Top 10 Best Kids Digital Alarm Clocks Reviews in 2018

Children need a useful reminder to wake them up in the morning and tell exact time for them to do other activities of the day. A kid digital alarm clock is an excellent gift for every kid. The digital clock contains more than one simple function of displaying time. It may have a calendar feature and other things. So your children will enjoy having it in their rooms. In short, the product is useful and worth to purchase. The best digital alarm clocks for kids will reinforce the kids’ habit of timing. You do not have to knock on the door or shout to wake them up anymore.

Buying guideline:

There are a few tips for you to consider before purchasing the product. First of all, as mentioned, there are many types of digital clock with various functions, so you should check clearly and get what you want. Second of all, it is essential to choose a long-lasting and high-quality product. Third of all, you cannot leave out the shape and color of the product because it is a part of the decoration.

These are the top 10 best kids digital alarm clocks reviewsin 2018. 

1. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock - Digital LED Clock

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This is a lovely multi-functional digital alarm clock which is perfect for kids and adults. It has a smart LED light which lights up automatically before the alarm time 30 minutes. So the warm light will wake you up in the dark room. You can choose your alarm sound at your will. If you want to continue the sleep for a few more minutes, you can hit the snooze button to delay 5 minutes.

2. Plumeet Easy Setting Digital Travel Alarm Clock for Kids

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It is compact and easy to use for kids. The kids digital clock is a battery-powered which contains several operative buttons with words at the back so that your kid can control the clock at ease. This product has an LCD screen that has background light so the kid can view time, date and alarm time clearly. Interestingly, it has silicone cover to absorb shock and reduce damage.

3. Stay-in-Bed Light Alarm Clock for Kids

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You can pick this cute and tiny alarm clock for kids. It will satisfy them with its changeable light. For instance, there are four colors such as orange, red, green, and purple. It has an LCD display which tells exact time and alarm time. There are two easy push buttons which are a light button and alarm button so they can control easily. It will wake the kids up with loud sound coming from the clock’s speaker.

4. Dr.Meter Sunrise Alarm Clock - Digital LED Night Light Clock

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Wonderfully, you will love this high technology kids digital alarm clock that enables touch control. It is like you touch your smartphone and set over the brightness, sound, time, and more. The device offers seven different sounds and LED light colors so the kids can select their favorite color and music; those sound settings are a bird, forest, waves, beeps, violin, and pure music.

5. Alarm Clock Children Sleep Clock

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Most kids love stars; therefore, they will love this kids digital alarm clock. It has night sky star protector that can change colors. They will enjoy this kind of show before bedtime. Not only for kids, but this product is also for adults too. Besides, the music mode is adjustable too as there are natural sounds and chords. Moreover, this clock displays time, date, and also temperature.

6. Aitey LED Alarm Clock, Digital Clock with Rabbit Silicon Cover for Kids

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Made for little children, this durable and lovely digital alarm clock has a protective cover of silicon. Thus, even they accidentally drop the clock, it won’t break easily. This alarm offers two choices of operation; you can use either batteries or USB to empower the device. Hence, it is a portable clock that you can use everywhere. You can set the alarm every day or just weekday.

7. HAMSWAN Children Alarm Clock, Digital LED Clock

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Triangle and tiny, this kids digital clock can change color into seven different colors such as blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange, red, and green. The alarm clock has varieties of functions; for example, the LCD screen displays temperature either in Celsius or in Fahrenheit, time in 12 or 24 formats, and date. Uniquely, by just touch-up and down second times, you will get active snooze of the alarm and get more sleep.

8. Discovery Kids Color Changing Digital Star Projection LCD Alarm Clock

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Having nine controlling buttons, the kids digital alarm clock is convenient to use. You can set time, date, temperature, sound, volume, timer and formats as well. To be clear, it means you can change from Celsius to Fahrenheit and 12 to 24 hours format. Amazingly, it has a beautiful star projector which illustrates romantic starry night in a room. It needs only three batteries.

9. Kids Alarm Clock【UPDATED VERSION】, OUTWIT Wake Up Digital Clock for Kids

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Constructed from durable material of ABS, the best digital clock is suitable for kids because it is resilient enough to defend itself from damages. Due to the backlight, you can check time with a simple touch without turning a lamp on. In short, there are many functions inside this one small clock, such as a clock, alarm, thermometer, date, bright light, and snooze. Isn’t fantastic?

10. FiveHome Kids Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

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This is the last recommended sturdy ABS kids alarm clock which provides fun and useful features. It has two color modes either the colors automatically change or one color stays fixed. On its small display, you will see alarm status, clock, calendar, volume level, and battery level. Moreover, it has a backlight feature for kids can see the time at night. The digital clock is rechargeable and can standby up to 80 hours.