Top 7 Best Truck Bed Tents Reviews

Life is a lot better when you start to walk out of your comfort zone, and go on an adventure. If you are deciding to have a trip outside the town, and would like to spend a night anywhere that you would reach at the night time, it is a great idea for you to have the best truck bed tent at the back of your car. The truck bed tent is designed to make an adventure life easier. It helps you to sleep comfortably off the ground, and at the same time it protects us from the outdoor weather very well. This kind of truck is mainly designed to fit at the back of the truck, and some the best truck bed tents could fit to any sizes of the truck. Nowadays, there are many kinds of truck bed tent available on sale that could find anywhere; however, they are not all the tent that you might have been looking for. Some of them are not strong enough to go against the outdoor condition, therefore, they might be torn out easily, and that wastes your money a lot. Hence, to help you get the best truck bed tents, and also help you to choose the right one so you could spend money on the right product; this article will discuss the best truck bed tents which you should not miss out.

Buy Guide:

In order to purchase the best quality truck bed tent, you have to consider two main points which are listed below.

How big is the area?

It is important to find a tent that provides a big area, so that you could sleep peacefully and comfortably. I am sure that no one would want to fit in just one small are, especially when it comes to sleeping. Therefore, make sure that the tent that you are buying could fit well the number of people that is going to sleep inside that tent.

How comfortable is it?

You would not want to spend a night in a stuffy and hot tent that could kill you because you could not find enough oxygen to breathe in. Therefore, you have to check whether the tent has big door or windows or any function that could allow great air flow or not. On top of that, it is also important to pick the tent that comes with guidebook, so that you could set it up quickly.

1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

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Going on a road trip, and looking for the best truck bed tent for such amazing occasion? If so, the Napier truck bed tent here makes an ideal tent for you to consider. This special truck bed tent allows you to sleep comfortably off the ground during the trip. Moreover, the tent is designed perfectly to be suitable for using in any kinds of adventure activities. It is a convenient tent to use since it comes with the sewn-in floor that you could easily set it up, and it takes a short time to do so.

Moreover, this tent is very comfortable to sleep inside. It comes with windows, and the design of this tent allows the air to flow through the tent effectively. This could make you feel relax and comfortable while resting inside the tent. To protect the privacy, this truck bed tent has got a storm flap in door that will ensure the privacy.

Furthermore, this truck bed tent is a durable tent to purchase since it features the sturdy floor which is made of Polyethylene. The pole-shock-corded fiberglass poles are sturdy, and they ensure the stability of the tent.


  • Enables you to sleep comfortably off ground
  • Enough amount of air
  • Keeps privacy perfectly
  • Durable and steady

2. Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent

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While you are going on an adventure or a road trip, it is important to have a great quality tent along with you. The Rightline is a good choice to consider since this tent is designed perfectly to withstand the outdoor condition, and no matter what it ensures a great durability of this product. The Rightline truck bed tent has got no floor, so that you can easily install the tent without removing any gears which might cause you some difficulties while doing so.

This truck bed tent is very durable and stable. The tent comes with sturdy protective heavy duty straps and nylon buckles that will not have any harm or damage to your car finish. Moreover, the tent features color coded poles and pole pockets which are offered to you so that you could get the setting up task easily and quickly than ever before.

No worry that the tent might be leaking or anything. With this truck bed tent, you can sleep inside the tent feeling relax and secure. This cover of the tent is a waterproof fabric cover, so that it will assure that there will no water leakages while you are sleeping.


  • Floorless, so that you do not have to remove bed gear
  • Sturdy poles
  • Waterproof fabric cover
  • Heavy duty straps and nylon buckles

3. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

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The tent is made of Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable, watertight and breathable. Unlike tents treated with paraffin or oil, the Hydra-Shield lets moisture escape, minimizing humidity and condensation. The Kodiak Canvas truck tent comes in two sizes. The regular size fits 5.5 to 6.8 foot beds and the long bed size fits 8 to 8.5 foot beds. The frame poles are 3/4 inch sturdy steel.

They are like regular tent poles with the elastic in them so they are quick and easy to put together. No hunting for which piece goes where. Hence, having this tent with you, you will not have to spend much time just to focusing on setting up. You can get it done quickly, and relax right away.

