Top 10 Best Tape Dispenser Reviews

Every day, we all do the packaging and any other works which need to use tape. Start from household to the mail station, the tape as well as tape dispenser are used all the times. The tape dispenser is one important item to help us do the packaging, sealing the box for storage or moving easily. It is like an item that holds your tape while you are trying to complete the packaging task. Working with the best tape dispenser, the result will be the best as well since the best dispenser could reduce the packaging time to half or maybe more than that. Therefore, to purchase the best tape dispenser, it is a good idea to go through some related reviews about the best tape dispenser. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best tape dispensers, and hopefully you can get the best one that you love.

1. Duck Brand HP260 High Performance 3.1 Mil Packaging Tape dispenser

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The Duck Brand HP 260 is the best packaging tape dispenser which meets the standard and ensures the safety of your products. It keeps your products in order and for those who need to ship products, this tape is here to keep your product to reach the destination with safety. If you are looking for the most reliable and the best packaging tape, this product by Duck Brand makes the best choice for some specific reasons. This tape’s quality is very amazing. It is a kind of thick tape which is why it could withstand many conditions, and that also makes it very durable to wrap around your items’ boxes.

Moreover, this tape features the high quality HD clear surface. This useful tape is a heavy duty kind of tape which is designed to serve all the packaging purposes either for moving, shipping and storage. The 2.6 mil thick tape exerts a tensile supporting strength force of 31 pounds per inch against packages during moving and storage. Furthermore, it has acrylic adhesive which used to provide a great ultraviolet resistance that eliminating the yellow which commonly appears on the tape that has been used for long time. However, with this tape such problem will not happen anymore. Your box now will always look new at the first day they went in.

In addition, this tape is believed to be a standard packaging tape which is now on the market with the best price. This tape is designed to ensure that you got your belongings in the box, and you could do the packaging easily. It is an ideal tape to use for light sealing. This helpful tape has the ability to grab the adhesion upon the application. They stick right there very well as soon as you seal them on the box.


  • Standard tape dispenser for light sealing
  • Ultraviolet resistance
  • Thick tape
  • Super high performance
  • Crystal clear

2. Magnelex Tapexpert Packing Tape Gun

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Being on the best-selling list in tape packaging tape dispensers, this adhesive tape packaging might be one the best tape for packaging that you should consider. This special and durable tape features several great reasons that make it the best product for you to spend money on. It is a high quality tape dispenser that has a great durability, convenience. This tape dispenser is designed to provide an easy using. It makes an ideal dispenser to help you to do the quick seal on your box, and more than that, it helps you to do the packaging, or if you want to tape the wall before painting, it could also help you out well. Having this tape dispenser in your hand, you now can easily cut the tape. This dispenser features the adjustable tension control with an effective brake allowing you to grab the tape and get it quickly. The rolling of this dispenser is really smooth that this makes the packaging process goes quickly and easily.

Furthermore, this dispenser features a really great design which to serve the best for all the packaging purposes. It is very easy and convenient to use since it is very lightweight, and it comes with plastic handle allowing you to take control of the tape while doing the packaging. Moreover, it has a durable metal housing designed for protecting mechanism.

Purchasing this dispenser, you will also get a free roll of high quality packaging tape meaning that as soon as you get this dispenser, you can already start your work without any further delay. It is very easy to put the tape in the dispenser, you only need to go through a guide book for a quick time.


  • Designed for convenience
  • Heavy duty
  • Comes with a free roll of packing tape
  • 100% money back guarantee

3. Officemate Recycled 2-In-1 Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser

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This tape dispenser by Office mate is considered as on the best tape dispenser to purchase for some amazing reasons. It could be the best choice for those who would love to buy the products made of post-costumer’s materials which are a kind of recycle materials. So using this dispenser means that you are playing a role in keeping our environment clean. Moreover, purchasing this dispenser is like doing a big saving because its quality is very amazing for a product at this price. Right now with this dispenser, you do not have the problem while packing anymore. This convenient dispenser features weighted base meaning that you can get the tape from the dispenser with just using one hand, and the dispenser will always stay still in balance.

Want to keep any important items near you while you are doing the packing? This dispenser could also help you with that. It suddenly can also be the best items keeper and the best packing companion that you cannot miss out. This special dispenser comes with a great size compartment allowing you to place pens, pencils and scissors. Therefore, you do not have to find them anywhere else anymore since they will be right there next to you while you are doing the packing.

