Top 10 Richest Korean Actors and Actresses in 2017

As you know celebrities involving in entertainment round often earn a huge fortune from their long time works. This point applies on every country, let alone Korea which is one of the most popular countries in film industry. Many stars in Korea, both singers and actors, have good income. However, of course, there are some actors and actresses who have frame in worldwide, but also can earn more than others. You may not know for sure which stars and how much they earn from a drama or a movie. In this article, you will get to see the top 10 richest Korean actors and actresses that can get high paid for their roles in 2017. You should have seen some of them and they may be your favorite stars as well.

List of the top richest actors and actresses of Korea:

#10.Lee Jong-Suk

He is the youngest actor among all richest actors and actresses. He is 28 years old and he can make income 50300 USD in one episode. He is also a model. Actually, he started as a runway model in 2005 and participated in Seoul Fashion Week. He joined label YG entertainment last year. His last drama starred with co-satr Han Hyo-joo. They together received Best Couple Award.

#9.Yoo Ah-in

Yoo Ah-in became a hit star for his role in television series “Sungkyunkwan scandal”. Last year, he was in list Korea power celebrity in 2nd place. He didn’t start with role in film industry. Instead his first appearance in drama was just a small role with no name. He works hard to achieve what he has nowadays. Therefore, An-in won award Favorite Actor in 2016. He is now a high paid actor who earns 58700 USD.

#8.Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho started his career when he was in high school. The drama that brought his name to all nations and other countries was “Boys over flower”. After taking main role in this drama, he won a Best New Actor Award at Baeksang Arts Award. Minho has showed his talents in acting through many television dramas. Hence, he is listed as a top Korean Wave star. And he earns 58700 USD.

#7.Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi is a young actor who debuted in age of 17. He is well-known as a singer, actor, and television host. He can play two instruments which are guitar and piano. He is ex-boyfriend of Girl’s Generation Yoona. Because of military service, he has disappeared from small screen for a while. However, he will be discharged in October, 2017. As a ballad singer, Seung-gi has released many albums and some are in Japanese. This bright actor can has large income which is 58700 USD.

#6.So Ji-sub

So Ji-sub is placed as 6th richest actor due to the fact that he can earn 6700 USD for one episode drama. He initially worked as a jeans model. He got a lead role in drama “Sorry, I love you” in 2004 and became well-known. He is an actor, a model, and also a rapper. Moreover, he has collaborated and released several albums as a singer. He was nominated for Best Actor and Top excellence award at Korea Drama Awards.

#5.Jo In-sung

In-sung is the most handsome and great actor favored by many fans in Korea and other countries. He debuted in 1998 under IOK Company. That time, he was a model for clothing brand. After two years, he started the acting career in teen drama “School 3”. His previous work is film “The King”. He is working with new project film called “Ansi City”. Jo In-sung has won a lot of awards. He can get 67100 USD for an episode.

#4.Lee Young-ae

Veteran actress Lee Young-ae is one of the highest-paid actors in Korea. At the beginning, she was active as model in 1991. And after she was recognized in television commercials, she debuted as an actress in drama “How’s Your Husband”. This first drama got her a Best New Actress at SBS drama awards. Besides working in her motherland, Young-ae also broke through to other countries, such as Taiwan, Mainland China, and more. As a result, she can earn 83500 USD in one episode.

#3.Hyun Bin

Hyun-Bin is one of the most popular stars in Korea. His popularity was getting hotter when he starred in romantic drama “Secret Garden” in 2010. This success is also due to his handsome and tall appearance that can catch attention of people. In this year 2017, Hyun Bin got nominated in Baeksang Arts Awards as Most popular actor. He gets very high-paid which is also 83900 USD.

#2.Kim Soo-hyun

Kim Soo-hyun is an actor who debuted in 2007. This actor started the career with a supporting role in sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile”. Then he got opportunity to be lead role in youth drama “Jungle Fish”. He has been known since the main role in “Dream High”. He continuously is a lead role in next dramas. Interestingly, Kim Soo-hyun wanted to become a professional bowler. About his income is 83900 USD in an episode.

#1.Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun is a famous actress with 20 years-experience. Her fame started to spread out when she took a main role in romantic comedy movie “My Sassy Girl” in 2001. The most recent popular drama of her is “My Love from another star” with co-star Kim Soo-hyun in 2014. This year, she has worked with Lee Minho in “Legend of the blue sea”. She is considered as a top Korean Wave star. For one episode drama, she gets 83900 USD.

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