There are five windows that provide great ventilation and lots of light. There is a cab access window so you can run a cable to charge electronics but we didn’t use that. Therefore, using this truck bed tent, you can enjoy a day sleeping outside relaxingly and comfortably.


  • Provides big room for several people
  • Heavy duty
  • Minimize humidity
  • Allows air to flow effectively

4. Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

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The Rightline 110907 is the best quality that could provide you a protective shelter during daytime as well as the night time, this truck bed tent by Rightline is an ideal tent for you to have at the back of your car. This is a good quality tent which is designed to withstand any conditions outdoor, and moreover it is a protective truck bed tent that comes with Water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams that could keep you inside the tent feeling comfortably.

In additionally, this truck bed tent is very easy to install. It takes just short time to get the installing done easily and quickly. Moreover, this tent comes with vehicle sleeve attaches to any size SUV, minivan, wagon, or pick-up truck with cap.

It is true that everyone wants a tent that is big enough for you to sleep in comfortably. This truck bed tent is one choice for you to choose. It provides enough space to fit a few adults. So, just by having this tent at the back of your car, you could have joyful sleeping over with friends and family during the trip.


  • Provides large area for a few adults
  • Water resistance cover
  • Easy to set up
  • Guide book offered

5. Guide Gear 6-by-6-Foot Compact Truck Tent

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Isn’t it great to have a truck bed tent that offers a large area and could fit with any kind of truck? The Guide Gear truck bed tent here is that one convenient and comfortable tent that you should not miss out if you are going to have a trip and need a tent to sleep for a night or more. This tent is designed specially with a compact design along with the durable construction that makes this tent stand up strong and provides you a comfortable and protective shelter to stay inside.

With the topnotch construction, excellent ventilation, and adaptable options, all these points make the easy way in installing the tent without having to face any difficulty. Moreover, the Sewn-in polyethylene flooring and waterproof fabric cover make this tent a good one to have with you during a trip outside the town.

The tent is designed with advanced technology as well as a great aim to provide to the costumers a good quality tent which allows you to sleep comfortably off the ground. With the windows, the amount of air that could flow in or out of this tent is enough to keep you cold and help you to sleep comfortably.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Large area
  • Allows air flow

6. Sportz Truck Tent III for Full Size Regular Bed Trucks

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The Sportz Truck bed tent is a tent which is designed to last for long time, and it could provide a comfortable, restful area for two people who are having a good time adventuring outside. This special truck bed tent is the best key that helps you to enjoy the outdoor sleeping over even more. It could be assembled easily that you ever expected, and it could fit with any size of the truck at the same time this is the only truck tent on the market with a patented sewn in floor. The tent is designed to make sure that the users get all the comfort that they need.

With the 2 side vents and 2 large windows with middle divider, the amount of air flow could effectively flows through the tent, and creating a comfortable and cold area for you to sleep in. Moreover, the tent comes with a rear access door which could access you to the additionally storage.

The colored poles are strong and sturdy that they could keep the tent stands strongly regarding any kinds of weather and condition out there. Furthermore, the tent has a full rain fly cover that could keep you protect from the kind of wet weather.


  • Sturdy poles for stable standing
  • Fits with any size of truck
  • Suitable for 2 people
  • Protects effectively from wet weather
  • Allows enough air flow

7. Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey

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If you are looking for a big enough room for two people to sleep in comfortably, this is what you have been looking for. The Sportz truck tent here comes with over 5.6 feet of headroom that allows two people to fit in it and get a good sleep. It is the truck bed tent which comes with a sewn in floor. It is designed with all the care and thoroughly invented it to make it easier for the users. This tent features large rare access panel which allows you to access to the truck’s additional storage.

The mesh big door and two windows are added for great ventilation, so that you could sleep peacefully because there is enough air flow. It is very easy to install this tent. It does not take the guide rope to keep it stable since the tent comes with the 4' x 4' shade awning which secures to the tailgate allowing it to be set-up anywhere.

This tent package offers you set of strap protectors that could provide more protection to your truck against the tent’s straps. At the same time, the colored poles of this tent make it easy and fast to finish the setting up of this tent.


  • Big door and two windows for good ventilation
  • Large are for two people
  • Included a set of strap to provide extra protection to your truck
  • Sturdy and steady
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