Top 10 Best Moisturizing Sock Reviews

Today special topic is moisturizing sock. Before start to know its benefit and why you should use it, you need to know what exactly it is. It is, of course, a type of sock you wear; however, definitely not the simple one. It is made for those who have dry and rough feet. You can use lotion with this sock. You can wear it anytime, for instance, bedtime from night till morning or during daylight. To keep your feet moist is one of the advantages. Second, it is good for your health to use the sock. Imagine your foot heel is cracked and torn, and then bacteria can get in through your feet. And this sock will cure your heel to have smooth and prevent infection from occurring. Third, it keeps you from cold, especially, when in the winter season.

To sum up, there are three key advantages of moisturizing sock, such as, beauty, health, and shield for cold weather. Luckily, in markets and online shops sell a lot of this kind of sock. You have many choices to make. In this article, you will get to know only the top 10 best moisturizing socks. Below are their brief details.

1. NatraCure Intense Moisturizing Gel Socks

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This is a gel moisturizing sock. It has two sizes available which are small and medium. Since it has cute pink color, it is suitable for women. Interestingly, although it is known as sock, it can be used as glove to protect and moisturize your hand. For instance, this product can release therapeutic oils which are used for spa treatment. So user can feel relax as you are in beauty room.

2. Pinkiou Spa Gel Socks

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This is a dry heel treatment moisturizing sock. It has bright blue color with many tiny footprint patterns at the bottom. This spa sock is wonderfully used to cure cracked skin. First it will get rid of dead skin, and then start turning the dry skin into humid and soft skin. After applying lotion or skin care, it is best to wear this sock in order to keep lotion effective on foot.

3. EMILYSTORES Green Moisturize Soften Repair Cracked Skin Moisturizing

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This is a full gel moisturizing sock. It contains special gel which is a combination of jojoba oil and vitamin E. You can do thing to make your feet pretty in two steps. One is applying additional skin care to moist your feet. Later, you wear this sock so the ingredients inside the sock will release and work on your feet. Furthermore, you can wear it as simple sock in shoes for whole day.

4. Makhry 2 Pairs Moisturizing Silicone Gel Heel Socks

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This is a silicone gel moisturizing heel sock. This product is designed only to treat foot heel so it has only half body compared to other socks which is called open-toe style. In this set, you will get two pairs of socks. They have gray and black colors. They are suitable for both men and women. In addition, after using, you are able to wash them over and over again because they are very durable.

5. Nu-Pore Moisturizing Socks

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This is a large pack of moisturizing sock. There are 24 pairs in this one box. The sock doesn’t have optional size; there is only one fit-all size. This product is best to use if you don’t want to use washable sock. For this one, after one time usage, you can throw it away. What’s more, within the sock, there are shea butter and aloe vera extract. They are combined together to bring high quality treatment for rough feet.

6. Queentools Moisturizing Gel Lining Socks

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This is a pink moisturizing gel lining sock. If you wish to remove dead skin on your foot, please choose this lovely sock. It contains nourishing gel that used to soften and smooth skin. So even you have wound, small scar, or wrinkle lines on your foot, you can trust it that it will heal these problems. The root problem is dehydrated foot so to solve the issues; it will produce oil and vitamin for hydration.

7. Spa Sister White "Stretch Cotton" Overnight Moisture Socks

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This is a white overnight moisturizing sock. This sock is mainly made from two materials which are cotton and lycra. Therefore, it will fit your foot well from lycra and you will surely feel the gentleness and elasticity due to the cotton. Just like its name, you should use the moisture sock at night so that in the morning you can receive nice result. What you have to do is massage your foot with cream and let the sock covers your foot.

8. Upper Canada Soap All About Men Moisture Gel Socks

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This is a men moisturizing gel sock. Because of the black color, it fits the taste of men. Not only women care about their head to toes beauty, men also concern and need to take care themselves. This sock contains wonderful gel which made from 5 essential oils. It will be the greatest skin care for men. It can eliminate damp and damaged skin and replace with healthy skin.

9. Kilimanjaro’s Moisturizing Socks Premium Spa Moisturizing Gel socks

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This is a natural green spa moisturizing sock. Not so different from other beauty socks, it is made from many organic ingredients to make your skin soft. They are vitamin E, lavender oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. To add, because of lavender oil, it will bring you fresh and sweet scent of lavender. At the same time of smoothing foot, it is also working on blood circulation and pain relief.

10. webueat Gel Moisturizing Socks Soft Repair Dry Cracked Heel

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This is the last recommended hydration heel moisturizing sock. It has green and white color. It leaves your toes free from covering so your feet won’t sweat a lot. The sock can focus on heel area only where the thick hard skin stays. Moreover, inside the sock is a gel pad that produced from Vitamin E, Vitamin F forte, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera. The nutrient deficiency will gradually cure dead skin.

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