Top 5 Best Adjustable Standing Desks Reviews

Are you one of those who don’t like sitting all day for work? Studies have shown the side effects of sitting continuously. It affects your posture, shoulders and even your butt. Invest in a standing desk for a better health. This will not only give you a break from sitting all day, but will also make you more efficient. You will feel focused and burn calories simultaneously.

Let us present you with some of the best adjustable standing desks. Some are full desk, convertible desks or moveable desks too. Stay stress free as we will recommend good adjustable standing desks for you-


1. Apex Desk Vortex Series

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This desk is known for its space, capacity and durability. It can lift up to 225 pounds. The adjustable standing desk takes 1 second for every 1.3 inches. This includes desk to stand and the reverse process too. The desk is resistant to basic scratches. The size fit to the laptop, mouse/monitor and still has some room left. The desk has six buttons memory controller. You can also adjust the height of it from anywhere between 28.5 inches to 46.5 inches. This is due to its in built four pre-set height setting.

It a system of changing the desk not more than once every 2 minutes. It also needs an 18-minute gap to cool down before the second change. The motor can go to active shut down if it senses any damage. It is available in other colours. All the necessary parts come with the package.

2. ErgoTron’s Workfit-TL

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The desk has the sturdiness for carrying the weight required. The compact design like “sit and stand” desktop makes it easy and quick to use. It has a simple setup and supports 10-40 pounds of load. It is 35 inch wide and 25 inch deep in design. It has a separate keyboard tray that measures 25 inches wide and 9 inches deep. This gives plenty of space for the mouse and keyboard. It comes with a special kit that is useful for adjusting the height. ErgoTron is really an amazing compact standing desk product.

3. ReadyDesk 2

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Those who range between the heights of 5 feet to 6 feet should use this desk. This adjustable standing desk is known for its simplistic appearance. It gives the flexibility of standing without the price of a new desk. 31 inch wide and 24 inch deep, this desk supports up to 75 pounds of computer tools. There are 4 pre-cut slots to hold the cables in a fixed place. It also has a dual adjustable shelf that allows adjusting the comfort level.

4. Flexispot

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This desk has a gas spring system that allows the workstation to stand or sit with a light squeeze. There is adequate space for laptop/desktop combination. It is 35 inch wide and 12.2 inch deep keyboard tray. The adjustable standing desk has 12 height levels. This helps in discovering the right posture. FlexiSpot has done the fatigue test for its durability. You can be sure of putting up to 35 pounds on it and still work. They have done 6000 height adjustments so customers can relax.

5. Lifespan TR1200-dt7

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A very unique approach to working, as this desk has a treadmill. Those who want to exercise with work can try this desk. You can manage your calories and lower your stress level with this product. The desk provides basic information like calories burnt, distance travelled, the number of steps, etc. It also syncs with your smartphone for watching the progress. It measures 38x29 inches. The belt has a speed between 04 to 4 miles per hour. The maximum weight limit on this machine is of 350 pounds.

This adjustable standing desk not only provides benefits of health but lets you excel in multitasking. You can adjust the height of the desk according to your needs. If you want to stand or walk on this treadmill, it’s your wish. This work desk is safe because of its cable management system.

Working all day is quite tiring. If you aren’t fit, it starts reflecting at work. Hence, choose wisely for a better future. Get one of these best adjustable standing desks and see your life change within days.