7 Best Pliers Sets Reviews

Before getting to the main point of this article, I would like to tell you what plier is. Well, the plier is a hand tool which used to hold object firmly so that you can pull that object out from somewhere. The tool usually is made with 2 parts which are silicone handle and metal levers. It looks similarly to a pair of scissors. Although every plier has same function, there are many sizes and types of it. For example, small pliers are used to fix small or fragile items, while the big ones are for furniture pieces. Since in daily life you need to do various usages with plier, you should get a set of it in your household. So you are able to fix things yourself because you have all enough tools.

As you can see how useful and beneficial for you to purchase a pliers set, you have to go and get it right away. Luckily, there are plenty of the products produced and sold in markets. You can find them easily in accessory stores. But to help you saving time and effort, I am going to recommend you the top best pliers sets. Please read their details below.

1. TEKTON PLR99006 Long Reach Pliers Set

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This is a 4 piece long reach pliers set. Basically, each one of the four has long nose around obstructions. There are grip small part and bend wire installed in these 4. Moreover, the slim and non-slip handle promote comfortable and full grip. There are two colors of the plier which are silver and red. And the silver part is made from chrome vanadium steel. It has lightweight which totally is 2.9 pound.  

2. WORKPRO W001306A 7-piece Pliers Set

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This is a 7 piece pliers set. The set contains various sizes and types 7 pliers. But all of them are made perfectly from heavy duty forged and hardened steel that are long lasting and durable. To add, since they are finished with polished, the pliers won’t rush so they will stay beautiful as always. Their handles are comfortable and blue with red color. You are allowed to use them in suitable situation.

3. Stanley 84-079 6-Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set

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This is a mini 6 piece pliers set. You will love their tininess appearance. Each one has black and yellow color and made from durable metal. These 6 pieces have their code numbers individually such as 84-018, 84-119, 84-122, 84-124, 84-125, and 84-126. In addition, due to the lightness and smallness, you can bring or transport them to everywhere. From now on, you can repair items in house or outside.

4. Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set

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This is a 5 piece pliers set. Wonderfully, every piece is produced from strong metal which resists rust. The set will surely be used for a long time with superior quality. Alongside the best metal, these pieces are installed comfort handles for you can blend, cut, or turn at ease. All of them have different figures; however, they have same length which is 6 inch nose pliers.

5. IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set

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This is an easy stored pliers set. There are 8 pieces in this set. When you purchase the set, you will get large flexible plier storage. You can put or take the tools out easily. Like make-up tools’, this pliers set also has its keeper. All of the 8 pliers, each one contains different shape and size. For instance, there are 12" groove lock pliers, 10" adjustable wrench, 8" long nose pliers, and many more.

6. Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Plier Set in Handy Tool Roll

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This is a handy tool roll pliers set. Within the set, you will get 5 pieces. Furthermore, you are able to choose one of these 5, 10 inches tongue and groove plier, 9.5 inches tongue and groove plier, 8 inches long nose plier, 7 inches side cutter plier, and 6 inches slip joint plier, to accomplish your work. Also as it has roll up storage to place, you can always bring in a set to everywhere.

7. AmazonBasics Tools 4-Piece Pliers Set

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This is the last recommended 4 piece pliers set. There are 8 inch slip joint, 8 inch long nose, 8 inch lineman, and 7 inch diagonal. You will be always safe when using the tool to fix other stuffs because the pliers are covered by non-slip handles. Generally, the tool set has 2.4 pinds which has approximately 8.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches plier. What’s more, they have machined jaws that effects on gripping control.