Top 5 Best Glasses Frames

If your old glasses frames are not stylish anymore, it’s time for a new pair of best glasses frames. Wearing the right glasses frames gives you both quality and the right look. It is important to choose the right shapes of glasses frames that fits your face shape. It is also important to pick the ones with high quality so that it won’t break easily in a few days. Since I am also wearing glasses, I decided to make review of 5 best glasses frames for you. Here are the 5 best glasses frame choices that you should take into consideration.

1. grinderPUNCH Large Nerdy Thin Plastic Glasses Frame

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In case you are a big glasses lover like I am, this will be your first choice. I prefer plastic frame like this one because it is strong, durable, and light. You might wear your glasses all day, and the light frame will make you feel better than the heavier ones. However, this glasses frame comes with special lens that protect your eyes against UVA and UVB rays. The width of the lens is 50 millimeters which is wide enough to avoid your eyes from dust. The glasses come with microfiber cleaning pouch that you can clean the lens easily and nicely.

2. Sunglass Stop Shop Over Sized Round Thin Nerdy Glasses

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This one looks exactly like mine, and trust me they work great. The frame is super light which does not put any pressure on the nose and the ears at all. Since the material is plastic, you might be afraid that the frame will break easily as you drop it. Actually it is so durable, some strong pushes or touches does not break the frame at all. The size of the lens is so big that you can protect your eyes from dust, smoke, strong wind, etc. The width of the frame is 134 millimeters while its height is 55 millimeters which is wide and clear.

3. Framework Vintage Inspired Classic Half Frame Glasses

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Let’s switch to vintage style with this classic half frame glasses frame. Half frame means less pressure, less weight, but more style. This classy half frame glasses has plastic frame that is durable and strong enough for you to wear. We have seen those to wear full frame glasses all the time no matter where we go. That would be a good start to upgrade our styles and go with the half frame ones and rock. There are 2 colors for you to choose including black-silver and tortoise-gold.

4. Outray Unisex Retro Clear Lens Glasses

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No matter if you are a male or a female, this glasses frame will make you both look great. Since it is the unisex glasses frame, anyone can wear it. The frame is plastic which creates simple yet coolest look on those who wear it. The material itself is durable and flexible which does not break easily even if you drop it. The width of the lens is 55 millimeters while the height is 45 millimeters which is simply nice and fit. There are several colors for you to choose, so pick your favorite one now.

5. TIJN Unisex Wayfarer Non-Prescription Glasses Frame

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Want something fashionable and stylish to wear in terms of glasses frame? Check this one out! It is the well-designed and well-crafted eyewear you will fall in love with. It has great quality and fit perfectly for small face. The glasses come with case and pouch which you can use to protect and clean the lens. The material is high quality which brings you styles and everything you look for in the best glasses frame. There are 8 color choices for you to choose including transparent, ashy, black, blue gradient pink, brown-gold, floral, leopard, and minimum blue.

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