7 Best Quality Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Have you ever felt very annoyed that you keep on hearing the noise from the outside while you are watching your favorite TV show in your room? If so, it is time to get the sliding glass door curtain so that it could end that problem right away. Not just reducing the noise, the sliding glass door curtain is very heavy and thick that it could block the light as well as going against the heat from summer days and the cold air during summer. The best quality curtain works well in eliminate such problem and it helps reduce the cost of using energy within the household. Moreover the beat quality sliding glass door, majority of them got the best and fashionable design that is very suitable for a modern decor. However, most of the design of the curtain is designed to suitable with any kinds of decor. It works well in bringing out a modern look of your place and at the same time it maintains the peaceful environment within the room and you can enjoy the privacy to the fullness. Hence, in this article, you will get to read about the best quality sliding glass door curtains that are perfectly designed to serve you the best.

Buy Guide:

If you are now looking for the best quality sliding glass door curtain, it is very important for you to consider two main points regarding the curtain that you are buying.

How well could it work?

This point is about how effective the curtain could bring a silent and peaceful atmosphere to your room. Make sure to purchase the heavy constructed curtain, so that it would work effectively in blocking the light, reducing the noise and most importantly, it ensures the privacy. The best quality curtain could also contribute a lot in reducing the energy costs since it could block the heat and cold air.

How durable is the curtain?

It is true that everyone would like to purchase the product that could last for long time; therefore, you have to ensure that the curtain that you are buying is soft and it is made of high quality fabric or polyester or other best quality material. Hence, it could ensure a great level of durability of the curtain.

1. Best Home Fashion Wide Width Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

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You can now decorate your house easily on your own just by getting this insulated blackout curtain which is designed by Best home fashion. This curtain features a simple and antique design which could add more to your place’s decoration, and this design is so simple that it fits well with any kinds of deco. Since this curtain is available in many different colors, you can easily pick the best one that you love as well as fitting well with the deco of your house.

Thoroughly going through several tests, this curtain is claimed to be a high quality sliding glass door curtain which could block out the light up to 99% along with the insulate that could go against heat as well as cold condition. Since this curtain features a good quality fabric construction, it is believed to be the curtain that could maintain its quality for long time.

In short, the special sliding door curtain by Best Home fashion makes an ideal curtain to purchase since it is available in several great colors, and it comes with an amazing design that fits well with any kinds of deco.


  • Antique design curtain
  • Could block out 99% of light
  • Insulated against the heat and cold
  • Machine washable

2. Sun Zero Becca Energy Efficient Patio Door Curtain Panelv

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The Sun Zero Becca sliding door curtain is everything that you ever needed to add more to the deco of your house. This special curtain is very durable and it is considered as a curtain that is designed with a great technique in order to provide you the best curtain. Made with 100% of Polyester, the curtain’s quality is very great that it could be used for years after years. Moreover, the quality of the curtain will maintain the same though you have been using it for sometimes.

On top of that, this special sliding door curtain is the best key to provide a peaceful atmosphere to your house. The design is very amazing that it allows this curtain alone to be able to reduce the noise from outside, block the light and most importantly is keeping the privacy.

Moreover, this sliding door curtain features coordinates with sun zero barrow curtain panels while the patio panel of this curtain comes with pull wand. Another point to love about this curtain is that you can remove it and wash it easily since the curtain is a kind of machine washable one.


  • Made of high quality Polyester
  • Keeping the room peaceful effectively
  • Machine washable
  • Features patio panels with pull wand

3. RHF Thermal Insulated Blackout Patio door Curtain

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Isn’t it a good idea to have a well-designed curtain that could help provide energy efficiency? The RHF sliding door curtain here might be an ideal sliding door curtain that you will love to have at your place. This curtain is made with 100% of polyester, and that ensures the durability of this curtain. Moreover, this special sliding door curtain comes with a special design that features antique bronze grommet top which is suitable to hang on the top of any kinds of standard or decorative curtain rod.

The thermal insulated of this curtain plays an important role in blocking the heat and going against the cold condition as well. It is heavy enough to go against both heat and cold. Furthermore, this curtain features the innovative fabric which could block up to 99.9% of the light.

Having this stylish curtain at your place, you will not have to worry that it is hard to take care of this curtain. In fact, this curtain is very easy to clean up due to the fact that you can put it in the washing machine anytime you want for the cleaning up.


