Top 10 Best Korean Romantic and Comedy Drama in 2017

Are you a fan of k-pop and k-drama? As you know now Korean is very popular for its talented entertainers in dancing, singing, and acting skills. Or else, you may love to watch your idol dramas and their beauty in the film. For the dramas, Korea mostly portrays many problems that happen on a lovely couple. It somehow shows great obstacle for main actor and actress to face in order to pass through happiness. It has both romantic and tearing scenes. Maybe you have watched a lot of Korean dramas before; however, have you watched all good dramas in 2017 yet? In this article, you are able to know what dramas are considered to be the best productions and you should watch it before pasting this year. This below is a list of the top 10 best Korean Romantic and Comedy Drama which broadcasted in 2017.


Goblin is the most talking about issue in the mid-2017. This drama is magical fantasy and romantic genre. It is about story of a handsome goblin who is cursed and need to find his young bride in order to make the spell null. This character is portrayed by Gong Yoo. In the journey of hundred years living, he finally finds a high school girl, played by Kim Goeun in this 21st century and discovers that she is her fated-bride who can help him pull the cursed sword out of his chest.

#2.Seven Days Queen

It is a period drama which takes time in Joseon era. This drama has 20 episodes, yet it is not enough to describe the story of the main heartbreaking couple. Even though the main character is a king, he still cannot get what he wants, especially love. This drama shows you the competition between two brothers for a throne which in the mid-way, two of them fall into with the same lady. The lady, played by Park Minyoung, then becomes queen and seven days later she is disposed and gets out of royal palace.

#3.Strong Woman, Do Bongsoon

This drama is in modern century; however, it shows fantasy character Bong Soon who was born with family heritage power. This main character is starred by Park Boyoung who has small figure yet with super strength. Moreover, it gives audiences many funny scenes and romantic scenes when main actor Park Hyunsik falls in love with this amazing girl. Besides, it also includes crime case of serial killer. You will never get bored watching this drama.

#4.Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo

This drama is a type of youth and romantic-comedy genre. It mainly portrays a group of university students who do various kinds of sports. And the lead actress is actress and model Lee Sungkhyun who plays as Kim Bokjoo. This drama is unique from others because it doesn’t have beautiful and slim main character; instead, the actress is a weightlifter champion who involves in romantic relationship with a sweet and dreamy swimmer.

#5.Suspicious Partner

Having Ji Changwook as a main actor, this drama is his last production after joining military service. The Suspicious Partner is about law and crime solving. Two main characters meet in the same career field of being prosecutor. The main actress played by Nam Jihyun is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, and Ji Changwook is her opposite prosecutor. However, in eventually, she can get out of the court thanks to her enemy. Watch it if you want to know their fates.

#6.While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping is another hot issue drama which played by Bae Suzy and Lee Jongsuk. This drama is not yet published; therefore, it is the most expecting work art from this couple. It will bring you breathtaking plot about fantasy, romance, and career. Furthermore, this drama production is collaboration between director from My Love From Another Star and writer from Pinocchio. You can check it out on 27, September.

#7.The King Love

Who loves Yoona of Girl’s Generation? Then you must watch this drama in which Yoona is the main actress in historical production. This drama is set in time of Goryeo dynasty, the first founded nation. It shows melodrama of throne competition and triangle love between female lead character and two main actors, played by Im Siwan and Hong Jonghyun. Beside being to watch great story, you can listen to nice soundtracks of this drama.

#8.Introverted Boss

Introverted Boss discusses about two different personality people fall in love unconditionally. The shy boy is played by Yeon Woojin who has completely contrast personality in another hit drama Marriage But Not Dating, while the extremely extrovert girl is Park Hyesoo. Yeon Woojin as Eun Hwanki is a timid person who hides in this office all day despite his successful in managing public relation company. To add, it has 16 episodes so you can see how these two people become lovers.

#9.My Secret Romance

If you want to laugh and get butterfly in stomach while watching movie, this drama is highly suggested for you. It shows a story of a rich, handsome but arrogant actor who is a son of rich enterprise and a simple and poor girl who works as nutritionist. They meet as their destiny and have one night stand. A few years later, they meet again as employer and employee. Will these two be able to face their fate together?

#10.Fight my way

Fight, my way is another popular drama of KBS. The main stars in this drama are played by Kim Jiwon from Descendant of the Sun, and Park Seojoon from Hwarang. This drama is a must watch of the year. It has special plot about two best friends for life become a lovey bird couple. It also portrays friendships and how lift is hard and how every individual must stay strong to face harsh reality. This drama has high ranking in both national and worldwide.

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