Top 10 Young Korean Actors Reviews in 2018

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you may know a lot of Korean celebrities. This article will focus on handsome and talent actors. There are a lot of good looking actors; some take roles as main characters, while some other are supportive roles. Although they take different characters, they are able to portray so well and let audiences enjoy the show. So far, as mentioned, in Korea, there are so many great actors; veteran actors and rookie actors, the new rising stars. And dramas these days are mostly portrayed by young actors and actresses. So in case you have been watched latest Korean dramas, you must know plenty of rookie actors.

Here in this article, you will be able to find out who has been listed as the top young Korean actors and has been received support and love from fans. Check it out to see whether your favorite young actors are in the list. These are the top 10 best young Korean actors in the New Year, 2018.

#10. Kim Soo-hyun

You may remember him from the hit drama “My love from another star”. Although hitting the age of 30, Kim Soo-hyun is still in his perfect figure and known as young actor with amazing acting talent. He has debuted as an actor since 2007 with a supporting role in sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile”. Slowly, noticed his talent, he became main role in “Dream High”. His average income is 83900 USD in an episode.

#9. Taecyeon

This young actor is first known as a popular idol of Kpop group, 2PM. Taecyeon, then became an actor in 2010 through drama “Cinderella’s sister”. Similar to Kim Soo-hyun, Taecyeon also gradually developed his acting and took main role in drama “Who are you?” He is loved by many people because of his skills as a rapper, songwriter, and excellent actor. Do you want to know him through screen? Check his recent drama “House of the disappeared”.

#8. Lee Jong-suk

Do you recognize his thin and yet strong built figure? His fair skin and beautiful smile, Lee Jong-suk, the 29 years old celebrity is counted as a successful and young actor. For instance, he can earn about 50000 USD in one episode. Going out as a model, he now is under one of the biggest entertainment label, YG entertainment. He has starred in many hit dramas; such as Strange doctor, Pinocchio, W, and more.

#7. Go Kyung-pyo

A lot of people know him as a handsome comedian through Korean variety shows. Go Kyun-pyo also went out as an actor by taking small role and was noticed in drama “Flower boys next door” in 2013. But his hit drama that brought him fame and acknowledgment is “Reply 1988”. To add, after this drama, Kyung-pyo got his first main character role in “Strongest Deliveryman”.

#6. Nam Joo-Hyuk

If you ask who is the next popular young actor these days? Of course, you cannot leave pretty boy Nam Joo-hyuk out. Due to his charming look and tall height, he is a model of YG plus label. He debuted in 2014 on small screen in a music video of Akdong Musician. Then he acted as supportive role in short length drama “Idle mermaid”. Gaining attention from audiences, he finally turned into main role in “Who are you: School 2013”.

#5. Yoon Shi-yoon

Despite the fact that he has been debuted for quite long time, he is still in flower youth. You may still recognize him in melodrama “King of Baking, Kim Takgu” in 2010 which is his first leading role. Right now, he is a member of variety show on KBS channel, “2 Days 1 night”. More than that, he is now having a new film project in China and taking role as Lee Whi in “Grand Prince”.

#4. Park Bo-gum

Taking several supporting role, finally Park Bo-gum is recognized and rose to fame, he took leading role in the hit historical drama “Love in the Moonlight” in 2016. In this project, he partnered up with young actress Kim Yoo-jung. He now is known as KBS’ son. Fantastically, Bo-gum is the first actor in the Korea Power celebrity by Forbes. Besides acting skill, he is loved by other celebrities for his sweetness and politeness.

#3. Yeo Jin-Goo

Can you believe a 21 year old boy is a dream guy for all girls? Yeo Jin-goo started his career as a child actor. As he growing up, his strong built and manly character earns him becoming leading role. Interestingly, he has been taking main role since he was only 18 years old. He was even nominated as Top Excellence Award. Now, he is taking class in Chung-Ang University majoring in Theatre.

#2. Kwak Dong-Yeon

Another 1997-born actor is now favorite of many young and old. Wonderfully, he made his debut in television series “My Husband got a family” and received award of Best Young Actor. And another hit project for him is “Love in the moonlight” for being a close bodyguard to the Prince (Park Bo-gum). Apart from being a young actor, Dong-yeon is also a guitarist in a band under FNC entertainment.

#1. Seo Young-Joo

Let’s meet the youngest charming actor, Seo Young-joo. Coincidentally, he debuted in a movie “Frozen Flower” along with Yeo Jin-goo. Born in 1998, he already has talent in acting to the point that he won an award Best Actor at the Tokyo in 2012. In addition, Young-joo also has been nominated several times for Best New Actor award at different places. For his latest work is “Girl’s Generation 1979” as main character Bae Dong-mon.