Top 7 Best Light Bulbs

Best light bulbs bring great quality with light to the house no matter where you install them. We all want that bright and crystal clear light as we walk in the house instead of those blurry lights. Some light bulbs are even brighter than the long fluorescent lights which is a lot more convenient to have. Since light bulbs are smaller, easier to install, and work greater, you might need some for your house. Or you want to replace the old ones with the new ones, this review is just right for you. Take a look at the list of high quality light bulbs below and share your thoughts with me.

1. TaoTronics LED Light Bulbs

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 This is the type of light bulb that you can switch to energy efficient lighting for energy saving. There are 6 light bulbs come in this set that you can install anywhere in the house easily. Each light bulb is as bright as 60W incandescent light bulbs yet less power consuming. These light bulbs have 25, 000 hours of lifetime that you can use for 22 years with 3 hours of daily use. These daylight white light bulbs have high CRI and non-flickering which is eye-friendly and safe to use.

2. GE Smart Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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 These are the basic CFLs that work at 2700 kelvin temperature range. Each light bulb has 13 watt of energy along with 60 watt of replacement. The whole set contains 8 of twist medium screw base compact fluorescent light bulbs that you can install anywhere. These light bulbs have electronic flicker free starting that shines bright immediately as you switches them on in no time. They are easy to install, they are power saving, and they are affordable.

3. Philips Equivalent Soft White Light Bulb

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 These Philips 60 watt LED bulb come with the design of power saving that uses only 8.5 watt of energy. They can turn on at the full brightness with 800 lumens that can provide a soft white and cozy light. You can use them for more than 10 years continuously without changing. You can install these light bulbs in the closets, bedroom, living room, dining, and any room. There are 16 light bulbs in this pack which you can install almost everywhere in the house for brightness.

4. TCP A19 LED Light Bulbs

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 These are the non-dimmable soft white light bulbs that work simply great everywhere in the house. They come with the function of energy saving 60 watt equivalent that save 20% of energy. Each light bulb lasts up to 18 years or 20, 000 hours that you can use with quality. The long lasting energy efficient feature of these light bulbs is to replace incandescent, halogen, of CFL bulbs. There are 6 soft white light bulbs in this set that you can easily install anywhere inside and outside.

5. Hyperikon A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb

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 Nothing is better than installing the light bulbs that can save up to 85% of your electricity bill. With the function of CRI90+, these light bulbs bring near-sunlight quality light that you can use for true color rendering. Each light bulb has complete dimmability that delivers seamless 100-10% of dimming capabilities to your room with next-generation LED technology. There are 4 long lasting light bulbs in the set that you can use for up to 5 years.

6. LOHAS LED Candelabra Bulb

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 This is the set of candelabra bulb that you can use in various purposes in the house. Each bulb has the building of energy saving that consume less power which helps with the electric bills. The bulb delivers excellent performance with warm white 2700K that gives off a warm illumination. They are easy to install as they have standard candelabra shape with small screw base (E12). With the life span of 30000 hours, you can use these durable bulbs for years.

7. MagicLight Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb

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 Let’s bring some technology into this cool light bulb that you can control from your smartphones. You can personalize your lighting preference with a color palette of over 16 million colors and a variety of tones. You can take control of the lighting from your smartphone or tablets through the app that allows you to manage. You can control a single bulb or group of bulbs any way you like. You can schedule your bulb to turn of or off at specific time with any colors you want it to be. There are many other features in this amazing light bulb that you will love.

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