  • Block light up to 99.9%
  • Features heavy thermal insulated
  • Minimize the heat and cold costs
  • Machine washable

4. Sun Zero Easton Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

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The Sun Zero Easton sliding glass door curtain is one among those the best quality curtains that you should not miss out. This curtain is perfectly designed to place on the door to cover up the light and also to add more style to the house deco. The size of this curtain is 100" x 84", it will perfectly fit with the door at this size. Made with one hundred percent of Polyester, the curtain makes a perfect curtain to use for all years round.

The Sun Zero curtain here features metal grommets, and the patio panel of this curtain has got a pull wand for convenience. On top of that, this sliding door curtain is designed with a great skills and it is thoroughly design to provide you the best quality sliding glass door curtain that could block the light effectively.

The simple, yet unique design of this curtain makes it a modern curtain which is suitable for all the house deco; and it will add more on the decoration of the place. This curtain is available for many different colors so that you could pick one that is suitable with the color of your place as well as the vibe of the whole house.


  • Effectively block out the light
  • Antique design
  • Made of high quality polyester
  • Easy to care

5. Nicetown Grommet Top Thermal Insulated Solid Blackout Curtains

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Designed with the heavy innovative triple-weave polyester fabric, this sliding glass door curtain by Nicetown, it is an ideal curtain that is suitable for sliding door, patio door and any large window. This curtain is very soft; both front and back of this curtain features the same fabric that pulls out an elegant look of this curtain. Moreover, the 14 silver grommet top of this curtain allows you to hang it easily to the touch.

If you ever feel annoyed that the light block the view on your TV screen, now it is time for you to get rid of that problem by purchasing this curtain. Since it is a heavy and thick curtain, it works well in blocking the light and reducing the noise from the outside. Most importantly, it will secure the privacy.

With the thermal insulated function, this curtain works effectively in blocking the summer heat as well as preventing the chilly cold winter air that might come through the door or window. Using this curtain is one the best way to reduce the air-conditioner costs.


  • Soft and features heavy innovative fabric design
  • Block out the light and noise effectively
  • Blocking the summer heat and winter air
  • Helps reduce AC costs

6. HLC.ME Redmont Lattice Extra Wide-Width Thermal Blackout Grommet Patio Door Curtain for Sliding Glass Door

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It is very important to have the peaceful place to yourself after a long hard day of working which is why this HLC sliding glass door curtain is what you needed to place on the glass door. This curtain is a well-designed curtain that has got a creative style which is suitable for a modern decoration. This curtain features a heavy fabric constructed, so that it works effectively in blocking the noise from the outside. By having this curtain on your sliding glass door, you got to enjoy the peaceful silent while watching the TV without any interruption.

In addition, this curtain is designed to block out the heat and light up to 98%. Moreover, since it is heavy and thick, it could go against the heat and cool air well which is why it is one factor that could help reduce the AC costs.

Purchasing this curtain, you will get a whole package which contains all the pieces that you need in order to set the curtain in a right guideline. Moreover, you are offered a care instruction, so that you could take a good care of this curtain well and effectively.


  • Block light up to 98%
  • Reduce noise and provides peaceful environment
  • Reduce the AC costs efficiently
  • Care instruction included

7. Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

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Proudly made in the USA, this sliding glass door curtain by Eclipse Thermal is a special curtain that is designed with a Therma-weave woven technology to ensure the effectiveness of heat and cold resistant of the curtain. The curtain is the best companion that will keep the room silent and peaceful since it is heavy and it could perfectly block the noise from the outdoor as well as reducing the light. It comes in a large size that suitable to use on big door or window, and it makes the best curtain that help reduce the air conditioning costs well.

Moreover, it is a fashionable curtain that features a good design for a modern housing style. On top of that, this special curtain could easily hang on the traverse rod with drapery hooks, or on a curtain rod using back tabs or clip rings. Therefore, it is very easy to hang this curtain on the door as well as the window.

With all the great function in blocking the light, heat and cold air as well as keeping the room peaceful, this curtain by Eclipse becomes the best quality sliding glass door curtain that is suitable for large door. You should not miss out this great product.


  • Extra wide, 100" seamless coverage
  • Made of Polyester
  • Fashionable design
  • Easy to hang
  • Energy reducing
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