Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses in 2019

South Korean dramas and songs are the sources of every fan’s happiness. Those pieces of art come up because of the amazing and talented idols and artists. For those who are into K-drama, I am sure you must have a celebrity crush on many stars because of their great beauty as well as their talent. Talking about the actress, we all agree that the majority of Korean actress’s beauty is mesmerized and stunning to look at. In this article, we will see the well known and most beautiful Korean actresses who have been recognized and have received great love from the public.

10.  Jun Jihyun

Was cast by a fashion editor at the age of 16, Jihyun first started her career as a model for magazines in 1997. A girl with a dream to become a flight attendant, Jihyun was born in 1981. She is one most well-known Korean actress. She has been admired and loved by her great talent when it comes to acting. Jihyun has stared in several K-dramas such as “the sassy girl” and she appeared as a lead role in most watches dramas such as “My love from another star” and “Legend of the blue sea”. Besides, she also used to stare in several other notable films such as II Mare, Windstruck, The thieves and The Berlin File.

9. Kim Seo Hyung

Was born in 1973, Seohyung is a famous Korean actress that is very charismatic and talented. She is best known for her role in a drama called “Temptation of wife”. Her role in this drama has brought her an excellence award, serial drama, actress. Recently, she starred in a drama called “sky castle”. Through this drama, she has managed to bring out another side of her and she has played the character very well. So many audiences and fans have turned their attention to her through this drama.

8. Song Hye-Kyo

Hye Kyo has been known for her beauty as well as her great roles in many popular dramas in k-drama history. This beautiful actress was born in South Korean in 1981. She is best known for her role in dramas such as Autumn in my heart, All in, Full house. And in 2016, her popularity rose again because of her lead role in a drama called “Descendent of the sun”. She was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 7th in Korea Power Celebrity list.

7. Lee Jieun- IU

Actress, singer, and songwriter, Jieun comes with a stage name IU and she is a popular solo singer who has recently debuted as an actress. She has such enormous achievements when it comes to her career as an artist. According to Gallup Korea Survey, IU was the most popular idol and artist among South Koreans. In 2013, IU started her first role in Kdrama called “You’re the best, Lee Soon-shin”. Later on, she keeps on appearing and at the same time, those are the best opportunity for her to sharpen her acting skills. Recently, she appeared as a lead role in a drama called “Hotel Del Luna”. It is highly recommended to watch.

6. Lee Sung Kyung

If you have seen dramas called “Cheese in the Trap”, “Doctor” and “Weightlifting fairy, Kim Bokjoo”, you must have known Lee Sung Kyung. She is a young and talented actress as well as a model. Sung Kyung started her career in the entertainment industry after joining the local supermodel contest. She is one famous actress and model under the joint venture of YG entertainment and K-plus. Sung Kyung has gained her popularity after several roles in most viewed K-dramas and later on, she played a lead role in “Weightlifting fairy, Kim Bokjoo” in which she has gained more recognition and popularity.

5. Kim Jiwon

An innocent and charming looking girl, Jiwon is a well-known actress who starred in many internationally popular dramas such as “The Heirs” (2013), “Descendants of the Sun” (2016), and “Fight for My Way” (2017). And that is not all, she will be in the upcoming drama “Asadal Chronicles” with Song JoongKi, drama to air on tvN in 2019. On the international K-Dramas community, many like Kim JiWon-Park SeoJoon couple in the drama “Fight for My Way”. She has been praised by many viewers for her amazing acting skills and she holds several excellence awards as well.

4. Yoo In Na

A talented and beautiful lady, In Na is a famous Koren actress and DJ. She first joined an entertainment agency at the age of 16 as an apprentice singer. Later on, she joined YG entertainment as an actress. In Na appeared as a supporting role in several dramas such as “High Kick” and “Secret garden”. Her fame rose and she had gained more recognition through her leading role in a drama called “Queen and I”. For this year, she also starred in a drama called “Touch your heart”.

3. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is a best known South Korean actress who was born in 1990. She first started her acting career in 2003 when she starred in a drama called “Stairway to Heaven”. Later on, she has been appearing more and more in dramas as a supporting role. The period from 2009 to 2012, Shin Hye’s popularity rose after her appearance in a drama called “ you’re beautiful”. Aside from being a lead role in this drama, she also released the songs as the original soundtrack on this drama. 2013 was the time of her breakthrough and she has received an award as “Best supporting actress”.

2. Han Hyo Joo

With her unbeatable beauty as well as her skillful acting performance, Hyo Joo has become a successful and popular Korean actress. She is best known for her leading role in dramas such as “Spring Waltz”, “Brilliant Legacy”, “Dong Yi”, “W”, and film called “Cold eyes” in which she won the award of the “Best Actress”. She started her career as an actress since 2003 and she 2007 to 2010 is the time for her breakthrough role and great success in her acting career. In the present time, Hyo joo was confirmed to be a part of the main cast of American television series called “Treadstone”.

1.Bae Suzy

Despite her first debut as an idol, Suzy currently seems to be doing well in her career as an actress. Suzy started her career as an idol in 2009 by auditioning for Mnet Superstar K. Though she did not make it to the final round, Suzy caught the attention of JYP entertainment where she soon became a trainee. Besides her band activities, Suzy first debuted as an actress by playing a role in a drama called “Dream high”. Later on, she has appeared in more dramas as leading roles. Her current drama that is airing called “Vagabond”. In the present time, Suzy is a solo singer as well as an actress who is gaining more and more attention from the audiences.