Top 10 Best Google Pixel XL Cases in 2017 Reviews

A new smartphone model of Google has been invented and is called Google Pixel XL. Because of convenient functions to use and pretty design itself, the Google Pixel XL is popular with many people. Do you have this device in your hand? If you are one of consumers who are using this brand smartphone, you are welcomed for this article. Of course, when you own any precious device, you must take care of it well without making it broken by dropping. The way to prevent this accident to happen is to find protection for your device. So for this smartphone, it is none other than Google Pixel XL case. The case can be a potential shield which will cover every edges of your phone so that even it falls to the ground, it won’t get much damaged. More than protecting the device, the case can be an attractive decoration. For instance, there are many cases with different patterns and colors which provide choices for both men and women tastes.

In short, this product definitely has great benefits for you. If you are interested in it and want to know which one you should choose, you can check out from this article. It will bring you the top 10 best Google Pixel XL cases which selected from Amazon for their high quality and ranking. They are trustworthy to use and won’t regret you.

Below is list of Top 10 Best Google Pixel XL Cases in 2017 Reviews:

1. Caseology Slim Dual Google Pixel XL Case

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This is a handsome Google Pixel XL case for gentlemen. It has black color and slim shape with lightweight. To be specific, the thickness of it is only 0.6 inch and it weighs 2.4 ounces. The two layers used to make it are TPU and polycarbonate for both flexible and sturdy qualities. And it has grippe matte for exterior case too. You are able to keep phone screen and camera safe due to the high lip edge.

2. Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Google Pixel XL Case

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This is a Google Pixel XL case which has gunmetal design. It is made out of two layers such as crystal clear TPU and metallic PC at exterior. Thus, it holds softness from inside for your device and strong at the back to repel scratch and bump. Isn’t it awesome? Because of the color, it is more suitable for men who love silver. It has high lip edge as well to keep phone screen from touching the ground.

3. Slim Clear Transparent Protective Google Pixel XL Case

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This is a waterfall series Google Pixel XL case that has transparent color so that you can fancy your original phone color through it. It protects and covers even buttons from dust and debris. To add, it is made out of acrylic which resists scratching and has lightweight. You won’t have hard time using it. With it, you can give security to your device and are able to put it in your pocket at ease.  

4. Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel XL Case

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This is a crystal clear Google Pixel XL that has slim protection and durable feature. It is made from clear TPU material. Thus, it can maintain great figure from scratches, and even you have fingernails you won’t disfigure this case. Furthermore, it is flexible to put it on your phone and also take it off. This case is light and weighs only 0.6 ounces. However, besides Google Pixel XL, it fits with Google marlin, Nexus Pixel, etc.

5. Geometric Cover Corner Cushion Design for Google Pixel XL

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This is a beautiful Google Pixel XL case that is designed with color of dark blue and gold. This Google Pixel XL case has rough surface that prevents it from slip off the table or from your hand. Additionally, the slim case is made from TPU and PC material layers to go against shock, drop and tear. In order to block dust from entering the sided buttons, it covers the buttons completely.

6. Caseology Slim Dual Layer Protective Textured Geometric Cover Corner Cushion Design for Google Pixel XL

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This is a protective Google Pixel XL case which has dual layers texture such as TPU and PC materials. To add, it is created from shockproof frame so that you can be assured that this case can protect your device in many ways. For instance, it is anti-scratch and slippery or drops, instead it is durable for long term using. It has raised lip to defend screen when it drops face down.

7. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for Google Pixel XL

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This is a several layers smartphone case which is confident to defend your device from scratch, drop, and shock. It has black color and is compatible only for Google Pixel XL. You can get three functions. For example, there is a screen protector to help blocking scratch marks, belt-clip holster like kickstand for stability, and port covers to block dust and debris.  Moreover, it has one year warranty.  

8. Maxboost mSnap Thin Google Pixel XL Case

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This is an anti-slip Google Pixel XL case. It is constructed from sturdy polycarbonate in thin thickness so that it won’t make you irritated with large and heavy. For the external shell, it is coated from smooth matte for scratch resistant and full grip. In addition, it is made with extensive edge in order to protect phone’s screen too. Therefore, it guarantees to protect you device in 360 degree.

9. Google Pixel XL Case Clear Black

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This is an ultra-thin Google Pixel XL case which has clear black color. Covering your phone with this case won’t make it thick or difficult to hold. Wonderfully, the exterior of this case is able to repel scratches and fingerprints; therefore, your device will always look clean and hygiene to you. For more information, this case is constructed with exposed areas for buttons and ports so you will be easy to access.

10. Pixel XL Case by Google - Grey

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This is the last recommended Google Pixel XL case which has grey color. It is designed with plain style which is suitable for those who want to have simple and elegant case. It is created from great materials of silicone and polycarbonate core. These materials are able to resist to shock and provide non-slippery condition. Having this case on your phone, you won’t be afraid of phone dropping anymore.