Top 10 Best Packaging Tape Reviews

If looking for packaging tape for helping you organize the items for moving or storage? Or you are looking for the best packaging tapes for shipping and storing important items, and to make sure that they could stay there safely? If so, we highly recommend you to go through the best packaging tapes which are listed here. They are the best-known and best-selling tapes that have been around for years to help out with the packaging and any kinds of work related to sealing. Moreover, these tapes are very durable and they are mostly designed with care and by an expert in order to bring you the best tape with the high quality.

1. Duck Brand HD Clear High Performance Packaging Tape

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This duck brand packaging tape is an ideal packaging type for those who are looking for a thick and high quality to pack your items or doing the organizing around your house as well as the office. Moreover, this packaging tape is a trustworthy one since it is a product of one famous brand in selling high quality tape. There are several more reasons why this packaging tape is the best product to consider. let’s begin with the quality of this tape. This packaging tape designed to meet the postal regulations standard which makes it a high quality packaging tape to buy.

If you dislike the kind of tape which could turn yellow and lose that quality when you have been using it for long, it might be time to get rid of those tapes and purchase this one instead. This adhesive tape features Ultraviolet resistance that it eliminate the yellow color from appearing on the tape, and it is also important in increasing as well as maintaining the tape’s quality though it has been used for long time.

Other reason to love about this crystal core tape is that it is clearly white, and it amazingly could go against wide range of temperature meaning that when it is exposed to the temperature around 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the tape still stand strongly and maintaining its quality.


  • Duck brand product
  • Thick and tough
  • Heavy duty
  • Eliminate yellow color
  • Withstand wide range of temperature

2. Duck Brand HP260 High Performance 3.1 Mil Packaging Tape with Dispenser

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Being rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, this adhesive tape by Duck Brand could be another choice for you to consider. The tape by Duck brand commonly designed to meet the heavy duty shipping as well as for the long term storage. This tape is also one of those high quality tapes by Duck Brand. It is a 3.1 mil thick which offers high performance, and will keep your items safe and sound. It is a trustworthy tape since it stands on several the best-selling lists. This super thick 3.1 packaging bond quickly and you can easily seal it on the boxes for packaging. Moreover, just like the previous product by the Duck Brand, this super high quality tape could withstand harsh condition, and it will always maintain its quality though has been used for long time. It will not turn yellow or loosen from the boxes or anything.
It is a standard packaging tape which meets the postal regulation standard. This tape is available in both clear and tan. The super high quality and thick tape provides the best result and strength to support the packaging. Moreover, it is a tough tape which could within wide range of temperature, and will always maintain with the amazing adhesive quality.
Therefore, this 3.1 super thick packaging tape could be the best choice for you to consider since it features several specific points and it even meets the postal regulation standard.


  • 3.1 thick and high performance
  • Stands wide range of temperature
  • Does not tear or split
  • Included: dispenser

3. Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape with heavy duty dispenser

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Important items need to bed shipped or items at your place that you need to package them up in a proper way with the best tape? If so, this tape by Scotch makes the best tape for you to have with while doing such things. Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packing Tape is great for packing boxes, shipping and moving boxes and protecting envelopes. The heavy duty adhesive tape, reinforced tape works well when you’re shipping supplies or want to protect moving supplies by reinforcing the corners of cardboard boxes. With 40 times the strength of acrylic tape, this tape is the strong, tough, solvent-free hot melt adhesive of Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape locks in your heavy duty contents and locks out everything else. 

In addition to that, this tape by Scotch is a water resistant tape, seals seams with one strip and keeps boxes closed. It also resists slivering, splitting and tearing.  The high tensile strength of Scotch packaging tape helps keep boxes safely closed. This Scotch Tape is also formulated to handle wide temperature ranges, from 40 degrees to 120 degrees.

Moreover, you can simply use just by rolling the tape around the boxes for packaging. This tape rolls smoothly, and this could help you to get the work done easier than you ever thought of. This tape packaging by Scotch makes the best tape packaging ever.


