Most Beautiful and Sexiest Korean Female Stars

When talking about movie or music, what do you think of? Of course, everyone will answer that romantic and beautiful entertainment trend in Korea. Nowadays Korea is very popular with Kpop stars and actors and actresses. They don’t only have beauty but talent as well. For instance, some stars can dance, sing, and act as well. These criteria make you fall in love with them. Actually, there are so many beautiful stars and you may love and have a lot of idols too. However, have you ever listed down your top idols? Right now, in this article, you will get to know who are being noted as the top 10 most beautiful and sexist korean female stars. They are acknowledged and considered by many fans from various countries. Let’s check out and see if your favorite stars are there.

10. Song Hye Kyo

She is the main actress in popular drama Descendant of the sun in 2016 with actor Song Joongki. Song Hye kyo is well known with her youthful beauty although she is already 36 years old. She involved in stardom in 1996, back then she was only 15 and started as model because she won the first place in model contest. Moreover, her fame is spread worldwide when she appeared in small screen of drama Full House. Within these few years, Hyekyo has won about 30 awards. Happily, she will tie knot with co-star Song Joongki in 2017, October.

9. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is a 27 year old actress who started as career when she was 13 years old. She started big as she appeared in a hit drama Stairway to Heaven which gained as recognition. Due to her age, although she is young, she is one of the highest paid actresses in South Korea. In addition, besides being a good actress, she is also a good singer, who proves it by showing in teen drama Heart Strings. She has been nominated and won many awards.

8. Lee Da Hae

Despite age of 33, Lee Da Hae still embraces her teenager look. She came back to Korea from Australia in 2001 and right away became a star. She has been a celebrity for 16 years already who made debut by receiving award from Miss Chunhyang Contest. Then, she was in television series Park Jong cheol, A Fine Young Man. Until 2004, she was praised as the best new actress and got awards form MBC Drama Awards and Baek sang Arts Awards.

7. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is a beauty icon of Korea. She is known for her natural attractive face. This 37 years old actress has tied knot with wave star Rain in 2017 and now she is expecting her first child. Amazingly, although she is an actress, she holds bachelor degree in fashion design major at Seoul National University. Kim Tae Hee has received many awards from the beginning of her career and the most recent one is Top Excellence Award Miniseries Actress in 2015 from SBS.

6. Park Min Young

Park Min Young is a young and successful actress who was born in 1985. She began her celebrity career in her early age of 20. Min Young graduated 4 years ago and now holds a degree in Theatre major at Dongguk University. She became famous overnight for her perfect main role in historical drama Sung kyun kwan Scandal set in Joseon era. For this drama, she has won 3 awards and other 3 nominations. Her recently work is also a historical drama Seven Days Queen.

5. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji-hyun is a famous actress for her excellent acting and beauty. She has been in entertainment industry for 20 years. She started to be recognized by nationals as a main role in romantic comedy movie My Sassy Girl in 2001. And yet her breakout drama with co-star Kim Soohyun, My Love from another star made her worldly known. Not surprising, Jihyun is one of the top Korean Wave stars who can earn 83900 USD for one episode drama.

4. Clara Lee

When you think about criteria of pretty and sexy, you cannot leave out Clara Lee. Clara is popular for her flawless body shape and her boldness and sexiness. Clara was born in Switzerland and moved back to become a star in Korea. Hence, she has been joined the industry since 2005 and now she works as a model and actress. Although she is already 32, she looks just like a 20 year old teen girl. She has appeared on many variety shows such as Star King, Saturday Night Live Korea, Happy Together, and more.

3. Im Nana

Nana is best known as a member of girl ground After school and as well as sub group Orange Caramel. She takes a few careers in this big industry, which are singer, model, actress and she even has license as a make up artist. As for acting profession, she has been in television series such as High Kick, The Good Wife, and Love Weaves Through a Millennium which is a Chinese production. Thus, she has won a rookie actress award for The Good Wife drama.

2. Han GA-IN

Han Gain is one of the most beautiful actresses considered by Korean nation. She is now 35 years old. Gain married to actor Yeon Junghoon when she was 23 years old. Marrying for 10 years, she gave a birth to a baby girl last year. Even though she has debuted since 2002 in a television series, her best hit works are both in 2012. You probably remember popular film Architecture 101, and period drama Moon Embracing the Sun; this drama earned her a Top Excellence Actress in Miniseries award.

1.Choi Ji Woo

The oldest and the prettiest, veteran actress Choi Jiwoo has experience in acting for 23 years. She is under the big company YG Entertainment. Her amazing work which is unforgettable for all fans is back to 2002, Winter Sonata. This romantic made her became an actress who won a name of most popular actress from Baeksang Arts Award. What’s more, besides working in Korea, she also makes effort to promote in China as well. She is also a high paid actress.

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