Top 10 Best Cycling Helmets for Kid Reviews

For young kids, it is always a good experience for them to be out and have fun with their little friends around the place. Playing outside is the best thing for them to do, they can’t resist that. At the same time, as parents to keep your children safe while they are having fun outside, the protection is added to ensure their safety. For those parents who are looking for the best cycling helmets for kid, remember to keep in mind that, the best cycling helmets provide both comfort and safety to your little kids that is why it is very important to thoroughly choose the best product for them. To help you choose the best cycling helmets for kid, we have come with an article that will carefully show you the best cycling helmets designed for kids.

1. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

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If you are looking for the best cycling helmet for your kids, and still have no idea of what to choose, the Razor V-17 could be the best choice for you to consider. This is a kind of cutting-edge helmet, and it is not just design for cycling; it is also the best helmet for skating, skiing and so on. It is a comfortable and durable helmet which is made following to the standard one. Everyone always wants a comfortable helmet which is why the Razor V-17 helmet designed with great technology to provide great amount of comfort. This helmet features Ergonomic interior padding, the material which is added to ensure the comfort for the user.

Choosing the best helmet, it is also important to choose the helmet that could keep your head cool all the time, and the Razor V-17 is number in keeping the head cool throughout the day. No matter it is a hot day out there, your kids will enjoy cycling and skating while wearing this helmet.

Besides, this helmet is pretty convenient to use. With the Side release buckles, your kid could easy tighten the strap or adjust it to fit well with their face. Some helmet might have problem with the adjustable strap; however, the Razor V-17designed to end this problem. Your kid could easily adjust the strap by themselves and it takes short time to do that.


  • Ergonomic interior padding
  • Keep head cool all the time
  • Convenient adjustable strap
  • Modern design

2. Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

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The Giro Me2 cycling helmet is designed to make sure that your kids have fun and at the same time ensure the safety of your kids while they are having fun out there. This beautiful helmet is the best choice for kids for some reasons. First of all, it comes with colorful design and various pictures designed with little ones in mind. This could be one reason why the kids would love to have this on their head.

Second of all, this helmet is designed to provide great comfort to your kid. It features the 20 vents protected with a built-in bug net that is used to keep the head cool, and that bring comfort for your kid because you know kids do not like anything that is uncomfortable. However, with the Giro Me2, your kid will have the helmet on his or her head throughout the whole play. Moreover, it has a soft padding inside which provides good feeling while wearing the helmet.

Third of all, it is all about the convenience of this helmet. It is designed to provide easy to use and the strap which is easy to adjust. This helmet comes with Giro's Mini-Loc fit system with simple strap guides allows your kid to easy put on the helmet and adjust the strap without pinching their skin.


  • Great design
  • Comfortable
  • Giro's Mini-Loc fit system with simple strap
  • Pad inside

3. Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

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The bell Minnie cycling helmet is an adorable, yet sturdy helmet designed for baby girl. This helmet is one best-selling and most loved helmet by every little girl. It comes with a special and lovely Minnie design with the 3D fabric bow and ears on the top of the helmet. That adds more charm to the helmet, and that is also the reason why little girls love it a lot. The design ensures that baby girl will totally into it, and it fits well with their outfit.

Moreover, talking about comfort, this helmet is also designed with a smart technology and care to ensure that your girl get the best helmet of all time. It is lightweight making it easy for your girl to wear it for long time. It comes with Glittered bottom wrap which is the best way to keep the helmet fit well with the little girl’s head.

Just like the others, this helmet works well in proving great comforts to the little girl. It is not just design to look good, but at the same time it is designed with care to guarantee that your baby feel good while wearing the helmet.


  • Creative Minnie Design
  • Glittered bottom wrap
  • CPSC bike compliant
  • Lightweight

4. Raskullz Dinosaur Helmet

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The Raskullz Dinosaur cycling helmet is one the best cycling helmet which is designed to rock your kid’s world, and it is suitable for kids’ age 3 and up. The amazing 3D design on the top of the helmet is here to blow your kid mind away, and they will truly love it. Beside the amazing design, this helmet is invented to provide both comforts, and safety to your kids while they are out there having fun with friends. It is the best cycling helmet created to ensure the safety of your kids. It features Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell, the best material in keeping the helmet strong, and keep the head safe. Therefore, no more worry while your kids are having fun outside.

