Top 10 Best Kids Electric Toothbrush Reviews in 2018

For kids, it is hard for them to clean and brush teeth by themselves. They find it difficult to hold the brush properly and move thoroughly. That’s why, this kids electric toothbrush review bring this special toiletry item today. The best kids electric toothbrush has a lot of benefits. It has rotating brush head which will like automatically clean teeth so children just move slightly on each area in mouth. Teeth, gums and tongue will be cleaner and healthier. It lets your children start learning how to take care of themselves.

Buying guideline:

If you plan to purchase one, there are a few tips that you can take into consideration. First of all, you should choose a toothbrush that fits to the children, which means size of brush head and size of the handle. Second of all, it is about the performance whether it can move and rotate smoothly and clean nicely. Third of all, some electric toothbrushes are rechargeable, while some require external batteries. So you can make a decision.

To help guiding you through the way, this article will bring the top 10 best kids electric toothbrush reviews in 2018.

1. Colgate Kids Minions Talking Battery Powered Toothbrush

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Does your baby love Minions? This kids electric toothbrush is a design of the cute yellow guys. It has small head and soft bristles which is safe and suitable to use on little children. Interestingly, it has a sound effect and voice instruction that will tell the children how to hold and move the toothbrush correctly. The total cleaning duration is only 2 minutes and your kid’s mouth is healthy.

2. Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Battery Powered Kids Toothbrush

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Suitable for kids over 3 years old, this electric toothbrush has lovely design of Dory, the Disney cartoon. To make sure kids can enjoy the cleaning, it uses ultra-soft bristles so they won’t find it hurt to brush teeth. Alongside, it has ergonomic handle fitting in kids small hands for they can have better control. The brush head is rotatable and able to reach every spot.

3. Aiyabrush Electric Toothbrush for Kids Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrushes

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It is a great lesson for you children. This is a rechargeable electric toothbrush which has timer and reminder telling the kids that it is time to get ready and clean up. Like other best products, it has nice bristles which won’t hurt gums and teeth. It is confident to eliminate all food pieces attaching to the teeth. The brush strokes up to 21000 VPM in a minute.

4. Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Kids 5 Deep Cleaning Modes USB Rechargeable

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You also can use this waterproof and rechargeable electric toothbrush together with your children. To be clear, this product has three detachable brush heads so if you want to use the electronic body, you just need to change the head. The brush is Dupont nylon. What makes it special is it contains 5 brushing modes, such as white, clean, sensitive, polish, and massage.

5. Oral-B Kids Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

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Frozen is a popular cartoon and now Olaf becomes a model of this kids electric toothbrush. Wonderfully, it does not just have automatically moving brush head, but it works with mobile app as well. For instance, you can track cleaning time, days, and get cartoon characters to entertain your kid while brushing the teeth. It performs 2 minutes standard brushing.

6. Philips Sonicare Series 2 Rechargeable Toothbrush

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It is long lasting and durable kids electric toothbrush. Actually, this product is rechargeable so that you won’t need to pay more for batteries and once full charge is worth two weeks usage. It will clean teeth and mouth ultimately as the brush can have up to 31000 strokes per minute. Moreover, the toothbrush has a small handle easy for children to hold securely.

7. Brusheez - Children's Electric Toothbrush

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What an adorable purple electric toothbrush! This product provides a lot of helpful accessories in the box. There are two brush heads, a pony cover, a rinse glass, a sand timer, and a station where you place everything. To add, the sand timer will countdown to 2 minutes so kids can brush their teeth joyfully during that. It is suitable for kids who are 3 years old and up. You need 2 AA batteries.

8. SEAGO Kids Electric Sonic Care Toothbrush

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Amazingly, kids would love this colorful flash LED electric toothbrush. It is waterproof so you don’t have to worry if your child rinses the whole toothbrush with water. There are two interchangeable heads in the package. In addition, it has 2 minute performance so it will turn off automatically. The gentle brush will stroke 16000 times per minute to get rid of germ and food in mouth.

9. OJV Professional Kids Electric Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush

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This kids electric toothbrush will entertain and perform great cleaning at the same time. It gets approve from dentists. For more information, it has a pink color which is purposely for girls. It has 4 children songs and two brush heads. The timer of 2 minutes is set for a cleaning. The electric toothbrush is rechargeable and built-in with a USB port; hence, you can charge it conveniently.

10. Best kids toothbrush electric,NeWisdom 360° rotating deep clean

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With this product, you won’t worry about your children dental health anymore. It is a powerful and effective kids electric toothbrush which is for 4 to 8 years old. It contains two brush heads which will rotate in 360 degree and reach out to every area in the mouth. Furthermore, it takes only 30 seconds to clean your kid teeth. In 10 seconds, it will stop for changing area.