Top 10 Best Korean TV Serial Actors 2018

The other article has already discussed about beautiful Korean actresses in this new year. Right now, let’s find out more about the best Korean actors. It is universal truth that most celebrities in the country are gifted with glamorous appearance. A lot of people from Asia, America, and other continents have support and love Korean dramas along with the stars. Have you daydreamed about having your beloved actor next to you and you are a lead actress? Of course, every girl wishes to meet such good man like in drama who is with skills and appearance. Although you cannot obtain the great and perfect man, you may continue your love for the actor both on and off screen. So do you want to know about general opinions toward who is a wonderful actor?

Here is a list consists of top 10 best Korean TV serial actors in this year 2018. Why don’t you check out whether there is your adorable actor in this list?

#10.Go Kyung-pyo

Turning from a handsome comedian, Go Kyung-pyo is now a great actor who has got important roles for many hit dramas. To illustrate, his fame rose since the popular drama “Reply 1988”. Then he finally received first leading role in “Strongest deliveryman” in 2017 on KBS channel. You can look forward to watching his new medical thrill drama “Cross” in this year.

Movies and Drama Series: 

  • Night of 7 Years
  • Garak Market Revolution
  • Cross
  • Strongest Deliveryman
  • Chicago Typewriter

#9.Kim Min-jae

Meeting another young and talented actor, you will love him. It is Kim Min-jae, 22 years old with youthful face. Min-jae is an actor and also a rapper who goes with stage name He has joined rap survival program Show me the Money 4. Truly, he was a trainee for 4 years hoping to debut in Kpop boy group. He studied composition and can play piano too. He will be starring in coming up drama “The Great Seducer”.

Drama Series:

  • Great Seducer
  • The Best Hit
  • Goblin
  • Romantic Doctor
  • My Little Baby

#8.Cha Eun-woo

Most people know him as an idol in boy group Astro. Due to his cool and handsome visual and talent in acting, Cha Eun-woo has received several roles already in television dramas and films and web series as well like “Big Hit”, “My Brilliant life”, etc. Do you know that he is a young actor in “Boy over flower”, young So Yi-jeong. He is noticed as a next rising rookie actor. He can play many music instruments such as guitar, violin, and piano.

Movie and Drama Series:

  • My Brilliant Life
  • The Best Hit

#7.Kim Jung-hyun

Born in 1990, Kim Jung-hyun is an actor who has become for 4 years now. For his first few years of the career, he had obtained only support roles. In late 2017, he received great to hold leading role in “School 2017” which he portrayed witty and charming boy. Consequently, Jung-hyun was honored with Best New Actor award. You can see him now on the small screen, “Welcome to Waikiki”.

Movies and Drama Series:

  • One Day
  • Overman
  • Welcome to Waikiki
  • School 2017
  • Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

#6.Lee Seo-won

Do you remember him from “Uncontrollable fond”? Well, in the drama, Lee Seo-won held small supportive role as younger brother of lead actress. However, because of his hardworking, he then got an important supportive role in “The lair and his lover”. Interestingly, this actor is only 21 years old. Besides, he is also an emcee of Music Bank program.

Movies and Drama Series:

  • Man of Will
  • Last Minute Romance
  • Hospital Ship
  • The Liar and His Lover
  • Uncontrollably Fond

#5.Woo Do-hwan

Let’s meet this new rising star, Woo Do-hwan. His name goes viral after he became one of the main characters in KBS drama “Mad dog” in 2017. Due to his charming and acting skill in the drama, he has won an honor award of Best new actor. Actually, he has debuted since 2011 and has starred in 6 television series and 2 movie films. As he has gained recognition, he now is preparing for new project with Joy of Red Velvet in “The Great seducer”.

Movies and Drama Series:

  • Master
  • Operation Chromite
  • Great Seducer
  • Mad Dog
  • Save Me

#4.Yeo Jin-goo

Yeo Jin-goo is also an actor who started the career since young age. He is now 21 years old. Jin-goo became an adult and took leading roles in 2015. His first lead role film is “Shoot me in the heart”. Then he continuously gets main character roles. His last drama project is “Reunited Worlds” on SBS and got him nominated as Top Excellence Award Actor.

Movies and Drama Series:

  • 1987: When The Day Comes |
  • Warriors of the Dawn
  • The Long Way Home
  • Reunited Worlds
  • Circle: Two Worlds Connected

#3.Yoo Seung-ho

Surely, you must know him as he has been an excellent actor since he was young; to be specific, he debuted when he was 6 years old. This 25 year-old actor has experience of 19 years. Yoo Seung-ho has starred in many movies and television series, as well he achieved a lot of awards too. Furthermore, he was discharged from military service in 2014. His recent drama is “I’m not a robot” which he got leading role.

Movies and Drama Series:

  • Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River
  • The Magician
  • I’m Not a Robot
  • Ruler: Master of the Mask
  • Remember

#2.Lee Seung-gi

Of course, everyone knows him. The sweet guy with handsome visual, Lee Seung-gi is listed as one of the best Korean actors. He has so many talents in this career field of entertainment. For instance, he is a well-known actor who can act in emotional and realistic situation. You can watch his drama “Korean Odyssey”. He is also a good emcee for many variety shows. Additionally, he is a singer who has released several singles already. Isn’t he a dream guy?

Movies and Drama Series:

  • The Princess and the Matchmaker
  • Love Forecast
  • A Korean Odyssey
  • The Producers
  • You’re All Surrounded

#1.Kim Rae-won

He is one of the best veteran actors of south Korea. Kim rae-won is an actor for more than 20 years now. He is well-known with charisma and absolutely great acting talent. His latest work with younger actress Shin Se-kyung in “Black Knight” made people, especially, female fans to fall in love with his character. Moreover, all these years of shining, he has received so many awards, around 20.

Movies and Drama Series:

  • The Prison
  • RV: Resurrected Victims
  • Gangnam Blues
  • Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me
  • Doctors