Top 10 Best Romantic and Comedy K-Drama Reviews in 2018

Are you a fan of Korean wave? Do you like story plots and sweetness scenes in Korean dramas? Many people fall in love with the k-drama because of beautiful actresses and actors and also the uniqueness of the story-line. There are a lot of drama genres such as horror, mysterious, romantic, etc. Surely, you have watched k-dramas. How many and what type of drama do you like? If you are looking for lovely romantic dramas to watch in free time, here are the top 10 best romantic and drama k-drama that you should watch in 2018.

1. I am not a robot

This young couple is going to make you have diabetes because of their sugar chemistry. Yoon Seung-ho and Chae Soo-bin, the two young actors worked together in a drama of 32 episodes. The drama “I am not a robot” aired from December 2017 until January 2018. Yoon Seung-ho portrayed a rich young man who has an extreme allergic reaction when interacting with humans. It is the main obstacle of the lead actor where he trusts no one. However, confusing human Chae Soo-bin as a robot, he misunderstands himself to be in love with the robot. It is a drama which keeps you wondering how the leads confront with their feelings.

2. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim

You cannot miss this year not watching this super sweet drama of Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-young. The Park couple has shown perfect cooperation even making fans to suspect about their outside relationship. Anyway, the couple never disappoints viewers. They play roles of a boss and a secretary very well. How will the love between employer and employee end up? Only watching to find out. The drama has 16 episodes.

3. Witch’s Love

Another romantic with comedy, the Witch’s love is the most recent drama in 2018. The story is about witches living in our human world. Starting from the tragedy and mysterious scene from years ago makes you curious about what going on together with the lead actor. Yoon So-hee and Hyun Woo are the main characters. Alongside, K-pop idol VIXX, Hongbin also stars in the drama as well. You will receive feelings of unrequited love, investigation, and fun. It has only 12 episodes.

4. My Secret Romance

Their destiny started from that night. A rich man and a normal lovely girl met coincidentally and spent the night together. They cannot forget it. Until one day, the girl portrayed by Song Ji-Eun and the man played by Sung Hoon meet again in his company after three years. Then, it is the beginning of their romance. Though it is not a new drama in 2018, for those who haven’t followed the plot of this drama can enjoy its 13 episodes.

5. 7 Days Queen

Introduce to another last year popular Korean drama. When considering the romantic genre, the historical genre is the best combination. 7 Days Queen is the drama showing the tragic love story of two childhood lovers. Because of the throne and power, they cannot be together. Love and hatred drive them apart. Park Min-young played as a brave woman who stays for her only true love. Yeon Woo-jin’s role is a prince who priorities revenge but cannot forget his love.

6. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Welcome an ongoing drama “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”. Having 16 episodes, the drama has been airing since late July. It is a love story between two classmates who met since high school and again in college. The lead actress is portrayed by Im Soo-Hyang. The girl was bullied in school for her ugly face, yet when she went under the knife, she then is teased for being a plastic surgery monster. Fortunately, she learns about the true beauty with the help of old classmate played by Cha Eun-woo.

7. Thirty But Seventeen

You probably wonder how a person who has slept for 13 years wakes up and deals with the fact. This drama will demonstrate a young girl who was only 17 years old and wakes up to the physical age of 30. In her mind, she is mentally 17. Now she has nothing, no home, no parents. But she can involve with a guy who somehow relates to her accident. The truth of the accident and love story of them will be discovered along the way.

8. Radio Romance

It was aired in early 2018. The love story of a top actor and a radio show writer is portrayed by Yoon Doo-Joon and Kim So-Hyun. You will witness how the child actress Kim So-Hyun plays an adult dealing with her dream job. Besides trying to keep her effortful program, she has found the true love along the way. To see how a top actor falls in love with an unknown writer, you can keep up with this drama series.

9. Bride of Habaek

In this drama, you are not going to love the main role couple but also second leads. A fantasy love story between a human and a god is the plot of this drama. The drama follows a popular webtoon. Though they are from the different world, they fight everything in order to stay together and love unconditionally. During the time of air, it is a big hit in other nations as well such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more Asian countries.

10. Because This Is My First Life

Never falls off the list of the most popular dramas though it was produced in 2017. “Because this is my first life” is a romantic drama about middle-aged people. They don’t have puppy love like youngsters in their 20s. Instead, their love portrays the reality of the people in 30s. Other than unconditional love, mature couples think of well-being and financial condition. How can two people in 30s and 40s find their lifetime partners? The answer is in this drama.