Top 10 Best Electric Blackhead Remover Reviews in 2018

Both men and women, they share same problems on facial beauty and health. It occurs to everyone that having pimple and blackhead. It is very simple to happen but hard to get rid of. Some of you may have tried using traditional equipment to push blackheads out from skin layers. The hand tools might be good to use but they are not enough to clean all small pimples on your face. Why don’t try an electric blackhead remover? It is a machine so you don’t have to give much effort and time. It will work like a vacuum sucking all bad particles on your skin.

Buying guideline:

How to get the right product? Well, the best blackhead removers have more powerful vacuum function which guarantees to get rid even pores in the deep layers. You may find some electric blackhead removers contain more abilities to brighten or tighten your skin. You also need to get one with convenient functions in short easy to use; like LCD, operative buttons, etc.

In case you want to know more information about the product. You can check this article. Here are the top 10 best electric blackhead remover reviews in 2018.

1. Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner, Professional Electric Blackhead Suction

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It is not a careless machine that opens up cell holes and leave. This electric blackhead remover enhances unique blue light treatment to heal your skin after suction operation. You won’t feel pain. It has six levels of suction power so even stubborn pores will pull out. There is a LED display where you can the setting and adjust at ease with three buttons under. Getting 4 suckers with different size is beneficial.

2. Electric Blackhead Remover, Vacuum Suction Remover, Facial Skin Pore Cleaner

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Do you hurt whenever you try to remove acnes by hands? It is pain and yet not safe. Now you have a better choice to use this harmless electric blackhead remover which is suitable for sensitive skin. It holds multi-functions alongside with 5 interchangeable heads to work on blackhead, dead skin, wrinkle, and more. You can keep yourself pretty even on trip. This product is tiny and rechargeable.

3. Bornkey Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

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Useful and Eco-friendly, this electric blackhead remover is an ideal. You don’t have to add extra batteries as it is rechargeable and you can use it for almost 3 weeks. With four beauty probes, you are able to eliminate all toxic and dirt on your face; then enjoy smooth and soft skin. In addition, there is a LED display telling suction level and battery status so you can keep track and control well.

4. Pore Vacuum, OUTTOP Electric Blackhead Remover

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Once you experience this painless electric blackhead remover, you will feel different towards your skin; softer and less oily. You won’t have headache using it as well. It has only one button to control everything and you can know suction level through an indicator flashing four different light colors. Each level is suitable for skin types; from sensitive to most oily skin. It is only 7 inches long; grab it comfortably.


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With powerful pressure from 40 to 60 KPA, this effective electric blackhead remover is what you have been looking for. It has slim figure which fits into your hand perfectly and is portable too. Although it is like a vacuum, it doesn’t harm your skin and hurt you. You can select one of 5 suction levels, which fits to the skin type. It won’t disturb you or others as it operates quietly.

6. Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion System by Nuvéderm

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You don’t have to pay for salon or facial massage because you are able to do it yourself. Pay only once, you will get this professional electric blackhead remover that will maintain and as well as improve your beauty in a budget friendly way. This product can rebuild collagen and elastin to erase wrinkles and at the same time sucking all deep pores under the skin layer. All skin types are safe with this product.  

7. Blackhead Remover, Vacuum Blackhead Removal Peel Tool Extractor Electric Skin Pore Cleaner

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Designing with one button is to enable users to have the most convenient usage. You can set power of suction in three levels which up to 53 Kpa. There is a tiny LED screen where showing level and battery status. To add, this electric blackhead remover is rechargeable with USB cable. You can bring it to everywhere and use for days per once charge. Ready for smooth skin ever?

8. Eunon Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

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Small but fancy. This strong electric blackhead remover is a beauty kit that every woman and man should have. With power of 60 Kpa, it can get rid of all face pores and heal damaged skin making skin smooth and tight. To make it more effective, it comes along with four suckers which each one suitable for different kind of operations. It is water resistant so no worry while using.

9. Electric Pore Vacuum 4-IN-1 Multi-Functional Probe Blackhead Suction

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In one small handheld machine, there are four main features included in order to be a great beauty treatment. For instance, it has lifting massage to defend aging signs such as wrinkles, dirties suction to get rid of pores, vacuum resilient to heal damaged skin, and oil reducing feature. How amazing it is. Interestingly, it is a USB rechargeable machine so no worry about buying extra batteries.

10. Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum - Electric Pore Cleanser Removal Extractor Tool Device

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Let’s get to know this pore cleanser with electric power. Everyone loves to get many items for affordable price. For this product, there are a vacuum blackhead remover that contains power up to 65 Kpa, a USB connector for ultimate charging, four suction heads to reach all areas on the face, and a carrying pouch which allows perfect portability. If you are not clear how to use, it gives a manual book too.