Top 7 Best Shower Caddy Reviews

A shower caddy is a rack which used to store toiletries, such as shampoo, bath gel, and others. It is a necessary tool you must have in bathroom. You may have plenty of cosmetic products in the room and you cannot let them stay messy and have water on them. The best thing to do is choose shower caddy. Using this caddy, you can easily organize and decorate your stuffs well. And don’t worry if you have small bathroom because there are a lot of shower caddy with many type and sizes. It is like furniture in your bathroom. The shower caddy is not hard to install; there is no need to find expert to assemble it for you and you can do it yourself.

In short, shower caddy is a great storage. It can be used for different purpose besides in bathroom. If you are interested in this product, you can find it by looking up on the internet. However, since there are so many of it, you may spend a lot of time finding an item. So this article will introduce you to the top 7 best shower caddies reviews which are chosen.

1. MetroDécor mDesign Swing Bathroom Shower Caddy for Tall Shampoo

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This is a swing shower caddy. It is suitable for those who have small bathroom. This shower caddy is designed with two baskets at the top on each side and one large basket under those top two baskets. Furthermore, it is made from steel and finished with rust-resistant. So you won’t worry it gets rust when water gets over constantly. With this item, you can arrange your shower soaps.

2. mDesign Bathroom Shower Tension Caddy for Shampoo

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This is a tall stand shower caddy. You can place this cabby at the corner of your bathroom. It has size width but long length. The dimensions are 11.25 inch by 7.75 inch by 9 inch. There are 4 basket stories. The baskets have triangular shape. Since there are many baskets, you are able to store a lot of things used in bathroom. Moreover, two baskets among the four have extra hanging racks for you can hang towel and more.

3. Tension Corner Pole Caddy

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This is a corner pole shower caddy. Since it is made to locate at the corner, the baskets are designed of L so that they can fit nicely to the wall. All compartments are made of open-wire steel. As a consequence, water won’t stay in the basket and cause flood. In addition, the whole body is produced from satin nickel that won’t rust after long time using. You can install this caddy by yourself at ease.

4. Bathroom Shower Caddy Shelves

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This is a compact silver shower caddy. This caddy is created with a hanging style which can be hung on shower head. In a result, you can reach the soaps quickly when showering. Actually, the size of this caddy is 10 by 4 by 22 inches. It has two baskets and six hangers. It is rust resistant so it doesn’t matter that the caddy stays under the water all the time. It is strong and stylish.

5. Lifewit Tension Shower Caddy 4 Tier Adjustable Bathroom Shower Caddy

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This is an adjustable shower caddy. With adjustable height function, you are allowed to extend it from 4.76 feet to 9.84 feet. For example, for tall person, you can have the full length of it, whereas if user has short height, you can shorten the caddy height as well. What’s more, it is made with chrome finish so you will obtain a great caddy that won’t be afraid of water. It has 4 tiers.  

6. Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy

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This is an assemble 3-shelf shower caddy. This caddy comes in pieces in a box for you to install them into one done caddy. For more information, it has dimensions of 12 by 6 by 4 inches and weight of 3 pounds. This lightweight comes from the plastic material. Due to the plastic, you won’t have concern on rusting. Specially, there is a small compartment constructed to store solid soap.

7. mDesign Bathroom Hose Shower Caddy for Shampoo

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This is the last recommended hose shower caddy. It has silver color and made from steel. And the caddy is coated for anti-rusting. This bathroom caddy has unique style like a wine rack. To add, there are 4 tiers and 8 racks to support soap bottles. On the top of it, there is a hanger hook that can be installed to wall. This shower caddy has medium size which is 14 inch by 4 inch by 25 inch.

Buying Guideline:

Hopefully, you can choose wisely one product among these top 7. Although you are already known details about all best products, you may need some tips before buying shower caddy. First, you need to choose caddy which fits in your bathroom and also size is important because it depends on how many toiletries you have. Second, the price is a considerable criterion. Third, you have to see caddy’s style whether it is your taste.

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