Top 10 Best Kids Water shoes Reviews in 2018

Children love to play with water and some outdoor places have fountains or pools which allow them to have fun with other friends. In the case of this situation, you as parents should be well-prepared. How to prepare? A pair of water shoes for kids is perfect. You don’t want your children running around and slip later because of the wet. The best kids water shoes will keep it safe with their anti-slip outer soles. The shoes will dry quickly so that kids can wear causally everywhere.

Buying guideline:

If you are interested in the product and want to purchase a pair, you should consider a few points beforehand. First of all, you need to make sure how durability the shoes are and worth what you pay or not by checking on materials. Second of all, choosing it based on the design and color, what your kids would love. Third of all, it is important for getting the right size.

Don’t you want to get a pair for your kids so that they can wear the shoes around to the beach, camping, even school? Here are the top 10 best kids water shoes reviews in 2018.

1. eslla Kids Water Shoes Slip-on Quick Drying Boys Girls

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Suitable for both boys and girls, this light blue pair of kids water shoes are made of stretchy fabric along with soft cushion foot pads for comfortable wear. The shoes have a tight closed-feet style which will stay on the feet even kids step into the water. Thus, this pair is perfect for water sports such as swimming, kayaking, and more. It is also wearable on the sand and rough concrete.  

2. Speedo Exsqueeze Me Jelly Glitter Water Shoe

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It is something that won’t be torn or require much care. Toddlers can wear this pair of water shoes nicely without complaint. The shoes are navy and synthetic which surely resists water. Since the construction contains no fabric, you do not need to wash them frequently. Because of the material, the shoes are light and soft even walking for a long time won’t hurt the feet.

3. Sunville New Starbay Brand Childrens Slip-On Athletic Water Shoes

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Will stay tight and secure on the feet, this is a beautiful purple kids water shoes for beach and pool. To make sure kids can wear comfortably, the shoes have adhesive straps that can tighten ankles. The shoes are made of synthetic with external mesh design to provide breathability and eliminate the smell. Moreover, the outsoles have rough patterns over the surfaces to prevent slipping.

4. Bigib Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip Water

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Rather than letting your children walk barefoot, it is nice to get a pair of lightweight and useful water shoes. This one maybe will make a favorite of kids especially boys for it has cut pattern of blue octopus. For better fitness and comfort, it uses high-quality fabric on the top and rubber outsole to anti-skid. Your child little feet will not get hurt from wearing this pair.    

5. Giotto Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip for Boys & Girls

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No hard work, easy to put on. This is a non-slip kids water shoes for unisex. There are various colors you can choose from and as well as sizes for toddlers and little kids. The shoes are quick dry so there will be no smell or wetness. For the construction, the fabric is on top while soft foam for the inner sole to give best fit and light wear. The outsoles are strong and durable to hard ground.

6. L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks Shoes for Beach Pool Surfing Yoga

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Due to the lightweight, this water shoes feel like just a pair of thick socks and your kids will find it super comfy to wear. It has black and blue color and several size options to choose. The water shoes are produced from polyester with rubber soles. These can give softness, flexibility and sturdiness. Kids can wear them indoor and outdoor. It is a multi-beneficial product to have.  

7. NORTY Little Kids and Toddler Water Shoes for Boys and Girls

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No more worry about narrow insole, with this pair of water shoes for kids, everything is great and comfortable. Actually, the shoes hold special design—having a separate compartment for each toe. To ensure fitness, the shoes also have adjustable string cord drawers so that kids can tighten the neck close to the ankles. The materials of it are synthetic, rubber, mesh, and neoprene.   

8. Fantiny Boys & Girls Water Shoes Lightweight Comfort

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Fantiny shoes offer many choices in color and size for you to choose. Though, all the shoes have the same benefits and features. For instance, they are made of textile uppers and rubber outsoles to guarantee non-slip quality. Children will put them on at ease and walk with them ultimately. To add, there are several holes on the outsoles for water to flow outside and let air to enter for refreshing.

9. ALEADER Kid's Slip-on Quick Dry Water Shoes

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A glance at this pair of kids water shoes is enough to fall in love. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as water sports, camping, hiking, and more. It is because of its quick dry and lightweight. Made of synthetic alongside with durable mesh on the uppers, these shoes will bring breathability. No smell will remain. The insoles are soft and cushioned making users comfort for wearing all day.

10. UMmaid Kids Toddler Water Swim Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks

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Here is the last product of the list. If you look for a gift for your daughter, this one will satisfy her. This pair of water shoes has unicorn design with pink color. Due to high-quality materials of breathable polyester and rubber sole, it is convenient to wear, quick to dry, light, and even foldable. How wonderful it is! Your kid can wear for outdoor activities and indoor sports like yoga.