Top 10 Best Wake-up Light Alarm Clocks Reviews in 2019

You may face the problem of waking up in the morning; hence, you might be late for work and school. You can just set the alarm clock to wake you up; however, the regular clock that wakes up through loud sound can lead you to heart attacks. To solve the morning problem, you should choose an active and healthy method which is none other than a wake-up light alarm clock. It has a light sensor that uses sun stimulation to wake you from the deep sleep. Also, you can set soothing sound alongside as well.

Buying guideline:

If you want to purchase this product, there are a few things that you should consider.  Firstly, you should know clearly about the functions of the product. Some alarm clocks have additional functions like radio, temperature, etc. Secondly, the best wake-up light clocks must provide brightness and sound adjustment so you can set as you like. Thirdly, it is essential to consider the product’s design as there are plenty of alarm clocks having various styles.

You will get more information from these top 10 best wake-up light alarm clocks reviews in 2019.

1. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation

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You can enjoy listening to your favorite radio channels from this best wake-up light alarm clock. The alarm clock has a built-in speaker which releases sound in clear and high quality. It will use natural light to wake up in a refresh and energetic way gradually. You won’t be startled even this clock provides five sounds for you to choose. You can snooze it too if you want to sleep for a few more minutes.

2. AMIR Wake-Up Light, Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

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It is such a beneficial product that offers varieties of functions to improve your daily life starting from the morning. For instance, this wake-up light alarm clock has three brightness adjustment levels and eight sounds to select such as light music, bicker storm, bibi, cuckoo bird, tweet, and ringing wind. It will brighten your room before 30 minutes of the alarm time. You can recharge it with USB.

3. instecho Sunrise Alarm Clock, Digital Clock, Wake Up Light

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Functionally, this wake-up light alarm clock is also a bedside lamp with color and brightness adjustment. Therefore, you can select your favorite color and use it as a lamp to read books. Amazing, the brightness level can be set from 1% to 100%. This product is a rechargeable alarm clock that you can power it by using batteries, USB cord or a wall jack. It also has a radio feature too.

4. Sokos Sunrise Alarm Clock, [2018 Upgraded] Wake Up Alarm Clock

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Wonderfully, it is a wake-up light alarm clock that provides ultimate features such as time, alarm time, temperature and even humidity in the room. All of these information pieces are on the display of the product. Moreover, there is a charger station where you can charge your smartphone wirelessly. You can change the color of this lamp clock too such as red, green, blue, purple, blue, warm white, and more.

5. Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Wake-Up Light, Alarm Clock

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It is a cute oval-shaped wake-up light alarm clock which works as a bedside lamp too. Hence, you will receive many benefits from it. For example, it is a light source at night, so you may read books or do other activities under its dimmable brightness. It is a comfort to your eye. Also, you can access radio channels through this alarm clock as well. You also can choose a language among seven including English, French, German, etc.

6. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation Light Alarm Clock

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Let’s check out this best wake-up light alarm clock which suitable for various purposes. You can set time for this device to wake you up via sunrise simulation and soothing sounds. Also, you can use it as a lamp that has three brightness settings. For instance, the low level is for baby, the medium level is for mothers to feed babies, and the brightest level is for reading. To light up the mood, you can change its color variously.

7. Alarm Clock, Digital LED Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

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The light of this wake-up light alarm clock will turn on automatically and gradually from 1% to 100% to wake you up. So your body will adjust to the brightness and get up quickly. It has a snooze feature allowing you to rest for 5 minutes more. If you are a heavy sleeper, you also can set a wake-up sound to back up. You can turn on the radio, adjust brightness and color easily via the press buttons.

8. dostyle Wake Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise & Sunset Simulator

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Even more hi-tech with this high-quality wake-up light alarm clock that enables touch control. There are many functions such as time, alarm, snooze, radio, brightness level, and music. You can control and adjust all of them at ease with one touch. Furthermore, it has 10 levels of brightness which contains 18 white LED bulbs to offer a better and brighter light than other products.

9. AngLink Wake-up Light, Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Here is another best wake-up light alarm clock that provides amazing features for upgrading your lifestyle to more convenient. To be clear, this device has an alarm clock, snooze, lighting, digital thermometer and hygrometer, FM radio and USB plug-in. You can even charge your smartphone through this product as well. At night, you can use it as a bedside lamp to comfort your eyes.

10. Meknic Sunrise Alarm Clock-Wake Up Light

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This is a sleep therapy wake-up light alarm clock which is a wireless rechargeable device. It can wake you up and put you to a peaceful sleep. Actually, it contains sounds such as the ocean, rain, water drops, and white noise that ability to make you sleepy. Moreover, you can set the timer to turn off the sounds. Besides the alarm clock, it is a bedside lamp that has 20 brightness levels.