Top 10 Best Wireless Charger Reviews

A wireless charger is an electronic device which allows you to charge your phone without connecting to any USB cable. Simply, you just place your smartphone on it. Wireless charger is made for every phone, such as iPhone, Samsung, and other brands. You often meet challenge that charger cable is torn or broken, right? It is an electric shock dangerous for you. But you never have to buy new cable over again when you use the wireless charger. There are several more benefits of this product. Besides using with smartphone, it can be used to charge other devices which compatible and has electric magnet field suitable to the wireless charger. Last but not least, you can catch up to modern technology latest invention. That would make you look awesome and up-to-dated.

Such beneficial products are produced by various technology companies. You easily find it on any electronic and phone shops, or else if you don’t have enough time to go out, you can just look for it on the internet there will be hundred choices appearing for you. So to help you, this article will provide top 10 best wireless chargers to you from Amazon premiere.

1. Fast Charge Wireless Charger

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This is fast charging wireless charger. This charger has a small round shape with black color. It is made for most Samsung smartphone, such as galaxy s7, note 5, etc. Other phones which has qi-enable function can use with this charger. There is a condition for you before charge phone, which is you should take out protective case so that electric magnetic of charger can attract phone’s.  

2. LANIAKEA Wireless Charger

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This is a tiny square wireless charger for Samsung. Commonly, it is suitable for galaxy S6, S7, and other devices that have Qi function. It is designed awesomely; in the middle of it has a black plate which is the center for smartphone, whereas corner is transparent. Usually when you charge phone, it will rise temperature. But this device will keep your phone cool and fast charged up.

3. Yootech Qi Wireless Charging Pad

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This is a triangle black qi-enabled device wireless charger. This charger is best to use with 2A adapter in order to bring powerful charging to your phone. Of course, when you charge phone battery with this device, you need to place it on the pad with no distance more than 5 mm. Moreover, this charger has two indicator lights to tell you about its operation. For instance, if it shows green, you phone is charging. If it is red, your phone doesn’t stay at right place.

4. Wireless Charging Pad with 2A Wall Charger- Black Sapphire

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This is a compact black sapphire wireless charging pad. This pad has small dimension which is 1.5 x 3.75 x 3.75 inches. Since it is so light and small, you are able to carry it around outdoor and indoor. Placing phone on a pad still, you can play your phone while filling battery easily as if you put phone on table. To add, this product provides one year warranty if it has problem during the year, you can ask for help.

5. 3-Coils Qi Wireless Charging Stand for All QI-Enabled Devices-Black

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This is a phone stand wireless charger. This device has unique design. The pad where allows phone to sleep on is stand in 120 degree. This feature allows you to play with phone easily. For example, you can watch video, movie during charging. The effective area of this pad is up to 5 mm which means phone cannot stay in thick protective case. In addition, for power source, wireless charger is advised to use with 2A adapter.

6. Seneo PA046 Fast Wireless Charger 10W QI Wireless Charging Stand

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This is a stand fast wireless charger. It has black color and 6.9 ounces weight. Mentioned about its fast performance, this device can give 1.4 times quick charging than simple USB cable. However, this fast charging applies only on Galaxy phones, for other phones it will give normal speed. Additionally, the stand pad is not only for vertical position, you can put phone in horizontal line.

7. Pictek Wireless Charger

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This is a ultra slim wireless charger. Interestingly, it is sleep-friendly charger. There is no strong color light coming from device during operation; instead it gives soft white spark to tell that phone and charger are working together. So somehow you won’t get affected from the light at night. Furthermore, this device has 7 mm thickness body and only 60 g weight. If in 30 days, you don’t satisfy with its performance, you can refund it.

8. Anker Wireless Charger PowerPort Qi Wireless Charging Pad

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This is a mini temperature control wireless charger. Specially, it is installed a feature that can know heat of phone during charging. If smartphone goes up to 107 Fahrenheit degree, this feature will active automatically. There are two light colors, red and blue telling you what kind of process it is in. For instance, blue means it is working to charge battery, while both red and blue means battery is full.   

9. Fast Wireless Charger, Pasonomi Wood Qi Wireless Charging Stand

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This is a wood stand wireless charger. It is mainly produced from wood and aluminum alloy so that charger looks cooler and durable. This charger pad brings high performance. Your smartphone will get full 40% faster than other products. When purchasing this wireless charger, you will free USB cable, charger stand, and user manual. Wonderfully, it has 18 months warranty.

10. SurgeDisk Wireless Charger Bamboo Qi Charging Pad

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This is the last highly used bamboo slim wireless charger. It has round shape with diameter of 4 inches and thickness of 0.25 inch. This charger is compatible with Samsung, Nokia, Nexus, iPhone, Google and more models. Isn’t it usable? You can use this charger with nearly all smartphone brands. So everyone in your family can use it. It is easy to use, just connect power source to it and drop your phone on it.


You can trust these products because each one is tested for quality before being in sale on Amazon. You can see that how easy it is to charge your phone. You can play with your phone at the same time without being afraid of any battery operated accidents. The charger is not that expensive, it has affordable price which is almost the same as simple USB cable. For better lifestyle, you should consider these fantastic goods.

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