Top 10 Best Hidden Camera Reviews in 2018

You cannot foresee accidents but you can prevent by monitoring in case of something bad happens and you can look through it with your own eyes. What is that device allowing so? It is none other than a hidden camera. Like the name, it is secretly implanted in other objects and no one will notice it. Although the camera is small, it surely can capture all movements and action in the area. The best hidden camera can keep your house or workplace safe. It will make a great nanny camera too to keep track on other people.

Buying guideline:

If you want to get the suitable spy camera, you should consider a few things beforehand. First of all, the quality of the camera is the most matter whether you can view clear video or not depends on it. Second of all, it comes to battery lifespan if it can last long to work for you. Third of all, as mentioned, most of the hidden camera is inside clock, wall charger, pen, etc. Choose what you like.

You can get more details about the product from the text below. It will give the top 10 best hidden camera reviews in 2018.

1. Ehomful Mini Body Camera,Alloy Housing 1080P HD Hidden Spy Cam with USB Flash Drive

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You get to use another function of this portable spy camera. Since the camera is inside the palm size USB flash drive, it is easy for you to bring it along and keep it as a security camera. To make it even greater for you to travel with this device, it has a wearable strap. For journalists, it is a considerable device to get. It will record in 1080 pixel with 30 fps for the whole 3 hours.

2. Ehomful Mini Spy Camera,Lightning Boot SQ11 1080P 30FPS

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Having tiny size with square shape of 16 inches, this is a night vision wireless hidden camera which can be invisible and no one will notice. It is perfect for household use to monitor your small children. There is a flexible body clip where you can mount the camera and attach them to the wall. To add, the camera has a wide angle of 140 degrees and shoot in 1080 pixels.

3. Corprit Wifi Hidden Spy Camera, Wireless Clock Nanny Cam HD 1080P

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You will find this smart technology spy camera amazing. It is hidden in a digital clock which you can set time like normal clock. Plus, it has a motion detector function that can sense motion of people and the camera will start recording automatically. At the same time, it will send records to you through the app. You also can insert a micro SD card up to 64 GB.

4. Phreilend Hidden Camera - Spy Camera - WiFi Camera HD 1080P Remote View

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Seems like a normal charging adapter but more than that, the hidden camera is a home security camera capturing high definition videos of what happens in your place. The tiny camera is able to keep track on suspicious motion scenes and alert you through the smartphone app wherever has internet, you can view the records. Or inserting a micro SD card to store videos is possible too.

5. Spy Camera,MCSTREE Hidden Camera in Clock WiFi hidden Cameras

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Are you afraid of a burglar at night when you are not home? Well, preparing this night vision hidden camera can make at ease. If something happens, you can know immediately as it will send notification right to your smartphone. Actually, it is in a digital clock and is able to shoot any motion in 150 degrees with a wide angle lens. So place it in the perfect location and you can see all.   

6. Spy Camera Wifi, Conbrov WF98 960P Mini Wireless Hidden Camera

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Even in the dark you still can watch your home or office. This hidden camera has great ability to shoot at night up to 15 feet. Therefore, you can use it as a nanny cam monitoring your baby. It also has a motion detector function which can start recording automatically and send a message letting you know. It provides a clip and bracket for you can mount the camera and standby it somewhere.

7. Hidden Camera WiFi Adapter 1080P Spy Camera Wall Charger with Night Vision

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Another dual functional hidden camera of the list, this is a wall charger and a spy camera. This device is wireless and once it connect to the internet, it will send every message to you through the phone app. Interestingly, it has a built-in invisible LED light which improves on night vision. Thus, nothing can hide from it. Due to its size, you can easily bring the device with you.

8. DareTang HD 1080P Wifi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

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Suitable to use everywhere, school, office, home, restaurant, it is a digital clock that contains a hidden camera inside. It has black color so no one will see the camera lens. It simply serves you a time while working as a surveillance camera checking suspicious movement. It has rechargeable battery of 2000 mAh so no concern about its longevity. Additionally, it will record videos in high resolution of 1080p.

9. BSTCAM 32GB HD 1080P Pen Video Spy Hidden Camera

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Do you want a portable hidden camera that can be your personal item?  Why don’t consider this recorder pen? It seems like a normally written pen but it has a high-quality camera to help you recording everything you like. It will record in 1080p with a frame rate of 30 per second. Furthermore, there is a built-in 32 GB micro SD card to store videos. It is perfect for meetings.  

10. KAMRE HD 1080P WIFI Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera

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Coming to the last recommended hidden camera that implanted inside a household item. It is a wall clock spy camera. Hanging it in a room to keep a close watch in there. The camera is inside the number 10, it avoids human eyes. The camera has a rechargeable battery which has a capacity of 2700mAh so it is able to record for 3 to 5 hour straight. It has wifi connectivity to send alerts to your smartphone.