Top 10 Best Paint Brush Sets Reviews in 2019

Do you like painting? Is it your hobby or profession? For painters, painting brushes are, and each type is diverse according to the users and drawings. Even for starters, it is necessary for you to have a handful of brush set because it enables you to draw and paint freely and conveniently as you always find the right brush sizes. Therefore, a set of the best paintbrush is what every painter must possess. One or two brushes are not enough, a whole set is the best option.

Buying guideline:

In order to ensure that you get the best and right product, you should carefully think of a few conditions. First of all, the best paint brushes use high-grade materials to make so that they will last longer and won’t wear out after some time of applying. Second of all, you have to choose the size that you want for your artwork. Third of all, it is about tips and shapes of the brush hair since each one is made for different drawing styles.

There are the top 10 best paint brush sets reviews in 2019 below. You should check them out!

1. Heartybay Round Pointed Tip Brush Set

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Made of nylon hair, this paint brush set will offer the most satisfying experience during your art time. You won’t feel annoying due to the sharp brush tips anymore. With this product, you can move your brushes smoothly on your paper. You will receive 10 pieces of scrubs that have various lines. For instance, there are liner detail, round rigger, filbert, and flat shader brushes. 

2. AMAGIC Fan Brushes Artist Soft Anti-Shedding

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Consisting of six brushes with different size, this artist brush set is for acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting. For instance, you can use the brushes for drafting, crushing and drawing the straight line. They have anti-shedding nylon hair which won’t fall or loosen so you can feel secured having them with your side for a long time. Besides, they use aluminum crimped ferrules.

3. U.S. Art Supply Artist Long Handle Paint Brush Set

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Let’s take a look at this beautiful long handle paint brush set. This set is perfect for those who just start painting. It provides 15 brushes with diverse shapes and sizes, yet they have nylon hairs to ensure high-grade quality. In total, there are eight types including angle, flat, mop, liner, filbert, round, fan, and rigger. Also, you will get a pop-up stand case for easy storing and accessing.

4. Art Pro Paint Brushes Set

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Suitable for all acrylic, watercolor, face and body paintings, this best paint brush set offers you the greatest and brushes to hold and use smoothly. For instance, there are 10 brushes in the package which are produced from the durable wooden handle with rust resistant nickel plated brass ferrules and high-quality nylon hair. You will get two angle brushes, two flat brushes, three paint brushes, two round brushes, and a rigger.

5. Paint Brush Set, Premium Nylon Hair Brushes

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If you don’t feel comfortable holding a long brush, you can choose this shorter type. This is one of the best paint brush sets which made from premium nylon hair. It gives you 50 pieces. It guarantees a gentle hand is feeling aside with sturdy and durable holding. Moreover, this brush set is easy to clean after using. You can use it for acrylic, oil, watercolor, and other craft art paintings.

6. Nicpro 12 PCS Acrylic Paint Brushes Set

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Similar to other best products, this one also has a stable build which ensures ultimate convenient usage. To be clear, the construction of this brush set is formed by high-quality nylon hairs, aluminum crimpled ferrules, and birch wood handles. Each of the 12 brushes will keep in good shape and usable for a very long time. The hairs won’t fall and loosen. You can clean and wash the brushes at ease.

7. Adi's Art Pro Paint Brushes Set

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You can get this fantastic paint brush set for beginners and professional painters. Due to the high-grade materials and durable construction, each brush of this set is an excellent use for long-term usage. Actually, it uses non-shedding synthetic bristles, anti-rust aluminum oxide ferrules, and genuine birch wood handles. There are 10 brushes in the set including angle brushes, flat paint brushes, filbert brushes, round brushes, and rigger.

8. Artist Watercolor Paint Brushes Set

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You will obtain a lot of brushes with different sizes so that you will always find the right one to use for your painting purposes. They are perfect for detail, wash, fill, or thin and thick line drawing. This product also uses high-quality nylon bristles to ensure longevity. You can bring precisely. The brushes have long and lightweight wooden handles so the user can enjoy the painting momentously.

9. Round Pointed Tip Brushes – Amagic

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This product is multi-purpose paint brush set which usable for body paintings, watercolor, oil painting and more. There are angular brushes and angle paint brushes; therefore, you can draw lines and precise shapes as your will. Those nine brushes have different size too which range from 0 to 16. The brushes use synthetic nylon tips for durability and easy taking care.

10. Crqes 10 Pcs/Set Paint Brush Set

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This is the last best paint brush set of the list. The product is made from nylon hairs and plastic body parts. Hence, the brushes are light for the painter can hold and draw effortlessly. Also, they are durable and long-lasting. This package provides the same size brushes. For instance, there are 10 pieces whose size is 6.6 inches. It is suitable for craft art and school projects.