Top 10 Best Packaging Tapes Reviews in 2018 – Update May

Today, you will get to know deeply about advantages and usages of sticky tapes. To begin with, the tapes are great to use when you want to close something tightly. If you are about to move your stuffs to another place, you will have to deal with a lot of packages. Therefore, you need an assist from high-quality packaging tapes. You are able to use strong adhesiveness of the tapes to enclose your objects. There are many types of tapes in the market. But the most common one for packaging is clear tapes.

Buying guideline:

In order to buy a right packaging tape, you have to think of three main points before making decision. First of all, size of surface of the tape is matter. You can choose wide range surface for great performance. Second of all, you should get a heavy duty tape that can endure large capacity. Third of all, the tape would be better to have waterproof seal to block and product the items it covering.

If you are interested and want to know more, you can scroll down for details in the text below. It will introduce you to the top 10 best packaging tapes reviews in 2018. They all have best quality and are trustworthy.

1. Tape King Clear Packing Tape

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You can ensure security of your stuffs by using this heavy duty packaging tape set. This product comes as a large set which contains 6 tape rolls. Each roll has two inches of adhesive surface and length of 60 yards. Therefore, in total, you have 360 yards length of the tape. It is more than enough to use. What makes this product special is it is sticky and stronger than other tapes about 10 times.  

2. Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

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If you are looking for a bunch of clear tapes to use in office, shipping items or moving, you can choose this standard adhesive packaging tape. There are 6 rolls included in the set. You will never run out of the sealing to boxes of items. For more information, this tape has 2 inches wide surface. It has strong capacity and is able to hold heavy boxes which weigh up to 50 pounds.

3. Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape with Dispenser

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You may have problem to handle sticky tape alone without help. That’s why this product provides you ultimate assist from dispensers. To be clear, there are 6 pieces of tape and each one has a dispenser. Hence, you will have a lot of easier approaching and using the tapes. The tapes are super strong that can seal on any boxes. They are able to withstand temperature from 40 degree to 120 degree.

4. Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packaging Tape Refill

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Let’s get to know about this powerful packaging tape set which offers 6 rolls or 300 meters of sealing tape for you to use. Interestingly, this tape product is suitable for shipping or storing since it has ability to stand in hot and cold temperature from 14 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit. The boxes won’t disclosure and the seal won’t be broken even in long period of time.

5. Vergo Industrial Heavy Duty Clear Packing Tape

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This is a clear packaging tape for shipping, storing and moving. Sometimes you may experience using adhesive tapes which have chemical odor. However, it is different for this product. You can use it comfortably and healthily. To add, this product contains 6 packs and each one has thickness of 2.7 millimeter and length of 181 feet. You can purchase in affordable price too.

6. Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape

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Coming to this strong packaging tape which is more powerful than acrylic tapes about 40 times, you will be amazed. This clear tape product offers you 6 rolls in one package. You cannot find fault of this packaging tape. Furthermore, each roll is 3.1 millimeter thick and 54.6 yards long. The tapes are stubborn with heat that will provide ultimate protective seal.

7. TapeMe Clear Packing Tape

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Meet another best packaging tape which is a clear tape type. Similar to others, this product also contains 6 rolls of adhesive tape. Thus, you will get approximately 1000 feet of tape to use and seal on valuable objects safely. The tape has standard thickness which is not too thick or too thin, 2.7 millimeter is perfect. It is durable even staying under sunlight or UV exposure.  

8. 12 Pack Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

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Get even beneficial with this commercial packaging tape. There are 12 packs provided in the set which you can freely use it to seal everything. For instance, you are able to use it to stick on items when you do DIY at home. Basically, this clear tape is useful for office work, business, shipping products, or more. Each roll has 60 yard length and is thicker and sturdy than other standard tapes.

9. Gorilla Heavy Duty Packing Tape with Dispenser

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For your convenience, this clear packaging tape is attached with a dispenser that can help you handling the tape. Moreover, the dispenser can keep and store the tape well. About the quality of the clear tape, it is durable and resist split and tear. Also, it is able to withstand water and temperature too which is very great to protect your precious objects in the packing boxes.

10. Packing Tape Clear Tape Heavy Duty Tape Packaging

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This is the last recommended heavy duty clear packaging tape that gives 6 packs in one set. Actually, this clear tape is safe and healthy because it does not contain chemical smell effect to users. Instead, it is an eco-friendly product which made from recycled materials. Due to the thickness and high-quality, this tape is able to block moisture, dust and dirt away from the covering items.