This dispenser comes in a great size enables it to hold a roll of 2-Inch packaging tape and 3/4-Inch tape. Hence, because of the several functions mentioned above, this dispenser by Office mate makes the best dispenser to have in your office, mail room, shipping department and sample room.


  • Weighted base
  • Holds a roll of 2-Inch packaging tape and 3/4-Inch tape
  • Features compartment for necessary items
  • Made of post-costumer’s material
  • Durable and easy to use

4. Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held Industrial Side Loading Tape Dispenser

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This tape dispenser by Uline can be the best packing companion that you should check out. This product is only on several the best-selling lists, and it received many good reviews and loves from costumers. In fact, there several points that this dispenser has which make it the best dispenser to purchase. Firstly, it is very durable. This dispenser is made of metal, and even the blue sides you see in the picture, they all made of metal and hard steel. This could be one specific reason that makes this dispenser a very durable one to have at your place.

Beside the durability, this tape dispenser is very convenient to use, and it is designed to help you do the packing well and quick than you ever done before. The metal cutter of this dispenser is very sharp which makes it easy for you to cut and get the tape while doing the packing. It comes with a handle which is large and easy to grip, this also another point that provides convenience while you are using this tape.

In addition to all the pints above, this useful tape dispenser can be controlled easily. The roll of this dispenser is very smooth while rolling; however, you can easily control it since this dispenser comes with an adjustable break which allows you to control the tension.


  • Stands on several best-selling lists
  • Made of metal
  • Sharp metal cutter
  • Features adjustable cutter

5. Duck Brand Standard Pistol Grip Tape Gun Dispenser

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This is a one trustworthy and durable tape dispenser by Duck brand, and it is really worth to check out for some reasons. Now let begin with its durability. It is true that before we purchase something, we always consider its quality and durability making sure that we could use it for long time. This tape dispenser has a great amount of durability that you can reliable on to use for long time. It is a kind of product which is designed to last long. This durable dispenser is made of high quality metal housing that this material makes the dispenser by Duck Brand a heavy duty one. Therefore, purchasing this tape dispenser you can ensure that you will not have to buy another new one for the next 2 or 3 months. This dispenser will always stay there usefully to help you complete the packaging task.

Moreover, it is also a convenient tape dispenser to have at your place. Have you ever had a problem in hard to get the tape while packaging or the problem is the dispenser is just not comfortable and convenient enough to use? If so, let take some to check this dispenser out. It is a convenient dispenser since it features an adjustable tension control, and it rolls smoothly that this point is somehow enough to get your packaging done quickly.

Purchasing this dispenser, you will not have any problems or regret that you should not have bought this product. It is commercial grade gun dispenser that is designed to provide great durability, convenience and it is designed to serve the packaging purposes.


  • Made of durable metal material
  • Adjustable tension control knob
  • Smooth and convenient to use
  • Commercial grade gun

6. Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape with One Handed Dispenser

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Here comes another the best dispenser by Duck Brand to check out. If you are now looking for a new durable and high quality dispenser to use, this is a one good choice for you to go for. This tape dispenser is a very reliable one and it is also a high quality product that is on sale with an affordable price. In fact, there are several great results about this dispenser which you should notice. Firstly, it is nothing more beside durability. Just like the other product by Duck Brand, this tape dispenser is durable and it is designed to last, and it is also invented to help you do the packaging easily. It features 2.6 mil thick-Frustration-Free construction that is invented to ensure the high performance of this dispenser.

This tape dispenser is very convent and easy to use. It features the EZ start technology in which always unrolls smooth and easy. Hence, with this dispenser by your side, you now can seal the box or do the packaging faster than before. Moreover, with this dispenser, you now will never lose tape or accidentally tear up the tape while you are packaging in hurry anymore.

One more important point to love about this dispenser is that it is designed to withstand any conditions. This could remain its quality the same though it gets expose to high temperature of harsh condition. It offers wide temperature range performance from 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is one durable tape dispenser to keep with.


  • 2.6 mil thick Frustration Free high performance packaging tape
  • Easy to roll and use
  • Never tear your tape
  • Withstands great temperature range

7. Tape King TX100 Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

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This tape dispenser is a perfect and also good solution to all the quick packaging tasks. It is designed to serve several purposes such as sealing of boxes, packages, cartons or wall taping before painting. This tape dispenser is here to help you go through all the tasks easily and quickly. Of course, there are several great points about this dispenser that make it the best tape dispenser to purchase. It is truly durable to use. This tape dispenser is made of a heavy duty metal which ensures the durability as well as high performance. It has a durable duty metal housing which is designed to protect the mechanism, and this dispenser is designed to last for years.