In addition, with the great design, this helmet functions well in offering great comfort to young kids. It comes with Aerodynamic cooling vents, the material in which used to keep the head cool, and provide comfort also reduce the pressure while wearing the helmet. At the same time, it could also keep the head fresh all the time.

Another special thing about this helmet is that it is very convenient making it easy for little kids to manage it easily on their own. This helmet has Nylon straps which are pretty easy to adjust. From now on, your kids can adjust the helmet to fit well on their head easily by themselves. It is a trustworthy helmet since it is met to meet the CPSC and ASTM standards.


  • 3D Design
  • Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell
  • Aerodynamic cooling vents
  • Convenient Nylon straps
  • CPSC and ASTM standards

5. Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet

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Are your children a big fan of Star war? Are you looking for something to surprise them? If so, this adorable cycling helmet could be one best choice to choose. This Star war helmet designed to serve multi-purpose. Not just cycling, it is also suitable for skating or skiing. It is designed for kids from age 3 to 5. Besides, this helmet is a well-constructed kind of helmet designed to ensure the safety of your kids’ head while they are playing sport. Moreover, it is also a strong and sturdy helmet which is designed to last long.

Furthermore, this lovely helmet plays an important role in offering comfort to the young users. Kids cannot stand with anything that is uncomfortable. Imagine having an uncomfortable helmet on their head, how would they feel? Therefore, this helmet makes the best helmet for kid since it is designed with great technology and materials to ensure that kids feel good while they are wearing the helmet.

Besides, to pick the best product from the market, you should also consider the price. This helmet is a strong lovely helmet, and at the same time it is available on sale with a very great price that you will find it very economical to purchase this helmet.


  • Affordable price
  • Great design
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Well-constructed

6. Bell Child Frozen Helmets

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Good quality and great design could be the 2 main things to consider before purchasing one product. The Frozen child helmet by Bell contains both things that make this helmet an ideal helmet for kids age 5 to 8. If your kid loves frozen, this could be the best choice to choose as a gift for them. The helmet comes with unique and amazing frozen designed which add the most charming style to the helmet, and it is also designed to fit well with little girls’ outfits. The 3D design on the top of the helmet is made of non-grip material with breakaway attachment - translucent with faceted gems.

Beside amazing design, this helmet features Glittered bottom wrap to ensure the perfect wearing and fitting for your kids. The wrap is designed to keep the helmet stay still and steadily on the kids’ head. For convenience, this helmet comes with True Fit system self-adjusts enables your kid to easily adjust the strap to fit well by themselves. They could easily and quickly get it done without helping for older people.

Hate it when the buckle pinches your kids’ skin while they are trying to buckle the helmet? If so, let end this problem by getting this helmet. The Child froze cycling helmet is designed with Pinch Guard which is invented to prevent the kid from getting themselves pinching while buckling the helmet.


  • Glittered bottom wrap
  • True Fit system self-adjusts
  • Pinch Guard
  • Foam core feels solid

7. Raskullz Color Cat Helmet

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This kitty helmet designed for cycling is the best helmet made by Raskullz. It is the best choice to choice if you are a fan of Raskullz. The brand makes the best and trustworthy products which are on the market with great price. Back to this helmet, it becomes the top helmet for some specific reasons to notice. Firstly, let talk about its outside appearance. This helmet comes with the most amazing cat design which is rare that makes it a unique helmet for your kids. It is here to rock the young kids’ world, and put them in the middle of attentions.

Moreover, this helmet is just like a full package of convenience and comfort. With a high quality Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell, this helmet could offer great amount of safety to your kids, and makes the best guard for them while they are out having fun. Furthermore, with the Aerodynamic cooling vents, your kids will always feel good while wearing this helmet since the material is used to keep the kids’ head cool regarding any kinds of weather. Just like the other Raskullz’s helmet, this helmet comes with convenient Nylon straps adjust ensures that your kids could easily adjust the strap to fit well them well.