  • Heavy duty tape
  • Handle wide range of temperature
  • High quality of adhesion
  • Water resistant

4. Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

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It is true that everyone would like to get the best and high quality tape packaging which is available on sale with a great price. This packaging tape by Scotch is a powerful and tough tape which is designed for storage and packaging the items. It is also an ideal tape for important shipping or storing items which are important. It uses a tested and reliable packaging tape. Besides, there are some more specific reasons which are why you should consider purchasing this tape packaging. It is a tough tape which is a kind of clear to the core tape. It features a hot melt rubber resin adhesion which is the best for critical packaging needs. With the great power of adhesion, this packaging tape could hold quickly and strongly to package.

With this tape in your hands, you now can easily and effectively get all the packaging done in just a short time, and with the best result since this tape is a strong and thick tape that could goes against harsh condition. No matter what, it still maintains its powerful quality to protection the package and keeps them in order. This tape will not break easily thanks to its high quality material as well as the great design.

All in all, this packaging tape by Scotch is a kind of heavy duty tape which is reliable and it is the best way to do the packaging in a correct and safe way.


  • Heavy duty
  • Powerful adhesion
  • Resists breakage
  • Satisfaction Ensured
  • Stylish and innovative

5. Duck MAX Strength Packaging Tape With Dispenser

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Tired of the tape that could tear easily while you are rushing doing the packaging? If so, let’s get another new roll of the best tape packaging. This Duck MAX tape packaging is a high quality tape designed for shipping, packaging; it is also the best choice for using around your house as well as in the office. This features high thickness and adhesion which makes this tape the best tape for durable application. Therefore, having this tape at your place, it could be the best thing since it helps you to do the packaging easily and could even reduce the packaging time to half since this tape rolls smoothly and will not annoyed you while you are doing the packaging.

Other reason to get this tape packaging is that it could hold quickly and strongly to the boxes since it is made of hot melt adhesive which provides the best and strong adhesion. Surprisingly, it is 30x times stronger than acrylic tapes based on ASTM D3654 for maximum hold on boxes. Furthermore, it is one among those the best tape packaging tapes which meet the postal regulation standard which is why it is a special tape packaging to have at your place.

Even special, to help you doing the packaging easily and quickly, you are offered a dispenser once you purchase this tape packaging. Therefore, purchasing this tape, you will also get to own a tape dispenser for free.


  • Made with hot melt adhesive
  • 30x stronger than acrylic tapes
  • Meets postal regulations
  • High thickness

6. Packing Tape Adhesive Clear PVC Roll

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To get the packaging done easily and quickly that could reduce to half of the packaging time you have ever done before, it is important to pick the best tape packaging which makes a good packaging companion. This tape packaging by Royal Import is an ideal tape packaging for important shipping and packaging for storage as well. It is a high quality tape packaging designed to last long and it could maintain its quality for long time. Moreover, this tape meets all the postal regulation, therefore, the package done by this tape can use to ship with ship with sup, ups, FedEx, DHL and so on.

This tape is very convenient to use. It is designed with care and skill to ensure that the users could use it easily without feeling any frustration. It rolls smoothly on the box and will stick there perfectly without breaking. Moreover, you can actually use this tape with any kinds of tape dispenser. Furthermore, this special tape packaging is designed to serve several purposes. It is suitable to use for home, office, commercial shipping, and in short it can be used on anything that is needed to be sealed.

Since this tape packaging features good points and advantages such as its amazing quality, convenience, and also the design for several purposes, this tape could be another choice for you to consider.


  • High quality tape, 2 mil
  • Meets all postal regulation
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purposes

7. Shurtape HP-200C Production-Grade Colored Packaging Tape

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Want to switch for the crystal clear tape packaging to a color one, yet you have no idea of what to purchase? So, it might be a good idea for you to check this tape by Shurtape out. It is one among these the best tape packaging, and it is designed to serve several packaging purpose as well as to keep your shipping box safe and sound once it reaches the place. This is a kind of mid-grade polypropylene film colored tape packaging invented to use for any kinds of work that need to be sealed. The BOPP film and aggressive hot melt adhesive features in this tape could quickly create the instant closure. It also brings the weight to a medium weight carton using in in normal manufacturing and shipping environments.

