Top 10 Best Chinese Female Singers Reviews

Did you grow up listening to Chinese pop songs? Well, if you like Chinese music as well as Chinese singers, today you can explore your old memories here. This article will mainly talk about Chinese female singers who receive love and support from many fans around the world. Everyone knows that Chinese is one of masterpieces when it comes to art to entertain people. Chinese is best known of unique composes which include emotion, meaning, and love to cure listeners when they are sad and to cheer people up in good mode. Besides good meaningful songs, of course the singers are the ones who give those emotions and angel voices to assist the songs. You fall for voice and melody. So singer is an essential part.

Down here are the list consisting of top Chinese female singers. You can check out to see your idols.

#.10. Gigi Leung

Back to old the time, have you heard of Gigi Leung? The pretty celebrity who started out as a singer singing in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Gigi, then became a songwriter and lyricist for herself and for other singers as well. The talents of her are not only in singing, but she has starred in more than 20 movies. Furthermore, she has partnered with many famous actors such as Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, Jet Li, and more.

#9. Teresa Teng

Of course, everyone knows her through her hit song “The moon represents my heart”. The ballad with sweet voice singer, Teresa Teng was born in Taiwan in 1953. She became a singer when she was only 14 years old. She was very famous due to her recorders in several languages such as Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian, English and French. She was one of the five great Asian Divas during time of 70s and 80s. Although she was gone, fans still remember her angle voice.

#8. Hui-Mei Chang

The diva is known as A-mei her stage name. A-mei is a singer and songwriter who can play guitar and drum. She has produced and sung a lot of rock and pop songs. Probably her songs are one of your favorites. Moreover, she is similar to Teresa for that she debuted at the age of 14 in 1996. She is praised and acknowledged as best Mandarin female singer since she has sold over 50 million records worldwide.

#7. Anita Mui

Debuted since 1982, Anita Mui was a popular singer and actress in Hong Kong for 20 years. Even though she was taken away by cervical cancer, her work and masterpieces are remembered. During her empire, Anita was recognized and given name “Madonna of the east” and she held a concert in England. This was a huge success to her career. To add, as an excellent actress, she had starred more than 40 films.

#6. Faye Wong

Faye received enormous achievement for receiving Guinness World Records as the Best selling Cantonese pop female singer. What’s more, her fame has spread to countries such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, even in Japan. Besides being an awesome singer, she is also an actress and a song writer. Faye held many world tour concerts from Asia to America and more than 200 concerts.

#5. Tian Zhen

Tain Zhen is a legend Chinese rock female singer who has debuted since 1984. Basically, she became a star when she was only 12 years old. She is from Mainland China, Beijing and has a singer mother. Tain Zhen is also a songwriter working on pop, rock, and folk genres. From a young girl, she has achieved top Chinese music chart award and received Best Female Artist.

#4. Coco Lee

Coco is a star icon for other female singers. She has so many talents. For instance, she is a dance, an actress, a record producer, a singer, and a song writer. Her music is pop, C-pop, dane pop, hip hop, and R&B soul genre. You can find different taste from her songs. Born as Hong-Kong and American, Coco also hit United States market with her single album “Do you want my love”.

#3. Li Yuchun

Being a strong and cool best female singer, Li Yuchun knows how to play piano, guitar, drum and vocals. Therefore, she is a song writer who can compose perfect song for herself and others. Other than singing, Yuchun is recognized as a fine actress who has involved in many film projects. In addition, her next film work is Monster Hunt 2 expected in 2018. She won an award of Best selling Chinese Artist from World Music Awards.

#2. Na Ying

Natasha or Na is one of the best Chinese female singers and has been active for 30 years. Actually, she started the career when she was 21 years old. For more information, she had won a lot of singing contest in 80s which gained her fame due to her special talent in singing. Na has released her album until 2014 and the latest album is “Sadness”. Back in 2012, she was a coach of world program “The Voice of China”.

#1.Joey Yung

You probably remember her from Hong Kong movie in 90s. Joey is a singer and an actress who debuted in 1996. In total, she has been involving in film projects around 20 and releasing 25 albums. Such incredible masterpieces have earned her to become one of the most influential Hong Kong female singers in 2014. Additionally, she was listed in Forbes China Celebrity 100 and ranked 63rd.