7 Best Portable Speaker and MP3

Special topic of this article is portable speaker and mp3. You may already know what the mp3 is. Nowadays as everyone has their smartphones which contain a lot of functions such as camera, calculator, calendar, clock, and as well as music player, in a result, mp3 player becomes less popular. However, in the article you will see how great benefits a portable mp3 can give you. Firstly, it has compact size and lightweight that allows you to take it with all the time, especially, during outdoor activities. On the other hand, phone can be burdensome when you are hiking or cycling. Secondly, some portable mp3s are multi-usages; they are speaker, radio, music player, digital clock and more. Thirdly, it has convenient price which is affordable.

As you can see how useful the product can be, you need to purchase one yourself. Fortunately, there are many compact music players that available for you to choose. But it is a difficulty for you to select on in hundreds. That’s why this article will cover only top 7 best portable speaker and mp3. For more understandings, you should read their details below.

1. AGPtEK A12 8GB Portable Clip Mp3 Player

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This is a black clip portable mp3. It has small size which is square. There is a clip at the back of it where you can attach to your clothes, bag, or other objects. This feature makes the mp3 as an ideal for all kinds of outdoor sports. Moreover, it has a volume controlling button at the right side so you can easily adjust sound level. You can add extra SD card with 32 GB for more songs.

2. HONGYU Latest Portable Hi-Fi 16GB Bluetooth MP3 Player

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This is a Bluetooth portable mp3. It has blue and black color. Originally, it has 16 GB memory; however, it also supports another SD card with 64 GB. Since it has Bluetooth function, you can connect it to speaker or headset to enjoy music. To add, in order to fill its power, you need to charge it for 3 to 4 hours and it will last long up to 50 hours. You can even create folders in the mp3.

3. AGPtEK 16GB Portable MP3 Player

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This is a multi-purpose portable mp3 which has 16GM memory. There are many functions of this mp3. You can record voice, listen to music, and radio. Due to the tiny size, you can put it with your armband when you are exercising, for instance, running and cycling. Furthermore, besides having internal memory, it also supports external 128 GB memory. You can divide your favorite songs into different folders.

4. AYL Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System

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This is a black mini portable mp3. It is built in capsule speaker system so that you can connect other devices to it to create thrilling music. The mp3 is light and only 0.3 ounces. When it is fully charged, you can continuously operate it for 10 hours. What’s more, you are able to connect it to pc through USB cable. So you can charge battery as well as copy songs into memory card.

5. GOgroove SonaVERSE BX Portable Stereo Speaker System

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This is an awesome black and blue stereo speaker system portable mp3. At the front surface, there are 3 pressing buttons for next, previous and pause or stop the songs. Next to the buttons is a big turning wheel button where you limit sound level. You can connect it to other phone devices such as iphone, Samsung, HTC, and more via using USB cable. In addition, it also reads USB flash drive.

6. soled TT-028 MP3 Mini Digital Portable Music Player Memory Card

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This is a super small digital portable music player. It has radio function and there is a long antenna on the top of right side. Wonderfully, the mp3 will show you the clock on its LED digital display. It can be your transportable speaker. There is a slot that supports USB flash drive and a small hole where you can put headphone for personal space. It is made from aluminum alloy shell.

7. SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player

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This is the last recommended black LCD screen portable mp3. It is designed beautifully and looks like a mini version of smartphone. There are 5 buttons on it such as previous, next, return, pause, and menu. This small amazing music player has 4 GB capacity. For more information, at the back of it is a clip on installed for you can attach to other objects. It can last long more than 20 hours.