No more, problem with unwind or release the tape packaging anymore. This color tape is here to eliminate this problem. Packaging using this tape, it allows you to unwind the tape back easily without damaging or tear much of your packaging. It is also designed to work in miscellaneous packaging, bundling, holding and repair applications. Though, the package is made of fiberboard, paper, film, this tape will still adhere well around such packages.

Though it is a kind of color tape packaging, you will still be able read any letters beneath the tape. This tape features translucent which offers lighter color of the tape, and with this you can easily read the letters on the box though it was sealed on the top of it.


  • Mid-grade polypropylene film colored packaging tape
  • Create instant adhesion
  • Features formula for consistent unwind and ease of use
  • Lighter color allows you to read the letters easily

8. Intertape 530 Utility-Grade Flatback Packaging Tape

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Just like the other the best tape packaging mentions above, this tape packaging by Intetape features several unique points which make it the best tape to purchase. a pressure sensitive, moisture resistant Kraft flat-back tape coated with an aggressive blend natural/synthetic rubber adhesive designed to offer a positive, attractive seal and excellent adhesion to minimize carton sealing failures and prevent pilferage. Moreover, this tape could perform well under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. Therefore, it makes a strong tape which could withstand any harsh condition and still maintains its adhesion.

Besides, this tape designed for use in applications where reduced weight can provide packaging material savings. It is also a tape which meets the postal regulation standard. Moreover, it is a convenient tape that you could roll it easily and smoothly on the box. This probably could reduce to half of the time for doing the packaging.

In conclusion, the intertape 530 is the best tape designed for packaging and it is also an ideal type to purchase for its amazing quality, durability and also for its convenieces.


  • Meets the postal standard
  • Withstand wide range of temperature
  • Moisture resistant
  • Excellence adhesion

9. 12 Rolls Box Carton Sealing Packing Packaging Tape

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Want the best packaging tape and spend only little amount of money on that? This is might be a good choice for you to consider. This packaging tape is designed to help you out with the packaging and getting any works that need to be sealed done easily. It is the best choice for all mailing, shipping, storing and many more choices. It is a high quality tape features strong adhesion which instantly creates the closure and ensures the safety of your items’ box. With the 3 standard cores, this tape can be used in any types of dispenser easily. Moreover, it meets UPS, U.S. Postal, FedEx, and DHL Regulations.

In addition, this tape is a kind of lightweight tape, and it is easy to use. It performs very well for packaging. Moreover, there has a smoothly non-stick edge which allows you to easy find the start of this tape. Therefore, it is very simple and easy to get the packaging done with this tape in your hands.

All in all, because of several great points that this tape features, it makes the best packaging tape which is on the market with the best price, and at the same time it offers the best performance ever.


  • High quality
  • Unbreakable and strong
  • Crystal clear
  • Lightweight
  • Meets UPS, U.S. Postal, FedEx, and DHL Regulations.

10. Duck EZ Start Packaging Tape with Refillable Dispenser

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Isn’t it cool that you purchase on the tape, yet you are also offered a brand new and convenient dispenser which is refillable? Only purchasing this product, you could receive a great offer like this.  It is a trustable kind of tape which is produced by Duck brand. This tape is designed to help you out with all the packaging works, and anything else which related to sealing. This tape will help you to put all the stuffs and items in order. Moreover, it is also designed to work on several purposes such as shipping, storage, mailing, and many more works. With the strong adhesion, the tape ensures a great safety of your items. Furthermore, no matter how long you been using this tape, its quality will remain the same over the times. It is very easy to roll over the box with any stick start that could make you feel frustrated for having a hard time to start it up.

This high quality packaging tape is very strong and durable that it will not be breakable easily. it could withstand any kinds of condition, and it will not fade its quality those it is in a humid condition. Available on the market with an affordable price, this tape becomes an ideal packaging tape for you to consider.


  • High quality and heavy duty
  • Durable and strong
  • Withstand any condition
  • Included: refillable dispenser

In conclusion, packaging tape has helped us a lot so far in doing any kind of works which are needed to be sealed. Without the tape, we might find it hard to finish the packaging, and the items might not be able to stay in a one safe place as well. All of the packaging tapes mentioned above are the best packaging tapes which you could get them easily right now from the market. They are the trustworthy product as well as providing the best performance ever.

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