Top 10 Must-Watch K-dramas in 2019

After a long tiring day from work, having a little rest at home while watching your favorite k-dramas could probably the best thing to do and to spend your quality time. For those who are currently looking for dramas to watch during the upcoming holiday, and also if you have not watched those must-watch k-dramas in 2019 yet, this article is for you. But be alert that, there might be a little bit of spoiler in the description. I guess it is okay to understand a little bit of the plot before you watch, isn’t it right? So open your note because you might need to note down what you need to watch.

1.Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del luna is a story written by Hone sisters, and this drama aired on TVN from 13th July to 1st September. The leading casts are IU, I bet most of you have known her and with a handsome actor, Yeo Jin goo. This movie is mainly about talks about the hotel that has been created to serve the ghosts before they are heading to the afterlife. The storyline is very cliff-hanging and you will be amazed by the beauty and the acting skills of IU as well as her fellow casts in this drama. Each episode will leave you crying without you knowing.


If you are a series that involves politic and crime as well as all the fighting and shooting, this is the best choice for you. A friend of mine recommended this drama to me and I did not really want to watch at first but I got hooked after just one episode. You will be amazed by the plot twist of the story and each plot just connects to each other very well. On top of that, the leading casts are really amazing. Suzy and Seung Gi, as well as other casts, have done a very good job in this drama. This is a highly recommended K-drama that you need to check out before 2019 comes to an end.

3.Sky Castle

Sky Castle is a popular K-drama that ended the airing time with flying colors. This drama aired from November 2018 to February 2019. With the storyline related to college entrance examination, private education, and the medical field in South Korea, Sky castle is the highest-rated K-drama in Korean cable TV history. In addition to that, this drama leading casts are the well-known actors and actress such as Yum Jung-ah, Lee Tea ran, Yoon Se-ah, Oh Na Ra and Kim Seo-hyung. This drama has the best storyline and story plots that you would truly enjoy.

4.Romance is a bonus book

A sweet and adorable k-drama, Roman is a bonus book is also one must watch K-drama in 2019. This drama first aired in the early of 2019 and it has been received great and positive reviews from the viewers. If you are up for a cute romance that is starting from just collages this is the best one for you. This drama’s storyline is about the relationship between a young and handsome writer with a copywriter who lied about her background to get a job.

5.The Fiery priest

The Fiery priest is the highest-rated k-drama that aired in 2019. It is one well-viewed k-drama starring Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-Kyun, as well as Lee Hanee. If you are into a detective crime-solving drama, this is the one for you. The genre of this drama is crime and comedy so it is surely a fun drama to watch after a long tiring day at work. Therefore, you should really check this drama out.

6.My absolute boyfriend

When it comes to a romance and comedy kind-of drama, my absolute boyfriend is what you need right now. The storyline of this story is pretty interesting as it is about the situation in which you now could simply stream and order your boyfriend online. Da Da who is a makeup artist is currently facing a broken heart which makes her a cold-hearted person. So instead of dating an actual person, she has a humanoid robot Young-Goo that is programmed to be her boyfriend. So if you want to know what comes next, do not forget to check this one out.

7.Extraordinary you

Also known as Suddenly One Day or A Day Found by Chance, extraordinary you is a fantasy and romance TV series based on Moon Ryu’s webtoon July Found by Chance. This drama storyline is about a girl named Eun Dan-oh who is a student at one famous academy that one day she happens to discover that she and everyone around her are just characters in a comic. She is just a character that has a heart problem that is designed to die pretty soon, so she started to do anything to go against the plot of what the writer has planned for her.


Abyss, is a comedy, romance, fantasy, and crime genre drama that you need in 2019. This drama is about a beautiful lawyer and her rich friend that both of them have been revived into different bodies by supernatural being use as “Abyss” just right after their death. To your surprise, they somehow found each other again and started working together to find the reasons behind the death of the beautiful lawyer.

9.He is Psychometric

A fantasy, thriller, mystery, comedy, and romance, yeah those are what He is Psychometric is all about. This drama’s storyline is about a man who lost his parents in a fire incident and later on he requires a power of Psychometry which is the ability to read people’s minds just by physical contact. Thing is not easy when a normal person is suddenly equipped with supernatural power. And the rest of the quest in this drama is for you to find out.

10.Love Alarm

Last but not least, Love Alarm is also the drama that you should put on your list as well. The genre of this drama is teen and technology. So the plot of this drama is about the technological application that enables you to notify anyone around you who is currently having a romantic feeling toward you. This drama first aired on Netflix in August 2019. Therefore, if you want to find out more about what can the application lead to, you need to check this drama out.