Top 10 Best Upcoming Korean Dramas – TV Series 2018

You know you are a huge fan of K-Drama when you are here reading this article. Here we are talking about 10 best upcoming Korean dramas that you will surely want to watch. The great thing about these dramas is that each of them includes the reality of our society that makes the movies even more interesting. Below are 10 awesome K-Dramas that will come in 2018, be sure to stay tune for them. You wouldn’t want to miss all those incredible scenes and amazing actors in the movies. Let’s see if you are familiar with any of them in our list below.

#10. Miracle That We Met

  • Release Date: April, 2018
  • Network: KBS

The movie is about a man who becomes the head of 2 families because he has 2 wives. The story focuses on one of the wives starred by Choi Ji-Woo. She is a mother of two children, and she fell in love with and married with an amazing man. The interesting twist is when that perfect man finds himself in the body of another man who has the same name. Not only just that, but also the same birthday, and got into an accident at the same time with each other. There will be more interesting scenes, don’t forget to watch it.

#9. Shall We Live Together

  • Release Date: February, 2018
  • Network: KBS2

How about the movie that talks about a family whose parents are facing mid-life crises while the children are hard to be independent? So there is this girl who studies hard in her medical school and works so hard to become a doctor. And there is this man who performs his volunteer abroad, and has no interest in marriage. What you will see is whether the two people will live together or focus on their own lives instead. Let’s see together what happens at the end of the story, what do you think?

#8. Should We Kiss First

  • Release Date: 5th February, 2018
  • Network: SBS

By the title, you can tell that the drama will be all about love and romance but not particularly. The plot of the story is about the love lives of four adults who have lost their faith in love. What would happen is someone started to give up their passion and affection to love? Would you prefer to die alone like the character, or bring up the courage to believe in love again? The movie will tell you what it is like to lost faith in love, it’ll release in a few weeks.

#7. Queen of Mystery 2

  • Release Date: 21st February, 2018
  • Network: KBS2

If you have already watched part 1, the good news is that part 2 is coming out soon. Mystery movies are always awesome, and this one is both exciting and entertaining to watch. Let’s talk about the plot of the movie a bit. So we have this housewife who has always wanted to be a detective back in part 1. Then she teams up with a grumpy detective and work on mysterious cases together. In part 2, there will be more mysterious cases that bring the thrill and chill as you watch. Don’t miss it!

#6. Four Men (TV Series)

  • Release Date: 2018
  • Network: SBS

Here we have another fascinating mystery movie that involves with romance and thrill. So this TV series will bring you the story of a female detective who lost the man she loved. However, she later meets a pair of twins who look exactly like him. Park Hae-jin will be the actor who plays 4 different characters of each man in the movie. There will be a lot of mysterious incidents and cases in the movie. If you are a huge fan of such type of movie, you won’t regret it.

#5. That Man Oh Soo

  • Release Date: March, 2018
  • Network: OCN

Oh Soo is the name of a man who is in his 20’s and works as an engineer, a café owner, and a barista. The man is doubt handsome and intelligent, but he has something even more special. He plays cupid for men and women using magical pollen which got him to fall in love with someone accidentally. It is a great fantasy movie, and it is full of fun and joy as well as love. Just perfect to love with your lover, but watch it alone or with friends is also fine though. The movie is great in any way you watch it, and you won’t stop smiling watching it.

#4. Mr. Sunshine (TV Series)

  • Release Date: July, 2018
  • Network: tvN

Back to last 200 years, the movie is about a boy who travels to the United States at young age. Later, he returns to homeland as an American soldier which is meets and falls in love with aristocrat’s daughter. This movie will bring you back to the old time of Korean history. There will be tons of interesting scenes if you are into history and romance. The writer of Goblin will definitely bring you the best in this movie just like she did in Goblin.

#3. Are You Human Too?

  • Release Date: March, 2018
  • Network: KBS2

This movie is the combination of mystery, romance, and Sci-Fi. There was an unexpected accident that cause the son of a large company owner falls into a coma. His mother who is a scientist, creates an android that looks exactly like her son. The android pretends to be him, and falls in love with another female android who is his bodyguard afterwards. Want to know more? Stay tune for spring, this movie is worth waiting for.

#2. My First Love (TV Series)

  • Release Date: January, 2018
  • Network: OCN

The movie has already released, and many audience has already become great fans of it. There is this handsome math teacher whose lover has gone abroad and lost for 10 years. By an accident, he travels back to the past when was a high school student. It is a fantasy and mysterious romantic movie that you will surely relate to. Everything is interesting since episode 1, and you will know what I mean when you watch it.

#1. Radio Romance (TV Series)

  • Release Date: January 29th, 2018
  • Network: KBS2

‘Will you find real love when you tune in to the radio?’ The answer will be in the movie, and you sure can’t miss this. The release date is just at around the corner, and you know you want to watch it. A girl often listens to the radio with her blind mother, and that motivates her to become a radio program writer. However, she is not a very talented writer at all which leads the cancellation in her program. There is a twist in that part, and that is where the main actor comes. I don’t want to spoil the movie, watch it and let me know how amazing it is.