Top 7 Quality Pull up Bar Reviews

Building strong physical is hard, right? Since each part of the body requires different technique in order to strengthen muscle. For those who wish to work on upper body part, you should use quality pull up bar. It is created for user to grab its handle and push the body up so that user’s arm muscle will tighten. The pull up bar is commonly found in gym. However, some pull up bar is portable and for home usage, so you can have nice time working out in your home sweet home. Hence, you don’t have to waste time going to gym.

Buying guideline:

In case you decide to purchase this product, there are two main features you need to consider. First is material, you have to see whether it is produced from high grade metal that can endure your weight. Second is the pull up bar handle. This place is important and it has to be nicely padded to provide you soft grip.

If you are interested in the quality pull up bar, you can check out more detail in the text below. This article will bring you the top 7 best quality pull up bars from Amazon.

1. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

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This is an upper body pull up bar. As for upper part body workout, you can practice exercise on chin-up, dip, crunch and etc. Moreover, this bar can be used as a sit-up supporter which means you can do push-up with this pull up bar. There are two assemble nails that allow you to install this equipment on the wall. Talking about the size, it has long handle that is divided into three parts for wider holding range.

2. ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

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This is a multi-grip heavy duty pull up bar. This produce is well made for indoor usage. For instance, it is best for you to install it in your home. You can hang it on the door way so that every time you passing by you are able to do a few rounds with the pull up bar. Wonderfully, it has 12 grip places and each one contains soft pad form for protection. The bar is made from steel that can hold up to 300 lbs.

3. Physport Doorway Pull Up Chin up Bar for Home Gym

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This is a home gym pull up bar. This high quality pull up bar is constructed with non-slip hand grips and they are removable. It means you can take the grips out or off as you want. This pull up bar has lengthy and thin size. Since it has shape like a bat, you can easily install it on your home wall. It has 24 inch long but can be extended to 39 inches. Therefore, it will fit space of doorway.

4. Maximiza Pull Up Bar

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This is a single tube pull up bar. It is made from chrome steel that provides durability and guarantee long lasting quality. To add, this bar is usable with user whose weight is least than 136 kg. It has comfortable hand grips which are anti-skid and soft with foam. Besides mainly made for adult to build more muscle, this product is usable as kid’s toy that can help the kid warm up.

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up

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This is a fitness doorway pull up bar. For its appearance, it has long length of 25 inches and diameter is 2 inches. Despite of extensive size, it has lightweight which is only 4.8 ounce. You can use this product in many ways. For example, if you assemble the bar in low position, you will make it as sit-up tool. On the other, it becomes a chin-up tool if you hang it on the high way.

6. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions

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This is a wall mount pull up bar. Amazingly, this product is created with two holding styles. One is straight grip and another is upside down handle. In total, there are four grips. This pull up has 16 inches length. It has mounting spot for you mount it on the wall. Due to the two sides installing construction, it can endure high capacity of user. The whole bar is made from steel so that you can trust it sturdiness.

7. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System

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This is the last recommended portable doorway pull up bar. This great quality pull up bar is known as multi-purpose gym equipment. It can be mounted to high position place or left on the ground for sit-up exercise. For more information, it has dimensions of 15 by 38 by 14 inches and weight of 6.2 pounds for easy transporting. Plus, this pull up bar can handle high capacity of 300 pounds.

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