Top 10 Best K-drama in 2017-2018 Reviews

If you would like to spare some free time enjoying one or two drama series, Korean dramas are highly recommended for you. There are many genres that you can find entertaining covering from love stories, family issues to crime scenes. What is your favorite? You don’t have to go and ask around what you should watch on your holidays and free time. 

Here are the top 10 best Korean Dramas aired from 2017 to 2018 that you cannot skip an episode.

1.Sky Castle

This is the hot drama series that all people around town enjoy. Sky Castle aired in 2018 with the highest rating in the history, which marked this drama as the number Korean drama that you have to keep your eyes on. It is not a story about lovers but reflects on the stressful society in Korea. The education system can pressure and make teenagers breathless. Parents expect perfect results from their children for the family’s reputation. This drama portrays different families resident in Sky Castle. 

2.The Beauty Inside

This is the romantic and comedy-drama in 2018. With the unusual event happens in the lead female character’s life, she changes her appearance every month for several days before turning into her real self. Regardless face and body she has become, there is someone who always recognizes her. However, he cannot remember other people’s face. Only Han Se-gye can make him notice her right away. The storyline is unique and funny. 

3.My 100 days Prince

If you like historical drama combining with a sense of humor, love, and politic revenge, this drama will make your heart skip a beat. Starred by the popular boy group member of EXO, Do Kyung-soo and beautiful actress Nam Ji-Hyun, they create a lovely couple that will make you envious through the small screen. My 100 days prince is a story about a perfectionist prince who loses all his memory and somehow marries to a commoner. What will happen when he gains all his memory back? 

4.My ID is Gangnam Beauty

This drama is highly praised due to its realistic storyline portraying Korean society which values on beauty standard. My ID is Gangnam Beauty will tell you a story of a girl that was bullied during her school time for having “ugly face.” She tried to change herself by having plastic surgery. Still, she is known as a “plastic surgery monster.” Fortunately, the lead actor played by Astro Cha Eun-woo comes in her life like a prince charming. You may want to know what happens next to these two people. 

5.Come and Hug Me

You will cry your eyes dry since the first episode of this beautiful Korean drama. Two teenagers met and became friends, and the boy would call her “his paradise,” while the girl said he is her strong tree. However, one tragic happened on the girl’s family on Christmas’s night took everything away from her. Will the boy still be the tree for her to lean on? Several years later, they meet again with different names.   


Starred by Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-gum, this drama received considerable attention from audiences. It was one of the highest rated Korean shows in 2018. Song Hye-Kyo plays as a divorcee who owns a great business, but she is not happy with her lonely life. Whereas a young man appears in front of her eyes, he would do anything to make her happy. 

7.Go Back Couple

What if there is a time machine taking us to our old selves? A married couple with miserable daily lives would wonder what if they had another chance to make everything right. One morning, they wake up to find out that they are at their 20 years old. The drama is aired in 2017 based on webtoon storyline. It will provide you mix taste of romance, comedy, and melodrama. 


Based on Journey to the West, this Korean Odyssey drama turns the story into a romantic genre when actress Oh Yeon-Seo plays the role of Tang Sanzang. The lead actress can see ghosts and spirits since she was young. She encounters with Ma-wang and Oh-gong that leads her time into a new chapter. So if you like fantasy yet comedy with a little spice of romance, this drama is the one. 

9.Coffee Do Me a Favor

Unsatisfied with her body image and frequently bullied for her large body size, Lee Sul-bi, the lead actress still try to keep her mind positive and works as a webtoon writer assistant. She has one-sided love for her boss who is portrayed by Yong Jun-Hyung. Then, she discovers a quiet coffee shop in an alley and enters for a cup of coffee. The owner claims to be a god and can change her appearance into a beautiful young lady every day according to coffee types. 

10.Feel Good to Die

An office worker is not happy with her strict and unreasonable boss, but she suddenly experiences a supernatural event which involve her life and destiny with the boss. Every time she cusses him to die in mind, he would eventually really meet an accident and die. The loop continues countlessly unless she keeps him safe for the day without letting anyone cuss him to die. How can she dissolve this ridiculous time loop?