Top 10 Best Egg Cookers Reviews in 2018

Egg cooker may sound simple and not so useful to you. However, it has more benefits that you might not know. The egg cooker is a small kitchen appliance which works enthusiastically in cooking a nice dish of eggs. Of course, you can boil eggs manually with a small pot of water and watch out for time and temperature which means you have to standby the stove looking on a few eggs. It is a waste of time and effort of yours. But with the best egg cooker, you no longer need to do so. It has a timer and a certain level of cook for you to select.

Buying guideline:

What should you look for an egg cooker? Well, first of all, it needs you to choose based on functions; some may let you poach or fry the eggs as well as additional cookware in one body. Next thing is you should get the right size. It means there are small and big allowing a limited number of eggs to be cooked. Last but not least, looking at how convenient it runs does matter too.

1. Egg Cooker, HoLife Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Boiler Steamer

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Start off with this multi-usage, you can enjoy time with eggs in fried, boiled, and poached. It has small size but comes with several cooking trays for you can interchange and cook what you like. To add, it has a boiling tray which can contain seven eggs. You can cook them at once and set time to cook properly. You can measure water to add with a cup having number digit.

2. Dash DEC012RD Deluxe Egg Cooker

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To cook for a big family and many friends, you won’t be disappointed by this electric egg cooker. It is like a steamer having two tiers where food cooked in the hot stream. No more cracked eggs. This machine has a timer setting that enables you to set cooking time in order to get soft boiled or hard boiled eggs. You will get a poaching tray, an omelet bowl, and egg holder tray.

3. Copper Chef Egg Cooker Want the Secret to Making Perfect Hard-Boiled

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This is a portable kitchen appliance that suitable for large families. The egg cooker can cook up to 14 eggs at once, having two level tiers. What type of boiled eggs do you like? You can set up now to get exact. Other than just boiling, you can use the stream and hot temperature to cook poached eggs and make omelets as well. All the trays are non-stick and easy to clean.  

4. VonShef 7- Egg Electric Cooker Stainless Steel

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There are several attachments included in this package; for instance, 7 single egg holders and a poacher, and a measuring cup with a tiny needle convenient for you to peel shell. This egg cooker is easy for everyone to use; only a sole button to turn the power on and off. Also, it has an automatic power turn off and temperature protection so your eggs will be cooked perfectly.

5. Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler, Rapid Egg Maker

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Pour right amount of water through a measuring cup and turn on the power, you will get a nice serve of boiling eggs or poaching eggs. It is due to a two-compartment poaching tray and an egg holder tray of six. After cooking, it is not hard to clean because these trays are non-stick and they are safe in the dish washer. Plus, it gives bunches of recipes for you can use this appliance well.

6. Gourmia GEC175 Electric Egg Cooker - Soft, Medium or Hard Boil

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Not hard to use and will save more time to get food ready, this is one of the best egg cookers you should have at home. It has small size but with full potential. For instance, it is a steamer which has three detachable trays for different cooking purposes such as egg holder, steaming tray, and a poaching tray. You can choose operation as warm or heat; after finishing, it will turn off automatically.

7. Egg Cooker 3 Egg Capacity Electric, Ellipse, KitchenBro Stainless Steel

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If you just want to cook for yourself, it is more appropriate to get a compact kitchen cookware. With dimensions of 6.5 inches by 3.4 inches by 5.2 inches and lightweight, it is a portable stainless steel egg cooker which has the capacity to cook three eggs. There is only one blue button which control on the power of the machine. Interestingly, it will shut off when the water dries.

8. PowCube Egg Cooker Egg Steamer Electric Egg Poacher Egg Boiler

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You either can use only one tier or both tiers at once to cook more food. This electric egg cooker and also an effective steamer provides more space where you are able to boil eggs and steam vegetable or meat. This product also has a safe function to shut off immediately after the water burns dry. In addition, the attachments are easy to remove and clean effortlessly.

9. Elite Cuisine EGC-508 Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker & Egg Poacher

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Made of stainless steel, the Elite Cuisine surely offers a durable and functional kitchen appliance, an electric egg cooker. The egg cooker has three attachments of poaching, frying, and boiling; plus with a measuring cup letting you know the right amount of water to add. You can use each attachment at ease. The timer will allow you to get perfect hard, soft, or medium eggs.

10. VOBAGA Electric Egg Cooker & Poacher Maker with Auto Shut Off

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Lastly, it is a beauty egg maker which can provide nice cooked eggs in soft, medium or hard state. Besides the boiling, it uses the hot stream to cook poached eggs and custard too. There are several elements of this product; for example, a stainless steel chassis, a cup with measurement and pin, a bowl, a shelf with seven holes, metal cooking holes and a lid. These will make you a wonderful meal.