Top 10 Best File Cabinets Review 2017

A file cabinet is a kind of furniture which helps to collect and store file in orderly and neatly. It is commonly seen in office. A file cabinet is quite large and be able to store thousands of documents in one place. If you have suffered from loss files because you didn’t place it well, then you should try to store important stuffs in the cabinet. The file cabinet is mostly designed with plenty of slots where you can divide files in types and dates as you want. This feature allows you to find files quickly avoiding messing digging the whole piles for one document. Also, some cabinets are constructed with secure locking door so you won’t have to worry if someone messes with your stuffs or steal them. Besides used for file, the cabinet can be used to store other things as well. For instance, some cabinet has large space that can allow things such as clothes or other tools to fit in. It is made with different sizes. Hence, you can use any size that fits in your room or office.

If you still want to know more details about this product, you can check out the text below. In this article, you will be introduced to the top 10 best file cabinets. These are best and high ranking products in Amazon. They have various styles and sizes. Surely you can choose one among these products because they all have high quality.

1. DEVAISE 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet with Lock

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This is a three-drawer metal file cabinet. This cabinet has black color. It has medium size whose dimensions are width 15.4 inches, depth 19.7 inches, and height 23.6 inches. It has rolling wheels so you can move it to another location easily. It is constructed with a lock that can make sure everything is safe in all three drawers. For those drawers, two drawers are made to store stationery and your personal stuffs, and one is for A4 document storage.

2. Lorell 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

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This is a mobile file cabinet with three drawers. Although it contains three drawers, the locking system is only for the first two. To add, the top drawer is the smallest for storing your tiny stuffs. This cabinet is installed with four roll casters. Therefore, you will have no problem transporting it. It has black color. The dimensions of it are 18 inches by 14.2 inches by 29.3 inches. It weighs about 25.5 pounds.

3. Space Solutions 2-Drawer File Cabinet

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This is a beautiful large space file cabinet. It has pearl white color. It contains two drawers that have same size. There is a lock secure which can control both drawers. Plus, this cabinet is made with file dividers that keep document separately. It has medium size that is suitable to use in office and home. For instance, the size of it is 18 inches by 14.2 inches by 24.5 inches. The weight is 19 pounds.

4. Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Lateral File Espresso Cabinet with Black Accents

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This is an extension file cabinet. Elegantly, it has brown color of wooden furniture like. It is finished with espresso with black accents for shell protection. Moreover, it has two drawers which each one is attached with two metal rails. So you won’t be difficult when pull or close them. It is implanted with lock security. It is 35 inches by 21 inches by 9.5 inches large. The weight of it is 75.7 pounds.

5. Oxford File Cabinet, 2-DRAWER

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This is a medium size file cabinet with two drawers. This product has white color. It will look so beautiful in your room. For measurement of this cabinet, its height is 28.5 inches, width is 20.5 inches and depth is 16 inches. It is made with wood frame that is durable and smooth. For more information, on each drawer, there is a small metal knob which is constructed in order to provide convenient when opening or closing.

6. BirdRock Home Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet

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This is a basket file cabinet. Wonderfully, it is made out of seagrass. It has compact size which is 18 inches width, 15 inches depth, and 14 inches height. It also has ultra-light weight which is only 11.8 pounds. In addition, the cabinet has four rolling wheels which will provide smoothness movement from place to place. It has only one compartment with a closure from above.

7. Space Solutions 3-Drawer File Cabinet

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This is a deep file cabinet. It has black color which is suitable with other furniture in your room or office well. It has three drawers. As mentioned, it has deep size which is 18 inches, along with height of 27.3 inches and width is 14.2 inches. Additionally, it has 24.5 pound weight. Besides just providing space for file, it is made with a spare top drawer for other stuffs such as pencils, books, etc.

8. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go X-Tra Storage 3-Door Cabinet

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This is a tall big storage file cabinet. This item has black color. It is 12 inches width, 16.5 inches depth, and 46.75 inches height. Totally, this cabinet is made to have four floors. The first one is blank space with no door; hence, you can store different things there for decoration. On the other hand, the other three drawers are constructed with doors. It can be detached so you can assemble it in style you want.

9. Lorell 16872 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

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This is a portable and compact file cabinet. It has black color and two drawers. Talking about the appearance, it has size of 18 inches by 14.2 inches by 26.5 inches. Furthermore, the cabinet weighs 20 pounds. In order to let thing easy for you when you want to move it, this cabinet is assembled with four rolling wheels that hold capacity to offer smooth run. It has a security lock too.

10. Office Dimensions Commercial 4 Drawer Letter Width Vertical File

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This is the last recommended huge file cabinet. This product has black color and tall height. It holds four drawers to store files. The overall dimensions of this cabinet are, height is 52 inches, depth is 22 inches, and width is 15 inches. Due to its huge size, it has quite heavy weight as well which is 64 pounds. It is suitable to use in office as it has capacity to store so many documents.

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