Top 5 Best GoPro Fusion Batteries Reviews in 2018

Now there is a new model of small action camera called GoPro fusion. It is a special camera which can capture wide angle 360 degree. The go pro fusion has more amazing features to serve you well. However, today the article will not discuss about the camera itself, instead it is about extra battery of the camera. Even though you will get an original battery coming with the GoPro fusion, due to need of shooting for long time, it is better for you to get more batteries so that you can replace when another one is empty. The battery works as main role allowing the device operate and capture your images. Without battery, of course, it is useless.

Buying guideline:

Since you have known about advantage having additional battery, there are a few tips for you to consider before buying. Firstly, you need to look for battery that has large capacity which can last long. Secondly, the rechargeable ability is a must to think of. It means it should take less time to charge fully. You can re-use in short time. Thirdly, you should also prioritize convenience of the product too. For example, it has indicator light to tell status, etc.

If you are interested in the product and want to purchase right now, you can get more information from the text below. The article will bring you to the top 5 best GoPro fusion batteries reviews in 2018.

#5. Newmowa Replacement Battery and Dual USB Charger Kit for GoPro Fusion

Getting two pieces in one pack, isn’t it great? This is a GoPro fusion battery set which provides two li-on batteries of 2800 mAh capacity. To add, each one has 3.8 voltages. Thus, you can use them extensively. You will receive a micro USB cable and a charger that allows two batteries charged at the same time. On the charger, there are two light spots telling you whether each battery is full or still in charging.

#4. Gonine Batteries (2 Pack) for Gopro Fusion

Here this wonderful product of GoPro fusion battery offers you ultimate benefit. In the package, there are dual batteries coming alongside with USB charger that is designed for 3 channels. So you can get a place for original battery of your GoPro. Furthermore, about the additional battery, each of them has capacity of 2720 mAh which enables you to run camera power for quite long time.

#3. Smatree Rechargeable GoPro Fusion Battery

Let’s talk about another long time go pro fusion battery of Japanese cells. This set contains two batteries, one charger with three channels and two LED light indicators, and a USB cable. You can recharge these batteries with any source devices that have USB port. The battery can store power up to 2620 mAh. Hence, these two pieces and another origin enable you to have fun shoot all day.

#2. ENEGON Batteries for Gopro Fusion and Dual Charger

Are you looking for durable and longevity battery for your new brand 360 degree camera? It is a package of two batteries that each one has 2620mAh capacity. It is lithium-ion battery made with premium cells which can ensure great quality. The battery has potential to protect itself from over-charging, and overheating. Plus, there is a charger with two channels that has red and green light spots to show if it is full.

#1.OAproda 2 Pack Replacement Gopro Fusion Battery and Dual Slot Charger

This is the last recommended replacement battery set for GoPro fusion. For more information, the set offers two batteries, dual slots charger, and USB cord. You can save time by refill power to both batteries at once. Amazingly, each battery has large capacity which is 2800 mAh so that it can provide long life time letting your camera running. Purchasing this product, you will receive three-year warranty for its quality.