Top 10 Most Handsome Kpop Boy Group Members

Nowadays K-pop is widely spread not only in Korean, but to Asia countries and western countries. People know a lot about girl groups and boy groups in Korea. When you hear the word of “Korea”, you will automatically think of handsomeness and prettiness. Of course, in order to become an idol in Korea, each celebrity has to have special talent and beauty standard cannot be left out. Since there are so many idols in Korea, all of them are pretty and handsome in audiences’ eyes. However, you as a fan must have your favorite stars from famous groups such as Super Junior, Big Bang, BTS, and more. Today, this article will tell you which idol in what group is considered to be the most handsome celebrities in Kpop round. Below is the list of top 10 most handsome Kpop boy group members.

#1.Super Junior – Siwon

His full name is Choi Siwon. Siwon is a member of Super Junior of SM entertainment who made his debut in MV “what is love” in 2003. But he became an official member in the group and appeared as an idol in 2005. He is not known only as a dreamy guy but also envied by other celebrities due to the fact that his family owns a Hyundai department store. He is a great actor who stars in many Chinese dramas.

#2.Big Bang – TOP

In Big Bang, TOP is the oldest and the most attractive member. He holds position in the group as main rapper, lyricist and lead dancer. Because of his manly good-looking and shy personality, he was chosen as one of top 10 Must Have males by Mnet in 2007. Although TOP is a rapper, he graduated from Dankook university majoring in Theater and Film. He also got successful role in several films; for example, Tazza 2.

#3.JYJ – Jaejoong

Kim jaejoong has white smooth skin and fierce eyes that can capture a lot of fans’ heart. There is an interesting fact that he has 11 piercings. Besides his role in the group, Jaejoong has been active as solo singer. In a result, he has three solo single albums. Additionally, he is an actor in many movies and dramas. In 2012, he received a Best New Actor award of drama “Dr. Jin”.

#4.Shinee – Minho

Choi Minho is known as charismatic member of Shinee. Other than being a rapper, He holds many positions in entertainment field such as actor, model and emcee. As for reason he being such a good actor, he graduated from Konkuk university in film major. Not just having handsome face, Minho can speak 4 languages; Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English so that he can communicate with various nations fans.

#5.EXO – Sehun

Sehun of EXO actually was street noticed by SM entertainment when he was only 12 years old and became a trainee in 2008. Logically, Sehun had been trained for 4 years before officially became fifth member of EXO. His fame is not only in Korean, he has won a Weibo Star award in 2016. In total, he alone has obtained 3 honor awards. In addition, Sehun has starred in 5 television series.

#6.BTS – Jungkook

Joen Jungkook is a youngest member of BTS. He became an idol when he was only 16 years old. He is known as golden maknae since he can do a lot of things. He is handsome and he can sing well, dance powerfully, and rap. Jungkook joined Superstar K which is a singing contest of Mnet. Then he was casted by Big Hit entertainment and trained to be a member of BTS. His role model is G-dragon of Big Bang.

#7.Infinite – L

L has birth name Kim Myun-soo. He is a visual of Infinite. Thanks to his flawless appearance, he has got several roles in K-dramas. Currently, he is appearing on small screen in a drama of MBC “The emperor: Owner of the mask”. Myunsoo can play guitar. He also had a position as producer and songwriter for his single “It is all for you” in 2013.

#8.Big Bang – G-dragon

GD is his nickname commonly known by all fans. He has birth name which is Kwon Ji-young. This handsome rapper was trained for 6 years before becoming an official member of Big Bang. Ji-young can play a lot of music instruments such as piano, guitar, and beat boxing. He is praised for incredible ability in songwriting and producing. Ji-young always have unique style in fashion.

#9.EXO – Suho

Kim Jun-myeon is his real name. Suho is a leader of EXO. Because of his cheerful and manly beauty, he was spotted by SM and street casted when he was 16 years old. He has appeared in many music videos of other stars. Furthermore, in 2015, he became a main role in Holographic musical. In 2017, Suho got an award of 2016 Click Star Wars Awards based on popularity.

#10.NCT – Taeyong

NCT is a boy group of young singers and Taeyong is considered a flower boy among other members. He is a member of NCT U and NCT127. He was scouted when he was in front of his school. Taeyong has four positions in the group which are leader, rapper, dancer, and of course visual. He is interested in taking photo. He likes eating Chinese hot pot with milk drinks.

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