose including black, mist blue, surf blue, and white.

7. Danco Microban Hair Catcher

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 This is the hair catcher that is constructed of flexible PVC that allows for easy placement in the tub drain. It has the built-in Microban antimicrobial protection that fights the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. You can fit this hair catcher in most standard tub drains to catch the hair from flowing into the drain. It has the unique finger lift that you can easily life up to clean the protector after use.

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