Complying with CPSC and ASTM standards, this helmet is one the best helmet that can be trusted to purchase for your little kids. The standard ensures that you only get the best and high quality helmet that you love.


  • 3D design
  • CPSC and ASTM standards
  • Most hideous helmet
  • High quality

8. ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

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This is a professional kind of helmet designed for kids. This helmet is available for various sizes suitable for kids from age 6 to 10, and even suitable for young adult. It has a classic style which is simple, yet unique at the same time making it an ideal helmet kids with all ages. Moreover, this helmet could provide great protection for your kids, and it is a trustworthy product to purchase. This classic helmet features Hard Outer Shell adding more durability to the helmet, and ensures the great protection for your kids. It is a reliable helmet when it comes to offering protection since it complies with the CPSC Standards for Helmet Safety.

Moreover, with the Ventilation Channels, this helmet could keep your kids’ head cool all the time. No matter how hot the weather is, with the ProRider helmet on their head, they will feel good and could play well all day long without feeling annoyed because of the helmet placing on their head. The cooling comfort material is a high quality and will surely provide your kids the best comfort that they want.

Furthermore, this helmet makes the best cycling helmet for kids because of its convenience. No more trouble with adjusting the strap anymore since this helmet comes with Polyester Straps with Quick-Release Buckle enables a quick and easy buckling helmet’s strap without any difficulties.


  • Complies with CPSC Standards for Helmet Safety
  • Ventilation Channels for Cooling Comfort
  • Quick-Release Buckle
  • Padded Inserts to help adjust fit
  • Available in many different sizes

9. Bell Rally Child Helmet

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Looking for the best helmet with simple and professional design for your kids? If so, this helmet could be the best choice for you to pick up from the store. This helmet is also one trustworthy product by Bell. It is designed to fit well for kids from age 5 to 8. This helmet fits well for head size from 52-56 cm. With a great technology the Rally child helmet makes an ideal helmet for all young kids. It provides great protection and comfort, and it is also a helmet which is designed to last long. For durability, this helmet is made from good quality materials which are use to add the durability to the helmet.

No more worry that the helmet does not fit well on your kid anymore. The Bell Rally child helmet comes with True fit self-adjusts for perfect fit on every young kid’s head. This strap is also designed to keep the helmet stay still and ensures the stable while wearing on little kids’ head. The self-adjust strap design allows kids to easily adjust the strap by themselves.
For comfort, this helmet features sixteen vents which is an amazing way to keep your children’s head cool all the time though it is a hot day outside. This material, however, could offer extra comfort to your kids compare to the other helmets. The tapeless technology is a great technology to ensure that the kid could use this helmet easily and it provides great convenience.


  • True fit self-adjusts
  • Sixteen vents
  • Tapeless Technology
  • Pinch guard

10. Schwinn Child Thrasher Microshell Helmet

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Isn’t it amazing to get the best cycling helmet which you can easily adjust from bigger to smaller size to fit well on your children’s head? This great child helmet by Schwinn allows you to do so easily. With the dial fit, it allows you to adjust the helmet size easily. This helmet provides 100% adjustability for larger or smaller heads. Therefore, it could fit well on any size of head. Moreover, this helmet offers good amount of protection thanks to its removable visor.

Besides, the helmet is designed with care and little ones in minds. It provides great comfort and convenience to our little users. The 20 flow vents are breathable and it keeps your children’s head cool and makes them feel good every time they put on this helmet. Add up to that, this helmet features Heat sealed pads which are used to add durability and at the same time it ensure that the kids feel very comfortable while wearing the helmet. For perfect fit, this helmet comes with side strap.

All in all, this helmet makes the best helmet for small children because of its durability, comfort, and convenience.


  • Dial fit offer 100% adjustability
  • Side strap adjusters
  • 20 flow vents to keep cool
  • Heat sealed pads 
  • Removable visor

In conclusion, to pick the best cycling helmets for your little ones, it is very essential for you to go through some reviews, and read what the others think about the products. All of the helmets stated above are the best cycling helmets designed to fit well for little kids, and offers great safety and comfort. They are used and loved by many kids and parents all over the world. Therefore, they make the best helmets which you could rely on.