Moreover, it is a great tape dispenser that features comfortable ergonomic grip. It has a large handle which ensures a very secure grip. This is one result why this dispenser is good to use at home, office, and warehouse. With the large comfortable grip, this dispenser offers maximum comforts and it is an ideal dispenser to use for high-volume shipping.

With the side loading design, this tape dispenser is good and safe for everyone to use. It features a small flip which easily flips down and this makes threading new roll an easy thing to do. It allows the tape to unroll smoothly, and it will not tear up the tape. It is very easy to use since it is lightweight, and you can easily pack and take it along.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Made of heavy duty metal
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable brake

8. Scotch Packaging Tape Hand Dispenser

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This durable and well-priced tape dispenser is a product by Scotch, and it is also the best tape dispenser that you would not mind spending money on it. This tape dispenser is designed to keep the packaging tack clean and quick. Not just packaging the items, it is also the best companion to help you throughout any projects that have to do with tape and stuffs. This useful dispenser could hold up to 2 in width. Just like the other dispenser, it also has several great points to notice. Most importantly, it is a durable and sturdy tape dispenser which is on sale with the best price ever. It is made from high quality material which adds durability to this product, and makes sure that it will always maintain its great performance.

It is also a convenient tape dispenser to use. This dispenser is designed with care, and to server costumers the best with the packaging process. It features the pistol handle which is big enough to be easy to hold, and the handle its self is very durable and stable. Moreover, it comes with retractable blade that cuts the tape easily and it will not tear the tape. The adjustable break is designed to allow you to be able to control the tension.

Because of several the best points mentioned above, this tape dispenser could be another choice for you to consider.


  • Pistol grip
  • Sharp blade
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Well-priced

9. Heavy Duty Metal Professional Tape Dispenser Gun

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Right now, spending less than 10$ you can also afford to get the best tape dispenser to use at your office, home or anywhere that you might need it. This is the best tape dispenser which is on sale with an affordable price, and at the same time, it features specific great functions to notice. In fact, it is a very durable dispenser to spend money on. Its whole body is made of Industrial Grade Steel Fully Painted with Red Enamel Paint in which adds and ensures the durability of this dispenser.

It is very comfortable to use since it comes with a cushion grip handle which is soft and at the same offers secure grip making it easy for you to get the tape quickly. Therefore, this dispenser makes the best dispenser to use when you need to do a lot of packaging and preparing another thing. The cushion grip is designed to reduce the fatigue happening from long time holding the dispenser. You will find it very saving to purchase this dispenser since in one package you will get more than just a dispenser.

All in all, because of its quality, durability and the price, this tape dispenser is the best choice for you to choose to be your companion while doing the packaging.


  • Cushion grip
  • Heavy duty
  • Included: 2 Rolls of General Purpose Grade Carton Sealing Tape

10. Bailida Packing Tape Dispenser

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The tape dispenser by Bailida here is also the best tape dispenser standing on the best-selling list. It is believed to be the best tape dispenser suitable for any project that needs to use tape. Moreover, since it is inexpensive, it might be an ideal dispenser for those who do not have to use dispenser all the times. It features a great design. This dispenser is painted red and blue, pretty bright color allowing you to spot this dispenser easily among the other supplies. So, no more spending much time just to look for you dispenser anymore.

It is also a comfortable tape dispenser to use. Its handle is large and comes with an easy grip offers great amount of comfort while holding this dispenser. Moreover, this dispenser has a small plate at the end allowing you to stick the end of the tape on that while using, so that you will not find it hard to find the end of the tape anymore. It is also a durable dispenser which is made of high quality metal and durable plastics which makes sure that the dispenser will last long and could withstand any conditions.

One more point to love this dispenser is that it is lightweight. Though, it is made of metal, this dispenser is pretty light and it makes it easy for you to tag it along whenever you need it.


  • Metal plate at the end of the dispenser
  • Large and comfortable handle
  • Made of high quality metal and plastic
  • Lightweight
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

In conclusion, tape dispenser is a great supply to help you a lot during the daily work around your office or home. Therefore, it is important to pick the best one to work with. All the tape dispensers mentioned in the article are the best tape dispensers which you can trust, and you will not regret spending money on. Let start doing the packaging in an easy and quick way with the help of the best tape dispensers.