Top 10 Best Korean TV serial Actresses 2018

People have different ideas and have their favorite lists. When coming to celebrities, of course, you may already have your top list. In this article will discuss about Korean stars and specifically focus on female celebrities. This new year of 2018, a lot of dramas or television serials have been showcased already. You can see new rising stars who receive big recognition through the small screen, while some veteran actresses still hold high position and popularity acting as main characters. Korean actresses are best known for their talents to emphasis characters in the story and have extreme beauty to make audiences fall in love. So do you want to know who is listed as the top best Korean TV serial actresses? Then why not find out in the text below?

Here are the top 10 best Korean actresses in 2018:

#10.Bae Su-ji

When it comes to acting skill and gorgeous appearance, Bae Su-ji won’t be left out. Known as stage name Suzy, she originally is a singer of girl group Miss A. Since the group was disbanded, Suzy currently focuses on her acting career and debuted as a solo singer. Her recent film project is “While you were sleeping” with Lee Jung-suk. Now let’s looking forward for her coming up project.

#9.Kang So-ra

Debuting in 2009, she has been an actress for almost 10 years. Kang So-ra is a classic and pretty actress who started to rise in fame after leading role in “Dream High 2” along with other JYP singers. For these years, she became a well-known actress due to successes of a few dramas like Ugly Alert, Warm and Cozy, and more. In addition, she has recently had a tv series with Super Junior Choi Siwon in “Revolutionary Love”.

#8.Shin Hye-sun

Thanks to the recent long length drama on KBS “My Golden Life”, Shin Hye-sun is able to show off her incredible acting skill in melodrama. Though she became a star for 6 years, “My Golden Life” is her first project which she receives leading role. What’s more, besides acknowledgement in this drama, Hye-sun has received two awards which are Excellence award, actress in a serial drama, and Best couple award.

#7.Ha Ji-won

She is a 22 year veteran and still shinning like a rookie actress. Despite her age, this 40 year-old actress doesn’t age and possesses beauty. Ha Ji-won has starred in so many film projects and achieved many as well. The latest work of her is “Hospital Ship” which she partnered up with junior Kang Min-hyuk of CNBlue. To add, this tv series earned her Top Excellence award.

#6.Ryu Hwa-young

First she is known as a rapper of girl group T-ara and now she became an actress. Ryu Hwa-young left the idol group and started her new career in 2014. Her beginning of being a movie star was in television series “A mother’s choice”. Gradually rising from small role to important supportive role, Hwa-young gained fame from “My father is strange” and “Mad Dog” on KBS and won best new actress.

#5.Chae Soo-bin

Now here comes a new rookie actress becomes one of the best actresses in South Korea. Even though Chae Soo-bin has debuted since 2014, she started to get recognition from people through hit drama on small screen, “Love in the moonlight”. From that point, due to her amazing acting talent, she was casted as lead actress in television series “The Rebel” and “Strongest deliveryman” in 2017. And this 2018, she partnered with Yoo Seoung-ho in “I’m not a robot”.

#4.Jung So-min

Here let’s talk about this innocent and pretty actress, Jung So-min. Have you watched her latest romantic comedy drama yet? It was aired on TVN, “Because this is my first life”. Actually, So-min has been debuted since 2009 and has starred in several popular dramas and movies, and also has won a few awards on her acting skill. About her personal life now, she and Lee Joon, former member of MBLAQ have confirmed of dating.

#3.Kim So-hyun

Who is watching her new television series on KBS now? Well, it is the new drama of this early year of Kim So-hyun, a young actress. She is counted as the rising star from being a child actress to holding main character. Talking about the drama, it is called “Radio Romance” which she stars with Highlight Yoon Doo-jun. Although she is only 19, she has won many awards; more than 10.

#2.Kim Go-eun

Despite being glorious due to her appearance, Kim Go-eun is acknowledged as a great actress in South Korea. She rose her fame since getting the main character in TV drama “Cheese in the trap”. However, because of the hit fantasy drama “Goblin” which she portrayed as a bride of goblin, she rapidly became recognized for cute and realistic acting. Furthermore, Go-eun is now preparing for new movie film “Byeonsan”.

#1.Shin Se-Kyung

You probably remember her from recent hit fantasy drama “The Bride of Habaek”. Known for elegant and shining beauty, Shin Se-kyung is one of the top actresses in Korean. Shin Se-kyung has started her new project in this early 2018 along with other great veteran actors and actresses in “The Black Knight” of KBS channel. Born in 1990, this 28 year-old actress has become a movie star for 20 years already as she was a child actress.