Top 10 Best Flexible Reading Glasses Frame Reviews in 2018

For those who have bad eyes sight and need to wear glasses, have you experienced having your glasses frame? It is probably because of accidentally stepping on or bumping to hard objects. Therefore, you have to be more careful if the glasses broke, you may find trouble to your sight. There is now a better type of glasses that can guarantee non-broken and as well as bendable unlike normal frames. The best flexible reading glasses frame is highly recommended. You won’t have to worry about sleeping while wearing glasses or during sports activities anymore.

Buying guideline:

It is a personal item which you have to wear every single day so you have to be thoughtful of every aspect before purchasing. First of all, it is about materials and to see if their quality is good enough to endure bending. Second of all, you may look at the style and shape of the glasses whether it will look good on you. Third of all, the frame size is considered one of the main things to consider.

To guide you in getting the best reading glasses with flexibility, this article includes the top 10 best flexible reading glasses frame reviews in 2018.

1. Reading Glasses Readers Women Men Obtain a Stylish Look and Clear-Cut Vision

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Suitable for both men and women, you will wear this durable and flexible reading glasses frame comfortably and handsomely. It has grey color and stylish design shape of long and rectangle. The frame is ultra-lightweight which only 17 grams weigh for you wear without trouble and feel like just a feather on your eyes. For the original glasses, they have 2.5 of magnification strength for clear vision.


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Maybe you don’t like to wear glasses with long arms frame that make your ears hurt. So here are the diamond shape glasses which have pinch nose in C style clamp to stabilize themselves on your nose bridge. There are silicone pads on each side to provide softness to your nose. The frame of the clamp is very flexible so you will have no problem when bending it to fit on you.

3. Eyecedar 4-Pack Reading Glasses Men Flexible Materi

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This one is the large set that contains 4 pairs of reading glasses suitable for men. Each pair has the same color of black and the shape of a rectangle.  They hold high-quality clear glasses with wear-resistant lens and have magnification strength of 1.0. Interestingly, they are attached with metal spring hinges which allow you to adjust the frame to fit your face shape. You will get cleaning cloths and pouches too.

4. Reading Glasses 2 Pair Black and Gunmetal Readers Compact Folding Unisex Glasses

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Wonderfully, this pair of reading glasses doesn’t only have a flexible frame but it is technically foldable. The frame allows wearers to transform a 110 mm length into half so that you can store the glasses in a small hard plastic case. It will fit flawlessly on men and women. This black and gunmetal flexible reading glasses has 3.0 strength lens. With two nose grips underneath, you will wear conveniently.  

5. Calabria Reading Glasses - 718 Flexie

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Making it lightweight and yet durable, this product uses the plastic lens and memory polymer frame. Hence, the frame will return to its original shape despite bending. Moreover, the lens of the glasses has a 1.0 magnification strength size. The dimensions of it are 5.25 inches and 1.1 inches. You will receive a hard storage case which has an open lid and tiny tall size easy to put in a pocket.  

6. ColorViper Flexible Memory Frame reader Unisex lightweight Reading Glasses

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You will find it comfortable and worthy for buying this matte grey colored flexible reading glasses frame and use every single day. The product has the lens of 1.25 magnification strength and light frame. For more information, the weight of this glasses is only 0.74 oz; thus, no pain or heavy feel. Since it has the stylish design of the round lens, both men and women can wear it beautifully.

7. ThinOptics Reading Glasses + Black Universal Pod Case

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Another great and painless flexible reading glasses frame to introduce to you. Again, this one doesn’t have arms to pressure your ears or weigh on you. Instead, it has only a stable nose grips and a bendable nose bridge made of titanium aluminum that enables you to fold or adjust the size to fit on your nose and you can put it on comfortably and securely. The lens is shatter-proof.

8. TR90 With Flexible Titanium B Temple Rectangle Reading Glasses

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For better quality and durability as well as lightweight, the material used in the construction of this reading glasses pair is flexible titanium. Besides, even lenses also enhance the great material. They have anti-reflection coating and shatterproof so in case you drop the glasses, it will still in good shape and new. The matte black glasses frame won’t make you worry about disfigure or broken-shape.

9. Multi Focus Progressive Reading Glasses 3 Powers in 1 Reader

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Are you interesting in a three-in-one power lens? This reading glasses frame product will provide both a strong frame and a high-quality lens. To be clear, the lenses are able to give a clear vision for long distance, medium and short distance. All three in one multi-focus lens pair. The whole glasses is plastic so that it is ultra-light making you feel like bare eyes. It has black color and round shape.

10. GAMMA RAY 2 Pack of Super Lightweight Flex Arm Slim Rimless Readers

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This one maybe fits best for middle-aged men. Although it has the old style, it holds wonderful benefits like other best flexible reading glasses frame. The lenses are rectangle and rimless but only the nose bridge and extensive arms are bendable temples. Furthermore, there are two silicones nose pads to reduce hard pressure and pain on the nose. Lastly, this product will give you two pairs; blue and grey.